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                    MELCHIZEDEK #1 - JUNE 2018


The above image of Melchizedek was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

 Beloved Ones,

I wish to speak to you now of the great strides that are being made in the integration of your Higher Selves. Now this may not seem so to you upon the Earth plane as you are so intensely experiencing the physical effects of acclimatizing to the greater and more intense energies but we wish to assure you, Dear Ones, that more is being accomplished than is readily apparent to you at this time.

More of you are becoming filled with creative energy which is inspiring and encouraging you to take action in the implementation of new abilities coming forth, abilities that have always lain dormant within you and which are now coming into focus. We encourage you to follow your intuitions, impulses and imaginings and begin to believe in yourselves and act upon these as they come forth, even if it is just to write down and record these thoughts and ideas as they come to you.

This is the creative process at work. The Divine is coming in to express itself through you in a myriad different ways. Each of you has many gifts that are longing to be shared with others and what is required is that you be open to receiving and unfolding these gifts as they come forth from within you and allowing them to blossom into full expression. If you find yourselves looking at canvas and paintbrushes, for example, follow this impulse. Buy yourselves paints and supplies and just begin. Stand in front of your canvas and plan out an idea for a painting. Trace it onto the canvas. Then begin with a background section and fill it in with color. Before you know it, the painting will come to life as though it has a life of its own.

This is how the creative process operates. You must be willing to act on your ideas and thoughts as they come through you. As these come through, write them down and keep an ‘ideas journal’. This way you will never be at a loss as to what to create next. The potentials are endless! As this creative process unfolds, you will find yourselves in feelings of joy and these feelings of joy bring in the higher frequencies and the higher qualities of your Divine Self, with whom you then become in greater alignment with. The creative process is the Divine in action, expressing Itself.

What is important at this time is to follow your intuitive promptings and to record these for remembrance and follow up at a later time. Remember that these thoughts are being projected into the atmosphere and all who are ready and open will receive these great inspirations. These inspirations can encompass any form that your abilities and capabilities can conceive and many wondrous creations are already taking place by those among you who are following their passion, and creating and experiencing more joy and fulfillment in their life upon Earth.

Each creation blesses the whole of Creation and glorifies the higher aspects of consciousness. When humanity as a whole is in this process, it will signify the ability of humanity to live in the Now moment and that they are letting go of the events of the past and worry about the future, for in truth, they do not exist; there is only this moment. What this means, Beloved Ones, is that each moment of your personal life is a blank page upon your Book of Life, just waiting to be filled with the glory of the Divinity of yourself and the gifts that you bring.

Go forth then and create all that is good, loving, peaceful, joyful, all that is life enhancing and for the highest good of all. All that has gone before was but a dream and you, the dreamer, are in the Now moment, dreaming glorious new visions and vistas of life, no longer confined to the limitations of the past, for you are now free to dream yourselves AWAKE!

And so it is!

I AM Melchizedek

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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