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                                   MY HIGHER SELF 


Portrait of my Higher Self commissioned through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. This image was completed on October 19, 2017. Janine also received this information along with the image:

 "Hi Marlene here is your Higher Self as promised. I hope that it has been worth the wait! I did not receive a name but what came through was she is the Angel of Purity and Innocence. I received a vision of a young woman running carefree in a meadow full of flowers and butterflies. The pink rose represents the higher heart chakra open. She is filled with so much love for all life and has a very childlike magical presence."

This information correlated with an Aura Reading I had done by Helena Horvat in May 2017 which is posted below:

Marlene Swetlishoff

Your aura is crystal with lots of yellow and white. Crystals tend to take on emotions from other people (and their aura colors too). They are known as chameleons, because they absorb other people's personalities. So if you're around a shy, quiet, loving friend, you'll be like that too. If you're around a person who's more logical then emotional, confident etc. you'll feel like that too around them. You also feel love and joy from others as you do pain.

"Yellow people" are very happy! They shine like the sun.  And they bring joy to others. Very contagious loving energy

White is a symbol of protection. It reflects other energy. A pure state of light. It has spiritual, etheric and non-physical, angelic qualities. Represents peace and truth.

At the first glance, I felt childlike energy in you. Very beautiful - like a child amazed with life itself. I feel you're a person who's grateful for everything. The Sun, the Moon, the stars, the first flower that blooms by the gentle hand of sun rays, the sound of water that calms your mind, the animals, the people. You're like a pure energy of light and love who isn't corrupted. You're able to maintain that pure state. It's in your nature, and it's very refreshing to see that in a human being. Very beautiful.

I also see you had some health misfortunes but that didn't "crush" your spirit. Almost as if you said "My soul defines me, not my vessel, not my physical body. It's what I give out that matters." You seem very inspirational to people who take the time to know you.  You love your body, it's a part of you, but you know you are more than that. You have that inner strength, loving, flowy, that you pull out when needed.

You came to a stage where you maintain that loving energy around you, so you are surrounded by loving, honest people, peace and calmness of your surrounding.

I see you love nature, and it loves you.  It calms you and refreshes you. The smell of trees, soil, the wind on your skin, the sounds of leaves, water and birds is like a sweet nectar for your soul.  You are very connected in that way, with life itself. I can even see nature welcoming you when you go outside, when you walk - maybe you hear an unusual bird, or a light wind passes through the branches all of a sudden, like they are waving at you, saying "Hi!" It can even be a smell that comes and goes. It's all signs, that nature is saying "Hi again! Welcome back!" So, so beautiful!

You're also the type of person that sees good in everything and everyone. Even if you have a bad experience, you somehow make it as if it was for a good reason. Your love (for everything and everyone) is your strength, your emotions, the goodness of your heart, the purity you hold - it's your magic! You may not be physically strong, but you are so much stronger inside, and with that white light around you, you are always protected. The Universe knows how important you are and valuable, so it keeps an eye on you, so to speak.

On the other hand, your husband seems to be your rock, your physical strength and you are his inner strength. Such a loving relationship He may not understand your desires for certain things but he will support you. And I feel you love him very much and understand him. Lets just say, you see the whole picture quicker than him. But he catches up in no time.  I feel he learned so much being with you. On a soul level you showed him a whole new world through your eyes, and he's just standing there in awe, eyes wide open. You changed him on the inside, although it may not seem visible on the outside

You touch peoples hearts, and change them for better. They just can't be mad at you.  It's because of the angelic energy you have within.

That being said, I feel you're very mature on a soul level, despite the childlike energy you carry around. You understand life, the motion of the Universe and how all is connected. You're aware there isn't an "end", only new beginnings.  Death (literally and figuratively) is just a rebirth of something else.

I see you very blessed, surrounded by love and lots of smiles in this life. It's something you choose. Every day.  And you do it perfectly.

Always shine as you are, because, even by just being here, you make the world a better place

You love animals, almost as if you're their mother. That's why you may find wounded animals, here and there. Because they're attracted to your nurturing energy, and they trust you.

Speaking of wounded animals, I see a yellow dog by your side, with his front paw lifted (he can't walk on that leg). It's like he's saying "See, I'm like you. My leg isn't strong enough, but I still keep on walking. Because that's what we do. We keep on." It's so empowering, loving and compassionate. I don't know if that dog is from a past life or this one (whether you met him or not/ or a deceased pet), but he's there (in spirit or physical) His presence is very strong, almost as if he's your protector or a guide. Note: This yellow dog spirit animal has also shown up in Readings with Jocelyn Joy Thomas.

You're very connected to trees, and you probably have a lil bit of herbal knowing. Plants just grow in your presence (garden)! You shower them with love and they just bloom in all their glory. You'd make a great herbal healer.

I see a camel as one of your spirit animals. Spiritually, it provides with protection and the energy required for endurance. Camels live a life of adversity, residing in harsh climates and environments and enduring long periods of difficulty and strain.

Because of the strength of mind that they exert, they serve as a wonderful symbol of a creature's ability to remain positive even during the rockiest of times. They inspire a "glass is half full" approach to life that we can call upon both daily and in times of seemingly unbearable struggle. In tarot, the camel represents the High Priestess because she too is an island of bounty and transports her abundance of knowledge in the deserts of disillusion and ignorance. The camel (much like horses did for the west) opens up entire worlds of new understanding for pilgrims and travelers alike.

Because they aided merchants across vast deserts, they were also responsible for opening trade routes for the exchange of spices and other wares. This created to new connections, opening awareness to new cultures, languages, ideals, etc. Without the camel, commerce as well as new understandings about other communities in the dry Asian and African deserts may not have ever taken place. The High Priestess of the Tarot does precisely the same thing, only on a metaphysical level - she opens up new pathways of understanding by transporting us, under her protection, through unknown territory.

That's exactly what your soul does to people. You open their hearts and eyes to a whole new level of understanding.

There's also a monkey as a spirit animal. I'm not surprised. Monkeys symbolize humor, child's play, and animated and comedic situations. While other primates can be taken as serious guardians and wise elders of the community, monkeys tend to be viewed with an airy playfulness.

In addition to lightheartedness and intelligence, monkey animal totems remind us of the values of honor, community, authority, aggression, and a totally untamed nature. We should seek some of these while being very careful to avoid others. They come with the spiritual message of wisdom, intensity and contribution. They are very lively creatures and remind us to never forget that entertainment and playfulness make the soul sing.

 Understanding, compassion, and bonding with others are key traits of this spirit animal. Monkeys display intense bonding sessions with others in their community much in the same figurative way that we do. To spend time together and show each other that they care, monkeys will groom each other's fur coats. In addition to socializing and caring, this gesture acts as a sign of protection and familial closeness.

For us, it is a reminder to always look out for your loved ones, for they are the most important members out of all of our various networks. They entertain children and adults alike and are never considered to be serious or severe. Monkey people have similar personality traits, such as a good sense of humor and a lighthearted approach to life.

You have a very light and loving soul. Keep it up, because your purity means a lot to people (and Earth itself). Take care, beautiful soul! I wish you all the luck and love on your life's journey.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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