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This crystal contains a beautiful neon blue (papagoite) and aligns with the heart and throat chakras and the air element. Aligned with musical notes G and F flat.

The Message:

It is through the heart chakra that we make our connection. We open up avenues and pathways within each soul which connect them with previous lifetimes. This helps them to bring balance within so that they are freed to move forward on their spiritual journey into wholeness and oneness.

Our crystalline energy can assist in focusing and centering one’s attention on inner growth and evolution in a way which brings a deep sense of relaxation with the knowing that all is well and everything is as it should be in their current experience. It is a calming and healing energy that is conveyed to the holder of our crystal being.

The ability to connect to higher realms is enhanced by the assistance given through our crystal energy. One connects to the fullness and wholeness of their being. All aspects of one’s being are gently reunited within and this creates lively movement in the accessing of higher knowledge. This makes our crystal consciousness very valuable to those who are seeking access to the higher realms.

If one is graced with the opportunity to obtain a piece of papagoite that is almost a solid and vivid blue, it will serve them well and will repay the initial cost  of the acquiring of this tool a thousand times over in regards to the insight and higher connections that are made as the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras are opened and synchronized to work as one unified field. However, even a smaller patch of blue papagoite in a crystalline base or combined with ajoite will serve the possessor of it well.

 Our crystalline being and essence will appeal to those who already possess a high degree of frequency level, for using this enhanced assistance facilitates remembrance of one’s sojourns into the human experience. We bring inner visionary capabilities to those who work diligently with our energy. Access to the higher planes of consciousness is beneficently enhanced. One regains knowledge of self in all its aspects.

 We are a protective stone and a keeper of many mysteries which can be accessed with diligent application to discover the gifts that we bring. It is in the seeking of inner knowledge that we assist the seeker best, for to know self is the key to freedom and sovereignty when on a journey back to oneness with Source.

We are tools and helpers for the advanced soul. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you.” We are grateful for the connection that made this message possible.

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