MOTHER MARY - MAY 2017-(2)

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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! There is much that is occurring upon the Earth with the rays of cosmic energies that are being directed from the Great Central Sun. These energies are ‘stepped down’ in intensity before they reach the Earth, by we of the Family of Light but we notice that many Lightworkers are finding these more intense energies very difficult to integrate, assimilate and get on top of.

I wish to say to you, Beloved Ones, that you must be diligent in watching and knowing yourself first. At the beginning of each day, know yourself and your energies, for if you leave home to go to work or to go shopping and you are filled with joy, peace and harmony and then you meet up with a friend and you perhaps, have a cup of coffee together and talk about things.

As you leave, you are feeling diminished, with low energy, worrying about things whereas before, when you started out first thing in the morning, you were absolutely clear, joyful and filled with peace and harmony - but now, here you have these thoughts!

Think, Dear Ones, these are not your thoughts - these are not your feelings. Please become aware of how it is that you pick up on other’s thoughts. Most Lightworkers are empaths. They pick up on the energies, thoughts and feelings of others and that includes the emotions of others too, so it behooves each one of you to begin to take note before you go anywhere into the company of others.

It behooves each of you to tune in to your own energies and make note of them so that when you come into contact with others, you will know that it is not your own energies, thoughts and feelings which are running through your mind and body systems, rather, it is the energies, thoughts and feelings of the ‘other’ and this will help you to come back to your own center. Awareness of this process makes it so!

It is a matter of recognizing and realizing this is somewhat of a challenge for you empaths - for your desire is always to serve others, to help others. The greater challenge before you now is to understand that you have basically met all of your challenges already and that it is now just the challenge of remaining clear about who you are and then keeping your energies clear. This is an important realization for each of you so that you are aware of this and can function fully as the Master of Life that you are now, in truth.

There will be many, many, many of these energies coming at you in the days ahead, for humanity is awakening and as that happens, the collective consciousness grid will be alive and teeming with these thoughts and emotions. We are issuing loving and fair warning, Dear Ones, that the time has come for you to become aware of yourself in the way that I have described so that you can go about your daily life in peace, harmony, grace and ease.

 By all means, send your loving thoughts to those whose energies are being transmitted to you inadvertently, wrap them in the golden pink Light and be on your way - for you, the Lightworkers, are performing a far greater function at this time.

That function is to act as transducers of the cosmic Light energy which you are grounding through your physical bodies and energy systems into the Earth’s core. That is of prime importance at this time and so we ask you to keep on keeping on and keep your Light shining bright and clear.

We are all available to work with every one of you in any way that you deem necessary. Open up your heart and your energy system to us, ask and we shall come to you and give you assistance in overcoming anything that you need assistance with.

I AM Mother Mary

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