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These pictures were sent to The Rainbow Scribe by Vanessa Spaleck for sharing.

Property of  Vanessa Spaleck, ©March 2013  

Property of  Vanessa Spaleck, ©March 2013 

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing with the World! 


Mar 26, 2013

Hi Marlene

I've just sent you a Linkedin message. We're friends there. I've also bought some of your Archangel Gabriel books. In the Linkedin message, if you haven't gotten that one, I've been meaning to share these photos with you. I went to Shasta on 11-11-11 and when I returned back to Sacramento, I drove to visit my dad, mom, sisters and 1 year old niece. (My dad died January 14 2012. I started getting sign from my beloved Uncle that he was coming to get him the day before I went to Shasta.)

I took the pictures with my iphone. The next evening, we went to my moms, we took another, with her phone. More purple orbs. They were just everywhere. I am sending many so you can see all, hope I don't bombard your system! 

Marlene, the reason I wrote first of all to express my deep gratitude for all the work you do, for all of us. I read The Scribe often, then share it on my page.

Much Love and Aloha to you! Hilary C.



 Thank you Hilary for sharing these awesome pictures with the World!


April 7, 2013

 Thank you so much for the beautiful site you have created, it is a brilliant and amazing work of Love.   I have been following your work for a number of years now & want you to know how much you are appreciated.

After viewing your Miracle section I would like to share two amazing photos - One is of my sister Marilyn, who lives in Red Deer, Alberta - we both attended an ECETI conference at James Gilliland's Ranch about three years ago, where we camped out in tents with over 50 people for a weekend and met  Dolores Cannon, Mary Rodwell just to name a few of the amazing presentators.

I also sent a photo of my 2 sons taken around 1979 when we lived in Fox Creek, Alberta while they are singing. ~ Much Love, Lorraine


Thank you, Lorraine, for sharing these amazing pictures with the World! 


May 2, 2013

 Hello Marlene

I went to Egypt for Easter.  These pictures are taken while meditating at the Serapeum at Sakkara, a place of great healing energy. I thought you would enjoy seeing these. The next day, meditating in the Great Pyramid the energy was even stronger, but cameras are not allowed there.  Who knows what the energy must have looked like.  I can tell you, I AM feeling the shift!!! (Note: The pictures below of Cathy inside the pyramid showed up on her camera which was not allowed to be in the pyramid with her!)
My journeys are taking me in this last year to Mexico, States, Greece, Egypt and Santo Domingo.  There is much work to be done and the rewards are amazing. I hope you are well! I am enjoying your website as always. It has led me to most of my favorite websites.
love Cathy


©Cathy Rubrini 2013 

©Cathy Rubrini 2013  


 ©Cathy Rubrini 2013 

 ©Cathy Rubrini 2013 

 Thank you once again, Cathy, for sharing wonderful and amazing pictures with the world!


October 2013

I was at the beach with my husband and took some pictures and this showed up in one of them! 

Sun Magic! Photo by Marlene Swetlishoff ©2013 


November 27, 2013

Once again, I was at the same beach taking pictures and this Column of Light showed up in one of them! 

COLUMN OF LIGHT! Photo by Marlene Swetlishoff ©2013 

 Article on this Column of Magenta Light is posted here. 


November 30, 2013

Hi Marlene, I love your pictures and I wanted to share the attached picture with you. The orbs are everywhere ( : I took this picture at the Redwood forest in July, 2006. It was dusk, and I was on my way out. I stopped at this spot to share a moment with my brother’s spirit. My brother had died earlier that year in March. My mother had brought some of his ash remains to the forest after his death. I was visiting for the first time, and felt pure love in this very beautiful place! The picture turned out black, so I put the brightness all the way up. I was amazed by what I saw, all the little circles! The Redwood forest has high energy indeed ( : I will never forget this picture! This was my dark night of the soul, and the beginning of my spiritual journey home. And to know now, that my brother knew, and he must of been rolling in Joy!  God blesses All, and the light SHINES. Darlene K

Photo ©2013 Darlene Kennedy 

Thank you, Darlene, for sharing this very special and magical picture!









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