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This intriguing crystal has soft tones of brown, gold and copper. It is aligned to the Earth Star chakra which is ten to twelve inches below the feet and to the element Earth. Musical tone – string instruments such as the violin, high E note, with B minus complement.

 The Message:

We, the Petrified Wood crystallized consciousness are the keepers of the storehouse of data that pertains to the journey of each soul on Earth. It is accessed through the Earth Star chakra below the feet. We help to open an individual to the remembrance of their lifetimes upon this planet, therefore, we are very helpful for those who wish to explore and connect with different aspects of their souls to bring integration and wholeness. We are an important crystalline key to the understanding of ancient knowledge that an individual has accumulated during their incarnations upon the planet.

We assist in grounding an individual with the energy of the Earth. We impart strength of mind and can assist with the balancing of one’s spiritual growth. We bring a symbiotic harmony with the Earth within one’s being and this allows each individual to live their life gracefully while evolving and perfecting their ability to see the greater potential for their life. Within them is an inner wisdom that will help them to return their world to a balanced state of equilibrium.

We hold the solidified crystallized energies of the tree clan, our original form upon the Earth. We hold ancient knowledge that pertains to the happenings of this world during its ongoing evolution. By holding our crystallized form along with a clear quartz crystal while intuitively seeking answers to more knowledge of ancient civilizations, we can assist with access to this information. A person must be open to receiving the impressions or mental images that come to them. This allows them to gain a deeper perspective of life upon this planet.

We impart and strengthen the quality of patience within the holder of our solidified crystalline form, giving the understanding that they can overcome anything as long as they persist in moving forward without giving up too early and to remain cool and unruffled under all circumstances. This leads them to understand that there are cycles upon their planet and that they can attune to these cycles so that they are always in the right place at the right time in order to facilitate the fruition of their dreams and intentions for their life and to stay steadily on their path.

We can assist humanity to see how important it is to understand how all of life is inter-connected to their every activity on the planet Earth. It is a complex system of biodiversity of all living things and there is a need to take responsibility for the stewardship of their incredible home and to choose to live their life in unity with it. We help to awaken them to the truth that each individual is a powerful being. They can make real changes with the right focus and perspective, with courage in their hearts, and the discipline of their minds. The only way to build a better world is to create the world they want to live in with their thoughts, actions and way of living. That it is they who have control over what they do now, at this moment.

We are in gratitude for this opportunity to present our perspective.

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