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The Optical Calcite Crystal has all the colors of the rainbow within it. This crystal aligns with the zeal point, crown, soul star, and stellar gateway chakras and will cleanse and clear all the chakras of the human system. It aligns with the fire and starlight element. Musical notes B flat, G# and C#.

The Message:

We, the Optical Calcite Crystal consciousness come forward to greet you and bring the rainbow rays of blessing to you! Because of the clarity of our being, we bring this same quality to each person who works with us, the quality of clarity of mind and insight. We help each individual to reach beyond former limitations into the realm of possibilities, probabilities and potentials that lie waiting for their recognition and utilization.

We connect individuals with their higher aspects and open up the gateways for higher communication with their spiritual guides, teachers, and the angelic realms. We support and empower each individual as they work with us. Just the sight of our being opens up an individual’s access to higher knowledge and information! We resemble a block of ice that is clear and pure and this attunes an individual to the higher realms in order that they can explore their innate wisdom and higher potential.

We help them to release any blockages that are dormant within any of their chakras so that all of the energy rises upwards into the higher dimensions and realms where their true being resides. We can connect individuals with the higher capabilities that lie dormant within them and this in and of itself is a great support and assistance. We enable each individual to release all the mental and emotional patterns that they’ve held within themselves in order to create the feeling of freedom, the freedom of movement of energy within their human system and the feeling of freedom to move beyond previously conceived levels of thought and being.

We activate all the energy systems within the human operating system to enable the physical body to become attuned to the increased energy of their soul consciousness and the higher density of Light where their Divine Self resides. Those who aspire to connect to the higher dimensions, to the higher realms, to the higher consciousness within their own being are immensely assisted by holding our crystalline stone within their left hand, their receiving hand. This will help them to connect within and open up the higher chakras to move beyond the Earthly realm. We help to expand their horizons and to move forward in their lives.

You could say that we are a crystalline consciousness and being for these very times that humanity needs our influence. The rainbow rays that are captured within our stone are a reflection that all energies of every ray that is available to humanity including those beyond physical sight are available to be utilized by working with our stone. We quickly and quite easily clear all obstacles so that the pathways of energy ever reach upward to the higher consciousness levels.

We highlight to the individual who works with us those areas of consciousness that need to be released, that need to be re-examined and let go of. Any areas within the individual that are in need of the act of forgiveness towards self and others are highlighted so that they can find it within themselves to forgive and to let go of any past situations that have been holding them back from moving forward in their lives.

By working with our stone, it amplifies all the colors of the chakra system, just by holding it, and this is very empowering, healing and helpful. Utilizing our stone in combination with selenite and danburite crystal to program and amplify one’s intention to hugely accelerate the opening of the higher chakras into other dimensional realms and consciousness is a  very important quality that we can offer which can assist each individual who will make use of and utilize our crystalline influences to increase their frequency levels during these times.

We, the Optical Calcite Crystal consciousness want to impress upon humanity our extreme willingness to be of assistance during these times when each individual is striving and sometimes struggling, to reach beyond their limitations. We, when engaged and utilized, will greatly assist and accelerate an individual’s spiritual progress. We stand ready to be of assistance to all those who will work with us.

We are joyful to be acknowledged and enabled to bring forth this message to you. May all be blessed, may all remember the Optical Calcite stones when they are searching for the one thing that will help them to move forward and expand their horizons to have more clarity on their spiritual journey. We bless all, so be it!

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