MIRACLES ABOUND - PAGE TWO

April 13, 2012

Hi beloved scribe,

I just wanted to share some photos of me with orbs at my home that feel like Jesus and other ascended masters. ~ Love Kate xx


Thank you, Kate, for sharing with the World! 


April 27, 2012 

Hello Marlene

I visit your website daily and love the information you have gathered.  I want to share some of my incredible pictures while traveling to sacred sites.

In the two close up pictures you are seeing MY face with two different expressions simultaneously.  I have many interesting photos on my video entitled  "there is no other side" on the website :   www.dancewithspirit.webs.com


I have written you a few times, I am sure you receive a lot of email!  I am an American that lives in Italy.  I travel regularly between Egypt, Mexico, and the States.

I want to thank you for your beautiful work.  Whenever I read "the rainbow scribe" I think of Anna, the grandmother of Jesus who kept such amazing records during the time of the Magdaneles.  This is what comes to mind! ~ Love, Cathy

I am an avid reader of your Rainbow scribe website and it has lead me to finding many of my favorite teachers and meditations.  I travel between many sacred sites (this seems to be my job) and I have some amazing pictures I would like to share with you.  

In this picture I am sufi dancing and notice the beautiful red energy coming in.  I was near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains by Albuquerque. Red is the energy of Christ consciousness.
 I went to sleep at a stargate near Giza pyramids, called Temple of the Sun.  I am dancing in the moonlight.  Notice the energy around me. If you visit the video on my website called "My Birthday in Egypt" you will see a section during this night in the desert (Temple of the Sun) and my pictures are incredibly full of orbs.

Thank you Cathy for sharing your beautiful and miraculous photos with the World...they are incredible and so are you! 
the website is:  www.dancewithspirit.webs.com 

May 31, 2012

 Hi Rainbow Scribe,

 These orbs were taken in Maui shortly after a friend said, "Do you feel the energy here?"  The pink is so intense that I can't print it on a ink jet printer because the paper comes out soaked with ink!

Blessings & Love, Colleen

Thank you, Colleen, for sharing this incredible photo with the World! 
 August 11, 2012

Hello Marlene,

I took this picture in November 2009 in South of France between Canet and Saint-Nazaire. I called it "Transmutation pillar" in reference of sessions I did with Kartron, a being of light channelled by Patrick McCormick.

 Thank you for your site. it is helpful to be informed of the new energies which come.

Take care all, Florence

Thank you, Florence, for sharing this wondrous picture with the World! 


October 11, 2012

The Scribe received this picture from her sister, Cathrine Baker, Rocky View, Alberta, Canada...Cathy shares: 

 Here is the picture I told you about......I think I got one of my angels in this picture,  what do you think?

Love & Joy, Cathy
 Thank you, Dear Sis, for sharing this beauty with the World!
October 28, 2012 
I found this picture on a free to use picture website (for which I can't find the website address of now). When I looked at it more closely, I noticed the diamonds in the sky so I resized it to show it more magnified.... absolutely amazing!
December 13, 2012

Hello Marlene
I was sending this picture to some friends and thought you may enjoy seeing this.

Last night at 10PM  (just two hours before 12.12.12)  I did a meditation to activate my prebirth agreements and to tune into the Illumination waves.  I am sending some pictures taken right after the meditation in which I had many beautiful revelations regarding my trip to Egypt and much much more.  I almost drowned in my own tears of love, emotion and joy. I sat  on the floor and had 3 candles, the sun, the moon and a star.  I had 3 statues of Isis and 3 stones from Egypt, from the Red Sea and Luxor.  I had 7 essence chakra oil made by Amro's family.  I invoked the pillars of Light to surround me. ~ Cathy Rubini


Thank you again, Cathy, for sharing with the World! 

January 22, 2013
More pictures from Tamara Sherstobitoff,  B.C. Canada,
recently taken in her new home.
Any ideas what this could be? 
Tamara simply asks that the Presences she feels show themselves in the photos. Thanks again, Tamara, for sharing with the World!
February 15, 2013
 Hello Rainbow Scribe

I wanted to share this photo that I took in London last Autumn. ~ Love & Rainbows
Rainbow Woman

I am speechless to see these diamonds. Thank you, Rainbow Woman, for sharing with the world!


March 4, 2013 

Hi Marlene,

Attached is a photo one normal and one close up…I think you would love to share….I had an experience of a STAR opening up to me last Nov, and always ask to see again. My Angel/Mentor/Guide showed itself differently this time on Jan 31 2013. Use If you like….

Hope you're well !!!  ENJOY



Thank you, Vinny, for sharing with the World!