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                    MARY MAGDALENE - MAY 2020


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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! As the planet continues to transform, change and renew, so too, do her inhabitants and because there are so many diverse scenarios playing out, it can feel somewhat intimidating for anyone trying to see past the current moment of their lives. When one feels overwhelmed, it is time to take a break, to nurture and be good to oneself. Taking some time off will do you a world of good. You who are so dedicated to higher service also need to let go the feeling of responsibility temporarily in order to restore and renew your inner core essence back to a state of balance, harmony and equilibrium. When you are restored and happy within self, everything flows in divine synchronicity and grace. Life in the physical reality feels so much better!

It is good to set your boundaries and expectations in your current life circumstances. Stay determined to manifest a better experience in your physical form and have faith in the universe to bring to you what you desire. All that does not serve your higher destiny path is coming up to the surface for review, acknowledgement and release. Working upon self can be very liberating and invigorating, even feeling anger can be utilized in more constructive ways…for what is anger but an energy, one that holds much power because one’s human emotions are also involved in the process. It can bring freedom to an individual where sometimes the qualities of having patience and forbearance have failed. The world of duality can, at this stage, be utilized as a playing field to greater expansion, understanding and creative manifestation in becoming a self realized divine human.

There is a fresh wind blowing upon the waters of life in the hearts, minds and souls of humanity. There is a feeling of renewal, that all things are now possible, that all aspects of life are sacred – for truly it is in the weaving of the dark and light within self that one finds wholeness. The waters of life sustain one’s ability to create beautiful things in the world as well as acting from the heart which awakens the ever-flowing magic and creativity that resides, like a bubbling fountain deep within one’s being. Allow this fountain, this water of life, to be tapped into – experience an overflowing and abundant source of energy and inspiration, for one’s heart has such incredible capacity to produce amazing results. The heart is like a stream that continually flows out to influence people around you that you may come in contact with.

 The more you allow the divine to fill you with wisdom, centeredness and renewal, the more one’s reaction to that fulfillment will be an outcome which creates, releases and anchors heaven on the Earth. The heart is so central in one’s pursuit of one’s journey into enlightenment and higher God consciousness. When there is a knowing and acceptance of one’s own inner goodness, one is living in a manner that better reflects their true heart and soul as the highest expression of their Divinity. As you practice being true to oneself, you will discover that the divine intends that you live a beautiful life and that the fulfillment of your spiritual purpose on Earth provides you with peace, contentment, joy and happiness in your daily existence. Your life becomes an expression of unbounded love in all its aspects.

Taking one’s attention inward is the key to transforming one’s life from one of suffering and pain to one of inner fulfillment in all ways. When a person does this, they feel connected with the joy and happiness within them. By connecting with their true nature through regular periods of stillness and silence, their outer circumstances and experiences reflect to them their inner state of being. This brings to them more abundance, love and fulfillment in their everyday life. The more they cultivate this inner knowing, the more they see that true happiness and peace of mind cannot be found in anything external but can only be found within them. They can cope more easily with situations that might have easily upset their inner tranquility and happiness previously. They make better choices and decisions for self and those around them and this results in creating and manifesting a deep and authentic spiritual connection which produces happy results.

I AM Mary Magdalene.

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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