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  Beloved Ones,

 I come on the wings of love! The glory of your true Light is beginning to shine through your physical vehicle and is readily discerned by those who have ‘the sight’. Continue your practice of visualizing your etheric body which surrounds your physical body radiant with the pure Golden White Light of the Christ. This practice is very powerful in helping to bring in greater Light into your body and into your home and world.

As the density drops away from your bodies, you become a luminous being and you walk upon this world with a halo of Light around your crown chakra. This Light is growing in magnificence each day so continue to reach upwards like a sunflower reaching its petals to the Sun celebrating life upon this beautiful planet. Each day try to remember to thank the Earth, the sky, the four directions, above and below, the air for vitality and life force, the water for sustaining life forms, the elementals and all the kingdoms upon and within the Earth.

For when you are in gratitude, the Universe just loves to give you more of what you are grateful for. Each night before bedtime or perhaps first thing in the morning, make a list of all the blessings in your life and really feel the emotion of joy and thankfulness from within your heart for all that you have been given. You can sustain yourself in the frequency of joy and gratitude just by intending to do so and it is wonderful to observe that you are doing this more consistently and persistently.

Many of you are now moving into your next step along the spiritual path that you have chosen before incarnating upon this planet. As you let your heart and inner instincts guide you as you just follow, you will be surely and gracefully led to that which is for the highest good for you right where you are now. The synchronicities are flowing smoothly and miraculously within your daily life and your life is moving in wondrous rhythm and Divine flow.

As you surrender to this flow and focus on each moment with your full and undivided attention, you will begin experiencing multi-dimensional flashes of insight and vision. Observe all that you can of these occurrences and record it in your journal along with the dates and times. Sometimes, your eternal Divine Essence and your guides are giving you a message that will not be immediately obvious but which will be found upon the reviewing of your notes. Many clues and signs are being given all around you. Being open to their messages will align you further with your eternal Divine Essence.

 The hidden worlds are beginning to come into view and you will be delighted to begin to see the inhabitants of these worlds as they become visible before you. This, of course, will happen as you surrender to the love of the Creator and just let go of all former preconceived mental expectations and just become as a child, full of wonder and delight at the magic that surrounds them. As you release the last of the density that has held you back for so long, you will begin to feel as light as the wind and the clouds and your feelings of joy will increase.

 Along with these feelings will come moments of remembrance of the truth of yourself and all that you really are. Many of you will treat these flashes of remembrance as ‘flights of fancy’ rather than ‘reality’ and we say to you, Beloved Ones, that you must have faith that what you are beginning to perceive around you and within you, is in fact, the true reality. Believe in yourself and trust your intuitive guidance in all things. Let go of any remaining fear and doubt and you will soon soar with the eagles as your soul rises in freedom.

 And so it is!

I AM Melchizedek.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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