MELCHIZEDEK # 1 - APRIL 2019


The above image of Melchizedek was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Within each person’s heart flame there lives a Divine spark of the Creator and the time that is upon you brings forth the rekindling of this spark which lights up the human heart in a warm glow as a reminder of their true origin and purpose. As the Light within their hearts grows and expands in its reach, there is a Divine impulse from within to reach out to their loved ones and their neighbors in gestures of peace, unity and goodwill. At this time, the flow of giving and receiving is balanced and goodness and graciousness flow amongst all.

All of the finest attributes of the human soul come into play in a way that is more up front and center than is usual. It is an opportunity for each person to express the true promptings of their soul – which is as a being of love. As one gives unreservedly to another and as the other opens to receive, something profound and meaningful takes place, something precious and Divine, for the Creator’s desire is to give joy and delight to all within Creator’s realm, to bring all the beauty that is within into more active expression.

Make love your top priority and take time each day to center that feeling within your heart. Love is a powerful energy which encompasses many qualities from the Divine that gives hope and faith to all to keep on keeping on in their daily lives. Many times it is the human ego that feels it must be acknowledged and so, many precious moments of the sharing of love slip away, moments that could have created greater connection and feelings of harmony within all interpersonal connections.

Love is so powerful that it must be expressed in order to do its work, it cannot be kept hidden inside and many shifts will occur within each heart. Even those who have not awakened will feel the need to express the love that is bubbling and sparkling within them. This love is constant and abiding but also effervescent in its ability to become contagious as it spreads from one being to another. When combined with the feeling of joy, there is nothing that can withstand its power to change any situation into its highest outcome. One must let go of the incessant need of the ego in order to experience this effervescent quality.

You, Beloved Ones, have been and are, those who started out in life expressing your loving emotions to all around you and many times were admonished for your exuberant behavior as being unacceptable. You learned to conform and damp down your high spirits that kept you in the flow of the Creator’s love. It is time to reconnect with that part of you if you have not done so yet and feel into it all the magic, wonderment and awe of the magnificence of life being lived in a transforming physical body in its daily experience and expression.

And so, as you gather together with your loved ones, know that every expression of love and kindness is an act of service to the Divine. Let your beautiful heart shine the Light that you are to everyone and everything around you as an emissary for peace and goodwill. Your Light is magnified by the legions of Light that surround you always.

I AM Melchizedek

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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