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Beloved Lightworkers,

We begin now on a new path, a new journey into the workings of the self. As the completion of your cleansing process occurs, what will take place is a new awareness of the energies that surround you that have been there all along but which you did not see, feel or recognize before. These are your greater senses now being brought online within your being. With these heightened sensitivities come great joy and the feeling of expansiveness and liberation. A new journey begins, one that is filled with wonder, magic and incredible potential and possibilities for you.

Begin to align yourself with this greater vision now. State your intention each day to experience the highest Christ consciousness that is available on your planet in this now moment. Align with your Divine Essence through your affirmations, prayers and decrees. This is very important, Dear Ones, in order to assist you to feel in alignment with the new incoming energies. We feel great excitement and joy as you begin your next step, for it means that the greater awakening of humanity is now at hand. Be at peace, Dear Ones, for you are in the flow of the loving grace that is now streaming into the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Spend time each day feeling your heart pulsing with a golden Light and expanding and growing stronger and more radiant as each day passes. Your heart chakra is the key to the kingdom in the days to come. Cast aside all that does not integrate or align with your higher vision and never look back. Above all, radiate the love that shines within your heart to your loved ones, your community, your cities, your nations and the world. You are the Shining Ones who have been making a difference and now your power, the power of LOVE, intensifies and spreads across the world as the changes continue to bring renewal in all facets of your life as you have known it.

The changes we have worked so hard to effect are taking place. Believe in yourself as we believe in you, in your Light, in the radiance that you are, in the goodness that you are, in the high integrity that you are. You love and serve so unconditionally and we from the Family of Light honor the greatness of your Light. The implosion of the Light within each man, woman and child upon the Earth is taking place, the implosion of their awakening to the memory of their own Divine connection. They will awaken and remember why they are here at this time and that is when there will be great massive awakenings taking place and as you know, it has already begun, it is now a matter of maintaining the intensity of your focus.

Be vigilant in shielding your energy fields each day and ask the Archangel Michael to surround you in a golden bubble of protective Light as you start and end your day. Live your day as Light, as love, as innocence, for that is what is required in the days yet to come. Begin now and know that each effort you make to come from your heart in all situations is magnified a thousand times by we of the higher realms. Just BE who you really are. We are One, dear hearts, we are One! We honor and bless you!

I AM Mother Mary

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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