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 READING done through Jocelyn Joy Thomas on February 5, 2019. I typed out half of it in February and then my mind balked at finishing it until today. Maybe because it told me I have more work to do.... 

Let’s begin by calling in the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Raphael and Chamuel and as they all come in they create a circle of love and protection for this reading to occur within. O.K. -  this is going to be an interesting one looking at past lives with your Twin in the land of Persia. (the time of Aladdin, magic lamps, flying carpets, those types of things for some reason keeps coming up for you). We are looking for what is going on for you with your Twin in that period and more than anything, we are looking at Persia and also Egypt if nothing comes forward in looking at Persia. I think something will.

So let us go into your records…I keep seeing the word ‘Persia’ that is the last thing I looked at before I closed my eyes so….it is like I am being pulled into it, pulled into the time and into the life so it is an interesting thing I wanted to share…so, I can hear music first, it is some kind of horn, the clarinet being the closest I can think of and I can hear it calling, sort of waking up this land and the first thing you hear before you even open your eyes, is this music playing… I am looking across at a lot of houses, a village perhaps, a city, it looks more like a city. It is dry, a warm climate, dusty looking, there is a lot of people, a lot more sounds than just that horn, there are people talking, people walking, people doings things. It may be the middle of the day, a lot of activity.  

Let us just keep letting it unfold… I want to see you and your Twin but I also see they (Guides) are showing us the lay of the land as we are going in… now moving into you specifically, I am being led to a house, going inside the house, the structure that you are in… you are female…you are sitting on a cushion, you are in a state of trance or channel, because it is active and you are talking and then your Twin (male) sits in front of you writing something down. I am hearing the word Genie… it is like you look at this ability as being a Genie or another word I might use is Oracle because you are able to receive information of events, discoveries, and answers to questions that people have, basic questions about life, will I marry, will I have children, will the crops be good this year…you know, those kind of things that mean a great deal to them.

So I am getting a sense of people will have a question and they come to you, then your Twin writes it down and what he writes down is then given to them in a scroll or something and that is like a reading. But there are other things that are recorded that are more about events and that is like about political things, I guess that we could call these prophecies of some sort, your predictions of certain events. Also, it goes into another direction where you are talking about how things came into being and how they evolved to where they are today, how humanity evolved, where it will go as well. Some of those predictions are not necessarily would happen to you or the people of your time or contemporaries…like way out, I think you were able to see, perhaps even the now.

So, your information then is what you are giving people in these readings but you are also compiling a lot of information in what today we would probably call a book or something like that. I feel that what you intend to do is to give it to the leaders or maybe not the main one but people in positions of authority, that is what your intention is, what we are seeing is the creation of this body of work in order to do that.

You are working on compiling events, discoveries, predictions, weather, and also how humanity evolved…when I heard that, I do feel a tie in to Egypt…feels like the Source…it feel’s like you are (what we are told) is you are a genie…but maybe that is the way you describe what you are doing to the people you do the readings for, answering the questions for them, that kind of thing, a way of describing the process but the Source for it, where this comes from … it feels like an Egyptian God, it feels connected to an Egyptian God and we are going to a past life in Egypt to understand why you are connected to this God in just a second…

I never got to ask about the carpet and the lamp and all of that, so let us go back into it and see what else they want to say. I want to first ask the guides if you ever complete the body of work and give it to someone because it felt like that might happen in the future…there is some kind of betrayal, there is a man and a woman that find out about what you are doing (it is not something you are keeping secret)…after all, you will give a reading to anybody…but when it comes to the body of work that you are compiling, the predictions, that kind of thing, that is quite different.

That is something that catches the ear of someone that has to do with politics in this land and it then becomes something that they want to basically, confiscate. They know how accurate you are so you know, simple people coming in getting these questions answered and the accuracy is very reliable, very good so they know when they hear that you are predicting political events that it could have some kind of detrimental effect even on them or someone that they are supporting in some way or are connected to. I think there is more to it but that is the gist of it.

And it kind of becomes life or death … I do not know if it is that extreme…I do not feel that these people are that powerful but I do feel they know people that are that powerful. So there is this kind of danger inherent in what you are doing. So what I feel happens is you learn of this before they were able to do that, you two were aware of this and so the two of you go on the run. You go out and you start hiding, going underground more or less and still working on the compilation as well.

 You thought ‘this is becoming bigger than we thought but it is important’ but it is kind of frightening for awhile because I feel that there is a chain of people that you go to though, for a few days and then you are on the move, that your work then is about finishing this compilation and giving it to somebody so if something were to happen to you, the body of work becomes more important than even your life. Can you get that? It feels like it is very strong for you in this life, that you have this body of work that has to get out there!

 So number one, you cannot die until it is done and number two, it has to go in the right hands if there were to be something like that happened to you and three, it is your hope that it goes to the right hands so that it becomes something public because it is meant to help everybody to understand their place in history a little bit better, in the evolution of humanity and also the events that you were predicting, some of them were cataclysmic and were preventable.

So if people could know about this ahead of time you could save a lot of lives potentially. So this is why, it is all of these things. There is a lot of answers, big answers to all sorts of questions and a lot of help within this body of work that you are creating. One last look at this lifetime in Persia which is kind of exciting, like a novel, almost because of being on the run like that and by the way, I feel that period of your life lasted five years, you were on the run for maybe five years or maybe a little longer.

 You were able to give the work to a group that protected it and when the time was right, gave it to the authorities, not in the top tier, it feels like it is somewhere in the middle but the person who did receive it – it feels like they did not discard it. They took it and paid attention to parts of it, anyway so some parts were implemented. I also feel that the people that you gave it to gave only the predictions to that particular individual or that authority figure.

The rest of it which were the answers kind of thing for humanity was given to a more secret society…I am hearing the word sacred, secret, cloistered group and that had to do with teachings, traditions, it had to go through some kind of processing, I am hearing, where it was accepted knowledge. I am hearing it eventually was accepted and again used so in both cases, this is what all that work was for and was used by people. The people eventually did take the predictions and used them and a religious group received the origins of humanity writings and incorporated them into their secret, sacred religious, very esoteric, group.

And then, what happened to you and your Twin? I feel that the two of you did not die from all that although it seemed like it could happen for a time…I feel like you went to a very, very remote region of the Persian empire and lived out your years there, kind of retiring where he was a fisherman, I feel like that is how you were making a living.


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Joy: “Anything about magic, carpets and the lamp and all of those things? I just hear – ‘lure’ and ‘myth’ for that”… Marlene: - (awww, no magic anywhere to be found…sooo disappointed!)   Joy: I do not think those things actually were real or if they were, they did not play a significant role for you in this life that I am looking at. Is there anything else? No – I do not get anything else around those so let us go ahead to Egypt now.


So in this past life, you were male, perhaps a priest, something clergy, definitely. Horus is the God, that is the name I was hearing that you were connecting to and again, I feel like you can channel Horus in that life as the male priest and this was something that not very many people could do. It was a thing that was thought of as special, something sought after and what happened was you gained prestige over time as a channeller but the other priests and the higher ups kept you a secret. I do not know what their exact intentions were but they did not want to put you out in the spotlight.

If there was a Pharoah at this time, the Pharoah would not be aware that you were able to channel this and yet you would think that would be something brought to a Pharoah’s attention… but it does not feel like that happened. I am not exactly sure why the intentions of the priests feel very cloaked but it may have been something as a soul plan because I feel like what was not intended by your soul in that lifetime was a lot of limelight or attention, you wanted to simply be able to channel the messages of Horus which you did.

Now in this other life, there was more of a give in the sense of wider audience. It was almost like, O.K. I had this first life and I was able to master the technique but it never really went anywhere, the information never got to anybody’s ears other than priests. It didn’t really seem to help or benefit many people…perhaps that lifetime was just about learning that technique, then this other lifetime we are presently seeing creates, then, more of a vehicle for you to get that message out there and to help many people with it.


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So, I would not say that you only channelled Horus…I would say that there may have been angels or certainly, your Higher Self. Certainly when you were working with the average person and dealing with their questions – but, you definitely did channel him for the most of the predictions and most of the larger question of the origins of humanity and that kind of thing… so we are really looking at a very strong connection to Horus … so I don’t know if you feel that in this life or have uncovered it before, but it is something that can blend very well with other deities, I feel, even ones that are Galactic so it’s kind of like this giant massive body of knowledge which of course, the akashic records are, for example, isn’t that right, which we can enter at times, especially during ancient times, through our connection to deities.

In the Now it feels that more people can enter into the records, that they can go there…but there were times when you look at earlier lives where it feels more like you have to have a guide, you are not going to be allowed to have access to certain levels, that kind of thing. There was more protection around the records…but anyway, going into all this one last time…as far as the ancient Egyptian lifetime, I don’t feel your Twin in that one…because you were a priest, it would not have been romantic…let me scan … O.K. your Twin was a brother to you not related by blood but as priest/monk.

It feels like he is the one you share this ability with first so that’s interesting because that’s what happened in the other life in Persia. Not only did you talk to him about it, the ability and what you were getting and all that, the information you were getting but he was really on board with it and supportive of it and was recording it for you by hand, writing it all down.

So I feel he played a role like that initially, then others got involved and he was kind of kicked to the side so in the next lifetime in Egypt, you wanted very much for there to be just the two of you working on this as a project together so you can see where you made those changes so you could do the same things with different results and that’s what happened in the life in Persia.

 Jocelyn Joy: “I have a question for the Guides…why is this coming up for her now, why these flashbacks, memories or a draw to right now? And the answer I get is two things…so the first is the Twin, something to do with your Twin and with your timing with your Twin, something with a project with your Twin may be similar with what you did in the past.

 The second thing is – just like in the past where you had a body of knowledge which you wanted to share with people, there is that once again and I feel like it could be what you have already created or continue to create or it could be another project, perhaps something very much with your Twin... but there is still another project (and it’s a big one) that you have yet to get out.

So, I think that’s what it is more than anything else – a new project – maybe it is similar to what you have done before but something that you have to get out. So, it is not necessarily a book, it kind of feels different than that…it could be…but it could be something that is a new message and how you want to get that out there is up to you. And that is where your Twin might come aboard…kind of bring you a fresh approach or ideas or different ways to get it out there. In some way, he could contribute to that. If that does not pan out in that direction, I still feel you getting the inspiration, the idea and doing something with it. So either way, that is part of the reason why this is coming forward now.

 We have a few minutes left so I am going back in and seeing if there is any new information, maybe about this project…so remember, the Twin can help with ideas of how to either deliver it as a message if it is not a book, or it could be more about a new audience, that could be what your Twin helps align you with…in some way, he helps with this new message, in getting it out there.

The other part is the message itself … and let us see if we can look into that a little bit more…so it is something about origins of humanity like you were teaching before…it would be a new outlook, a new piece of information. I am asking if it would be with Horus or other guides that you work with frequently and I am hearing yes, it can be as you will, that would be fine.

So begin with these things and see where you go because you know how these things work, they expand, they become a thing of their own. What we are looking for is information about the origin of humanity and then the evolution of humanity – this all has connections to the – kind of – like the ascension process that the planet is going through now and how this connects to the ascension process.

 What it feels like is a repeat to some degree of what you had uncovered in the past…and what you recorded and what you and your Twin – he definitely has a large invitation – like a neon light invitation – to work with you on this but he’s always been the scribe, more or less, the person who writes it down…he was not the one who embodied the message and created or became the channel, that was you –so he is meant to facilitate in some way but it is not mandatory in the project.

So getting to the other side of it…who you connect with for all this and what it is going to talk about… it is having to do with the origins and the evolution of humanity and how it all fits into the ascension process because there is some missing information or the way in which people are viewing things is somehow not complete enough and it creates for them a little schism so that they can’t quite ascend, there is some piece missing that creates doubt – there is a piece missing so that creates an unsteady foundation so you can then plug in that piece through this project is what I am hearing.

I am also hearing that the work that you do is helping in ascension so you are already talking to the right audience but we want to expand that audience and that is where your Twin can come in but it is also the material itself that should expand the audience because it would have to do in part of it with ascension but it just feels like something fresh and new that you would provide, some new insight or some forgotten insight that you would provide. Something is askew or something is off in the way that modern people are viewing the past and how we got to where we are today. That is what you would supply and then they can more readily understand who they are and make that leap into ascension.

All right that is what I get. That was a really fun reading, of course, I did not know what to expect but it was really, really interesting information especially about you and your new project. I do not think this project will be rough going, I think that you will be able to channel it probably rather rapidly, it may take some time to do but I don’t feel like it is something like where you say “Oh, my God, I have to do this now.   I feel like it is something that when it is ready, when it is time, will sort of just start to come in. This may be your heads up, 'hey, it is almost time!' And we see how your Twin has a role, whether he decides to take it or not…hopefully he does because it would be a supportive role for you and it would be a nice thing to do, a complement almost to the past and how he has helped in the past as well. 

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