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                      MERLIN - JULY 2020

The above image of Merlin was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 

 Beloved Ones!

I come on the wings of love to remind you to remember the magic in your everyday life! Try to learn to hold on to that feeling of anticipation of something wonderful that is about to happen and try to hold on to that feeling from the moment that you awaken in the morning until you fall asleep at night.

As you think and as you anticipate, so it is done! There is great magic afoot! These are wonderful times of opportunity for those of you who are awake enough to grasp these opportunities and make the most of them as a stepping stone to a giant leap forward in your evolution. Realize, Dear Ones, that those opportunities are available. Whatever you envision, whatever you desire to create in your world, all you have to do is set your intention and state this every day, for you are the creators and you can create whatever is your heart’s desire as long as it is for the highest good of all and harms none.

If you have been dreaming of coming into world service, state your intention and call upon us from the Family of Light to assist you in this endeavor. Each step will be given to you as you become aware to the guidance that comes to you after your request. This is a little difficult for most of you to establish in your busy lives. It requires you to become an observer of our answers as they appear because they do not come blaring loud. Our guidance in answer to your requests comes quietly and subtly but if you start attuning yourself to recognize our answers, this will be a wonderful blessing to you. You will move forward in your mastery of life in leaps and bounds!

Do not be afraid to put your vision of yourself and your hearts desire into the airwaves for we do hear, Dear Ones. Your persistently stated intentions are heard and as you intend, so shall it be! That is magic! Remember this, Dear Ones. From this point forward, you are creating your own magic. It requires persistence and openness to be looking for the guidance that comes forth. Keep on keeping on! Many great things are happening. Remember also, you are great and powerful! I just wanted to give you a little nudge into remembrance of this.

Always at your service,

I AM Merlin

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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