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January 2020 - Let's Fire The Earth's Grid!


February 2020 - The Road Less Traveled.


March 2020 - My Multi-Dimensional Story! 


April 2020 - Nature Just Hit The Reset Button!


 MAY 2020 - In Tune With Divine Flow


JUNE 2020 - Divine Intervention - Sarah To The Rescue 


JULY 2020 - Time to Put On Body Armour!


 AUGUST 2020 - White Light and Angels

SEPTEMBER 2020 - Unexpected Changes Out of the Blue!

OCTOBER 2020 - A Harbinger, Giving Signs of Things to Come.

NOVEMBER 2020 - Turning Myself Inside Out!






January 2019-The Earth fell away around one vehicle...


February 2019-Snoopy Sets the Pace for 2019!


March 2019-Finding Trust at a Deep Level


April 2019 - Staying in the Frequency of Joy!


May 2019 - Dreaming the Real BIG Dream and Making it Real!


June 2019 -  At the same time the Light also reveals your own demons to you.


July 2019 - Building Bridges Between Worlds


No August 2019 Newsletter 


September 2019 - Miracle on August 21, 2019 


October 2019 - A Miracle Today! 


November 2019 - A Pulling My Hair Out Kind of Month 


December 2019 - December - Last Month of the Year and Decade...











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