MARY MAGDALENE - JUNE 2017

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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love to speak with you about the cosmic Divine love energies that you are feeling the effects of in the current times. I come to give you some simple suggestions as to how you may be able to better cope and integrate with these energies, since that is all that you can do at this time as these energies will not abate or go away and will continue to increase in their intensity.

My first suggestion is that you drink more water than you normally do each day, for it is essential in helping you to assimilate these energies. The water acts as a conduit and makes the process of assimilation into your body system much easier. Drink plenty of water with a pinch of sea salt added to about a quart of water. Salt is a necessary electrolyte and conduit but please use care and caution, for only a little bit of salt added to the water is all that is necessary.

Water is also cleansing and purifying. By soaking in a warm tub of water for about an hour with a cup of epsom salts added, it will help cleanse any negative energy that’s sticking to you. Sometimes other people’s problems attach to you. By soaking in water with epsom salts added, it will clear these foreign energies from you. The magnesium contained in epsom salt is a mineral that is crucial to the human body’s optimal functioning. 

Visualize a tube of golden Light around yourself about four feet in diameter, the top of the tube coming from the Great Central Sun surrounding you and moving down past your feet, down to the crystalline core of the Earth. This will assist in grounding you and connecting you with the Earth and will help you maintain stability and this practice helps everyone upon the planet. Being properly grounded can help you reach and maintain higher spiritual frequencies. A well-grounded person is more relaxed, healthier, more spiritual and enjoys their life to its fullest. 

The practice of deep breathing is very helpful. This entails expelling all breath through the mouth, then taking a deep breath that goes all the way down to your root chakra at the base of the spine and then expelling your breath vigorously through your teeth. Doing this breath work seven consecutive times would help you to raise your vibratory levels to be more in tune with the new energies. Focusing on your breathing several times a day also helps to maintain clarity of mind.

Also helpful is to spend time outdoors, if the weather permits. This is a natural way of grounding oneself to the Earth. Being grounded means being fully present in the moment and not being obsessed with what happened in the past or in worrying about the future. It means that a person feels stability, security and a sense of control over one’s life. The new energies coming in are easily integrated and assimilated within a person when they are outside and touching the ground of the Earth and being near the trees and the plants.

Having many trees and plants around them is good for people and animals as the trees and plants make the oxygen that they need to breathe.  Through photosynthesis, the trees and plants take carbon dioxide that is expelled through the breath of humans and animals and create pure oxygen that they need to survive instead. Trees share their energy field with you and can recharge your human operating system. Sitting at the base of a tree with your spine against the bark is a wonderful energy restoration practice.

The Earth carries an energy that nourishes your energetic body. Sit quietly and imagine roots going from your feet deep into the core of the Earth. Plant yourself and imagine that your feet have grown roots that go all the way to the core of the Earth. This will completely ground you energetically. Getting back to nature and letting the Earth ground and restore your energy and equilibrium is important. Walking will keep you in tune and resonating with the increases in energy and the changes the Earth is making. As you move and exercise your body, you open up the opportunity for your eternal soul to express and manifest through you in nurturing and healing ways.

 Another method is the practice of feeling joy, enthusiasm, excitement and passion, visualizing the color orange filling you and surrounding you as this will help to lift up your vibratory level to a higher space. Focus on the good in yourself, all the good that is in your life, and all the good that is in others. Adopt the attitude that you have what it takes to deal with anything that life throws at you. Your sense of humor is a powerful tool and you can use it to lift your mood and enhance your emotional state at any time.

Feeling gratitude for all the good in your life is beneficial for every aspect of your life. The world literally needs you to be at your most empowered and magnificent self so it makes sense to be good to yourself! Regularly do things you enjoy. Make time to enjoy life and reward yourself for a job well done. Spend time with people you appreciate and make time for pleasures and satisfying experiences along the way.

Call upon any one of the ascended masters, the angels and the archangels. We will come at your call and give you the assistance that you ask of us, so do not overlook this great tool of assistance. We must be asked by our Earth team members, do remember to ask, Dear Ones!

I AM Mary Magdalene

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