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A soft glowing luminescent crystal with opalescent highlights, aligns to the sacral and brow chakras and the water, air and starlight elements. Aligned to musical notes D and A sharp.

 The Message:

We, the moonstone crystal consciousness come forward to impart words of love, wisdom and encouragement to the human family with whom we have great affinity. We enable the human who works with us consistently, to open up their higher faculties by increasing their intuitive powers, their clairvoyant abilities and the ability to have ‘knowingness’ about self and others. We give the ability to discover different perceptions to one’s difficulties and challenges of life which can enable them to rise above their seeming limitations.

 Our crystalline structure supports multi-dimensional consciousness travel and experience. This opens up gateways or portals to greater knowledge, enabling one to claim other lifetime skills and talents which they can utilize in their current lifetime. We are the stone of choice for shamanic journeying. We enable the shaman traveller to move their consciousness to other realms and dimensions while being fully grounded in their physical body in a position of inner stillness and quiet mind.

If we are utilized in the time of the most potent moon phases such as 3 days before or after a full moon, we can assist with the opening of the veils that many still have in place within the inner workings of their human template. We are the means to access a greater and richer inner experience than is usually available. As humanity is further awakened to the incredible possibilities that lie before them, we are available as a tool of assistance.

We assist in bringing balance to the holder between the inner and outer reality and receptivity to higher energies while in a place of stillness. Our influence helps the human develop the qualities of inner listening and trust in the guidance that come through this practice as they traverse the unknown territory of the journeys of the mind into unseen realms in order to receive psychic information from the cosmos. With our being in hand, one can connect with their deepest motivations and emotions and bring stability to these aspects of one’s being. We help to bring a peaceful environment wherever we are called upon to be present.

When one desires to gain spiritual insight and access ancient wisdom within their soul, we can facilitate this opening, especially during the powerful phases and influence of the full moon. We bring the ability to each human to live and love their life in the present moment which is where their power lies and enhance their creative genius. We are magical as we glow and shimmer in opalescent rainbow hues and inspire those who utilize our energies to believe that all is possible in their lives.

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