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The above image of Archangel Metatron was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love to speak to you today about the great work that you have been accomplishing by aligning yourselves with the highest frequencies and energies on the planet and this serves you in good stead. Each day, we see that you are, with great intention, affirming that you are raising your vibrational frequency and we see your Light growing and radiating out into the world in a greater and greater radius.

 This is a wondrous development, for not only are you now anchoring into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, you are also radiating outwards into your community, into your country, your nation and beyond. We have spoken before that this would start to occur, we have spoken that this is a natural progression in your Light work, that your Light would start radiating outwards and begin to affect and bless all those around you and it is indeed what is happening at this time.

Everywhere that you Lightworkers are situated is a blessed spot, for it has been a site of the down pouring of the great cosmic energies, the cosmic love energies that are daily and hourly, pouring down upon the Earth. You are all willing transducers of these cosmic energies of love and Light, and that is why this spot, your home, your property and your community is blessed beyond measure and is already a vortex of powerful energies.

Know that your presence is easily seen and that you are aided as you ask, you have myriads of angels who surround you and magnify your energies and positive intentions, not only into your own presence and energetic field but to the world around you, using that energy wherever it is needed the most for the highest good of all. Continue, Beloved Ones, seeking counsel within your inner Self, your Divine Self. Go within into your heart center, this will always give you the truth, the right path for you to take.

 The energies as they are affecting you at this time are in a ‘holding pattern’ that is accepting, assimilating and integrating all the energies and downloads of Light information that you have recently taken into your system. There is a period of quietness and it is an opportunity for you to assimilate the new powerful energies and rejuvenate your physical bodies, your minds and your spirits. Enjoy this lull for there will be much excitement in the days to come.

We honor you for standing fast to the Light of God that never fails. We honor your faith and trust in us. Know that we are ever at your command and assistance, for it is our joy to be of service to you. Many of you have completed another inner initiation and are now ready for your next step. Enjoy these few moments of rest and recuperation. Enjoy the sense of floating in ‘no time’.

All of you who work so diligently perceive the changes that are taking place and understand that YOU are the Ones who are creating the change by standing steadfast in your Light and your visions for a world of peace and harmony, loving cooperation, freedom, generosity of spirit and goodwill. As you do this in your own way and method, know that it makes an impact upon the whole and this is why we always say to you, Dear Ones, that you are more powerful than you realize, for it is true.

You are always supported and loved. You are part of a great brotherhood and sisterhood of Light that spans all dimensions and universes that includes our galactic brothers and sisters of all star nations. We all work together as One, for this is a great momentous time on your planet Earth as you know. Your galactic brothers and sisters of the Light have many gifts to offer you, and since you are living on a free will planet, you must indicate your willingness to receive these gifts and it shall be so! Many there are who stand ready to give you honor, to seed you with spiritual gifts. You have proved yourselves worthy to receive these gifts.

I AM Metatron

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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