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Dear Rainbow Scribe Family,

I thank those of you who sent me messages in response to last month’s Newsletter…they have touched my heart deeply and continue to make each day happier and more joy-filled than the day before! I treasure each one! I sent emails requesting your permission to post them but received only one reply, which I am posting below:

“Dearest Marlene:

I know who you are! I hear you! I see your first name in my emails and immediately I am happy to know that as soon as I read the messages that you bring forth,  all will be well, again! I have been receiving your emails for a long time, but not long enough!

I feel impressed to share some personal words with you; you are precious to me, I support you, you are courageous and you bring so much light to so many of us. You can't imagine if you tried, to see the difference that you make in my life, because although I am profoundly grateful and feel so supported after reading what you send out, besides my silent and profound gratitude, I have done nothing else. Today I feel impressed to do more than just quietly thank you.

I appreciate your messages but have never emailed you to let you know how thankful I am for them!  I love you and appreciate tremendously your work. The messages that you send out, have arrived many times, at just the perfect time, when I too felt alone and lonely, displaced, and immediately upon reading them I knew everything would be okay and that I was not alone.  You are not alone, and I am not just talking about the Ascended Masters, etc., I am talking about me and the rest of us currently incarnated, whom I have no doubt are many, who feel as I do. We love you!

I understand your differences with your family. Thank you so much for sharing. I am in a similar situation. It's challenging and relationships become cold and distant. But we have each other, we just need to reach out to each other, let them know we/they are not alone. I am glad that you now have the help that you deserve to rectify all that has gone astray with those utilizing your content.

Things will get more intense and we need to be there for each other. I am in Florida, so I cannot come by to give you a hug or to bring you a yummy healthy treat! Know that no matter the distance, I am sending you much love, light, and blessings.
You are doing an excellent job!
You are loved and appreciated!
Please know this TRUTH with every fiber of your being!

In love and light,
A.H., Florida, U.S.A.”





Make Your Choice - Take Your Stand!


Sharing the following message with you, Dear Family… I have no doubt that many of you are there as well!

On September 6, 2021 - Message given to me at 11:11 p.m. last night... “the Earth has shifted and moved into the new dimension of Christ Consciousness...those who are ready are already there...you are one of them...there will be more Earth changes happening...your task is to maintain clarity, calm and practical common sense. We love you very much!”

On September 21st, my friend Isabelle called me to give mind blowing news…that we have both ascended (her Angels came in to tell her) and are now known as Ascended Masters! We have also ascended with our Twin Flames as One Flame. We pondered on what that all meant and decided to wait for more data to unfold…the quantum leaps through higher dimensions continues…last time we talked, I was on 232nd dimension … she and her Twin were about 10 dimensions ahead of me. More mysteries to solve…I shrug my shoulders and picture a carrot dangling just out of my reach…while my guides roll on the floor in laughter…LOL!
On September 28th, Isabelle called me with a message from Hilarion – he told her “Marlene is in difficulty right now (I was in extreme pain through the whole night and on into the day) … “she is not aware of Astral Implants being projected onto humanity by the Archons for the past 3 weeks! She needs help now!” 

In synchronicity, as I was honoring Isabelle’s request to find out if ‘Astral Implants’ are different from ‘etheric Implants’ as I was google searching, I came across a few videos. I listened to one that evening and called Isabelle to check if they were gone next day, during the video I watched again the next day,  I was impressed with the fact that there were two of them (Astral Implants) in my right hip joint and she confirmed that but said that I had reduced the levels to half what it was the night before…I had really noticed a reduction in pain levels!

I was checking out another link and saved this excerpt –
“The energy I use in my work is always brilliant gold, like a piece of the sun. When attuning your chi to a color, this is as simple as feeling the chi flow, and visualizing it whichever color you wish the energy to be. My affinity for the brilliant gold comes from that naturally being the color of my energy after a series of energetic activation, but you can attune your chi to any color you wish. I find gold is much stronger in removing implants, parasites and entities, simply for the fact that it contains all frequencies of light, both visible and invisible in it. When we take a prism to break apart a beam of sunlight, we can see all the spectrums of light inside of that pure, golden beam, including all of the "invisible" light that we can not see. Gold light is not a preference for any color, but a preference for all colors, seen and unseen, and it resonates the strongest against the pure black, darkness of the control grid, and is thus my method of choice for healing, protecting and extracting.”

Until next month, Dear Family, I think you are awesome and powerful Beings! I am so blessed by your support and care! It is so good to know that we are family!
Much Love, Light and Gratitude,