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                  MELCHIZEDEK - JUNE 2021


The above image of Melchizedek was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come on the wings of love to speak with you about the need to keep anchoring the cosmic Light energies that are pouring down upon the Earth at this time into the Earth. The Earth is in the process of rebirth and renewal and by your anchoring of these energies into the central core and the great crystal that resides there, it provides her much needed assistance in keeping balance and equilibrium on her surface. There have been many changes that have been taking place beneath the oceans, much movement of the tectonic plates, and the Ring of Fire has been active for some time. By your daily anchoring of the cosmic Light, you help tremendously in the keeping of equilibrium upon the planet.

You are actively pursuing your Divine mission upon the planet. You have been divinely guided to the area where you are now and that is where your energies are most needed. We ask the Beloved Lightworkers to make a point of watching only enough of the news media reports to understand where things stand globally and nationally and then continue to hold the higher vision of the new Earth reality, where all is love, peace, harmony and cooperation. Do not be side-tracked by the dramas that are bombarding your news channels. These are the old paradigm ploys to distract, confuse and separate the good people of the Earth. Discernment in this is very necessary at this time.

As you begin to see the ploy behind these stories, it becomes easier and easier to give them none of your energies and attention. Your energies were meant for the utilization of a much greater purpose in the service of raising the frequency levels of the planet and everything and everyone upon her. That is your primary task. Maintain the higher Light and hold steadfast your vision of the new Earth reality. We see that you who serve in this way have become very proficient in ascertaining the truth of a situation by its energy signature. This helps you to know instantly whether it is something to give your energy to or not. This is a very efficient method, a spiritual gift, for utilizing your positive energies in a positive and determined manner.

You are the ones who are creating your new reality and you know this very well and are working together to bring and anchor those positive energies where they are needed the most.  You are doing more good than you can possibly know at this time. It is of great import, the work that you, individually and collectively, are doing. Continue on, Dear Ones, for now is the time to hold fast to your Light. The waves of cosmic and galactic Light that continues to spiral down upon the Earth and her inhabitants continues to intensify and as this is felt more within the hearts of humanity, there is a great awakening that occurs, as the collective of humanity will suddenly awaken to the understanding that they can desire and intend a better way. They will see that business as usual is no longer acceptable to them, and they will set about changing themselves from within first, for they understand that is how you effect change in the outer world.

You have all noticed that more and more people are beginning to speak of ideas that only months ago, they would have discounted. This is how mass awakening happens. There is suddenly an acceptance of something whereas before there was no reaction or thought or awareness about it at all. This is now occurring everywhere throughout the planet, so I want to give encouragement for you to continue in your work. Life on the planet Earth is heading into a higher space in each moment and changes are everywhere. These changes will become more and more noticeable as events begin to unfold in the coming times. What would have taken hundreds of years to take root now occurs at quantum speed. The collective consciousness just takes on new ideas and as a group, moves forward in their thinking and actions.

This change within each individual begins within themselves and their connection at the higher levels of consciousness. That is why we say that we all work together in unison, for truly it is so. As changes occur around and within you, they are noted upon the inner planes and then we all decide what the next step or phase should be. This is new territory for everyone, for you are paving the way for future generations. This is why your thoughts, actions and deeds are so crucial at this time in Earth's evolutionary process. You are the creators, the Divine within you is manifesting itself in you, through you and out into the world around you and change is happening. Do not become discouraged when you observe the last vestiges of the old paradigm displaying its plethora of drama, it is merely an illusion, one that will not last for too much longer.

We hold each of you Beloved Lightworkers in the greatest esteem and count you as our brothers and sisters of the Light, the Family of Light. Know this, you are loved and assisted in every step you take.

I AM Melchizedek.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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