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                          OCT0BER 2022 NEWSLETTER

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Beloved Family,

We are entering a new space. The past week had many dreams show up for me and I don’t usually remember as many in one week as I did this past week! And I experienced full color, moving images on the night of the Equinox for a few days after…there were human looking people walking around me as I lay on my bed…but they were not physical but too close to me. I had to tell them that this was my home and there were two of us who lived in it and they must move out of my space because we value our privacy…strange happenings, for sure! It is another clue that our Earthly vibration is rising and we are ascending! What a voyage of discovery! Fascinating!

The following is an excerpt from Hilarion which I share here:

“Beloved Lightworkers, you are the hope of the world, you are those who are self responsible in a new form of government where all people accept responsibility for all their thoughts, words and deeds, everything that swirls within their consciousness. For that is the Divine way, to be fully responsible for one’s self, one’s being, one’s sphere of influence in the environment around them. As more and more people realize this, peace will truly be established upon this, your planet. All will begin to function with great harmony. The days ahead are filled with hope, remember that. Be well, for all is well.”

I have to tell myself this often… ~ Marlene🙂


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HILARION - October 2022





Stay centered and balanced in October, Dear Family!

Many Blessings and Much Love,