MELCHIZEDEK#2 - SEPTEMBER 2018


 The above image of Melchizedek was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.


Beloved Ones,

Upon the planes of Earth the waves of cosmic Light and love flow forth in great abundance now. Open yourself to receive the encodements that are available to you by daily asking for these to be downloaded into your auric field and to be safely integrated and assimilated within your human operating system with grace and ease. These encodements are helpful to you in many ways, changing and transforming the very cells of your physical body. Know that you have a plethora of angelic beings at your side, assisting in this process and that they are always with you, and we mean this quite literally, Dear Ones.

For your Family of Light recognizes that you are the hope of this world that you have incarnated upon and that in you is the power of transformation, transmutation and transcendence. You are being assisted, healed, loved and cosseted during these times to ensure that the entire collective consciousness field of all of humanity is positively affected in order to uplift and raise the consciousness of All. It is in helping you to increase your Light quotients to ever higher frequency that the transformation of third/fourth dimensional reality moves inexorably into fifth dimension within the collective consciousness of All upon the Earth.

We exhort you all to love yourselves unconditionally and forgive all that has been done to you by your karmic partners, for in truth, they were chosen as the ones who would bring to you, the lessons in this life that you have chosen to experience in order to bring you to this current state of awakened awareness. You have all learned your lessons well and all that is left now is to forgive yourselves, for in the eyes of Creator and your Family of Light there is no need of forgiveness, for all is viewed as experience and this experience is what your higher self and soul family have chosen in order to accomplish the miracle of your placement as an awakened one in the here and now.

Your diligence and dedication is known and honored amongst your Family of Light, Beloved Ones. We stand amazed at the great accomplishments that have been and continue to be made by your willingness to partake in grand visualizations for a world of peace, love, abundance, harmony and liberty. As you continue to gather together in large numbers no matter where on the Earth you reside, and come together in the unity of intention, great strides are being made in raising the vibrational frequency of the Earth and all her inhabitants. This was and is the great mission that each of you undertook before your birthing into this world ever took place.

For the time is at hand for the return of unity consciousness and working together for the great common good. Now is the time for which you came into this world. Now is the coming together of all tribes of original root race seeding. The new beginning which you have worked for and desired is at your doorstep. Boldly take the next steps as you are guided and have faith that all is unfolding as preordained throughout the millennia. All is well, Beloved Ones, and so it is!

I AM Melchizedek

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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