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 This beautiful crystal is a soft, luminous pink color. It is aligned to the heart and high heart (thymus) chakras. It harmonizes with the fire element. Vibrates to the musical notes B and F.

The Message:

We are excited! We are a recently discovered crystalline being and want to bring forth a message to humanity. It is not by error that the Divine has waited this long to present our presence to the world. Everything that happens is always in Divine timing and that is what is occurring with the information that we bring forth at this time.

We bring a sense of unity consciousness to each person who utilizes our essence, our crystalline essence, on their person by either wearing it or holding it. If one looks at the timing, one would realize that it is, in this very time that the need to unify within one’s personal human operating system on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is great, but also in the larger aspect of life on this planet. There is a great need to unify, there is a great need to cooperate; there is a great need to focus on that which is real and true.

Life in a physical body exposes a person to many, many diverse energies, thoughts and belief systems but at the heart of all, life is very simple. At the heart of it, life is the opportunity to experience joy, laughter and new experiences. These experiences expand human consciousness, these experiences allow a person to grow, to learn, to move beyond former limitations and boundaries that they perceived. It allows them to move beyond these into the new horizons, into new ways of thinking and being and doing and this is part of our function and it happens in a gentle and loving manner.

Having our crystalline being in your presence will enable you to open up facets of your heart that were closed due to events or situations that happened in childhood, in youth, or even in young adulthood. It is when those individuals of that age are usually exposed very strongly to the messages of the society and the world that they live in. And these messages usually have an impact upon the young adult where they feel they must fit in; where they feel that somehow they do not measure up.

We, the Morganite crystalline consciousness work to dissolve these patterns to stop the illusion that humanity is not good enough. That is the greatest illusion that has ever been perpetuated upon humanity. We bring back remembrance that humanity is part of the God kingdom, filled with majesty, filled with unlimited potential and possibility. This world, the Garden of Eden that you live upon is filled with wonders and mysteries of creation that are waiting to be explored, that are waiting to be experienced.

 We help to bring that wonder, that magic, that joy to those who bear our stone. We enable those who work with us to move into dimensional worlds in their consciousness, to experience different realities and concepts. We assist them to journey beyond space and time into the timelessness of eternity so that a connection or rather, a reconnection can be made with that which one truly is.

Due to our influence upon each human operating system when we are held or worn, we attract all the good vibrations, the positive vibrations, the joyful vibrations into their energy field and this is highly beneficial, this is a blessing as it helps each person absorb all the good that the universe has in store for them. For at the heart of everything is love, the most powerful vibration of all, which is the Source of All That Is that is important. It is what each person upon the planet is seeking – their reconnection to All That Is.

If the Source of All That Is is our true home, then this is where we all originate from, therefore, there is no separation of one from another. We are all One and this is an important and valuable realization for each soul to have. With the grace of the Divine’s energy that we bring into each persons energetic field, we help to open them to allow the beneficent love and abundance of the universe to become part of their reality. And it is in this role that we play the greatest part in these times. We are so very grateful for this opportunity to speak our truth. May you all be blessed! So be it!

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