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                      MELCHIZEDEK - FEBRUARY 2021

 The above image of Melchizedek was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.


Beloved Ones,

 I come to you to have discourse on the effects of the bright Light that each of you shines in the world around you. Do you know the extent of this Light? We see each day these effects, as the world is being transformed by your love, your thoughts, your intentions, your determination, your actions and your deeds. We know that it is very difficult for you to comprehend the extent of your positive influence upon the events in your world. We acknowledge now and always, that the work you are doing to anchor the Light into the crystalline core of the Earth and intending that this Light prevail upon, within and around the Earth is causing and accelerating positive changes everywhere!

 As you look around you, you are seeing your handiwork and the benevolent changes are occurring within the hearts and souls of humanity. What you are told on the news media is contrary to what is actually happening in the greater scheme of things. There is and has been a loosening of the veils that have kept humanity in ignorance and division for much too long. These veils of illusion are now lifting as evidenced by those who can discern the truths of events that have recently transpired and know what has really taken place. This silent knowing of the truth is creating a stronger unified field of consciousness that is helping to awaken all of humankind.

 As each one of you becomes more awakened in remembrance, this unified field of consciousness grows ever stronger and more powerful and begins to dissolve the barriers to the truth of what was and is happening upon your planet Earth. This force is unstoppable, for this force is also being assisted by the cosmic energies that are now inundating the atmosphere and its Light is growing exponentially. What used to take lifetimes of change is now occurring within months and the full effects of these changes will not be realized for some time, yet we tell you that because of your willingness to be the agents of this change, these forces are sweeping into every nook and cranny of all upon, within and around this planet. No sovereign sentient being will escape this powerful force, as it enfolds all in its embrace.

 This force will create moments of energetic increase within your physical bodies and you will have to learn to work with these new energies by applying your intent to use them for the highest good of all. You have been learning the true power that you have to accomplish great good upon your planet and you will now be in the times of the testing of these powers. Please be aware of this and act responsibly. The days of reaction to what is occurring around you in ways that are not helpful to the overall plan are now coming to an end. What is required now is for you to be discerning in all things and to respond with thoughtfulness and observation and then apply and employ your Light in a way that is a blessing to the world.

 For this is why you are here, to bless the Earth and everyone and everything upon her with the Light of your love and healing. This is the higher purpose and plan for each of your lives as you now complete the lessons and learning of your individual plans. We ask that you continue to be willing to release and let go of all that wells up from within you that is not in alignment with the greater plan and the greater purpose. Know that each of you is loved beyond measure and you are being assisted in every way to drop all that has been holding you back. Love surrounds you and enfolds you in each moment, no matter how you perceive your life in each moment of experience. Our blessings to you, Mighty Ones, we ask you to keep on keeping on! Have faith and stand firm in your Light.

I AM Melchizedek.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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