PINK PETALITE SPEAKS


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 A soft pink crystal which helps to open the crown chakra, soul star chakra and stellar chakra and helps to align to the starlight element. Aligned to musical notes B and F.

The Message:

We the Pink Petalite crystal consciousness greet you and ask you to still your mind and body so that we can cleanse your entire chakra system from one through seven and eight through 12. We are a crystalline being that magnifies the ability to clear the human energy field. We are one of the ‘attuning and aligning’ crystals, bringing to humanity a balance between feminine and masculine energies which will facilitate unity consciousness within.

The light we emanate and impart is of the highest vibration. We are very helpful in clearing old energies that have been difficult to clear before. Wearing a pink petalite pendant close to the higher heart chakra can help to bring clarity of mind and purpose, calmness and balance to the entire human body system. We help with the ascension process that is currently an ongoing process. We have a strong, high vibration that is very soothing to the heart chakra.

We encourage and support humanity to embody a higher consciousness and perspective and this makes us invaluable as a tool for greater expansion of one’s consciousness and energy field. We help our human counterpart to discover their highest path in life by connecting them to the higher dimensions. This increases their intuitive capabilities and psychic abilities.

We help to expand one’s crown chakra so that it extends to the soul star (8th) chakra which helps connect one to their divine essence and thus, to divine wisdom and highest expression of compassion. This chakra is the point where the higher frequencies are stepped down so they can be accepted by the human body and it is the chakra that facilitates communication with higher dimensional beings. When this chakra is opened and fully functional, it brings forth a natural affinity to magic and its manifestation. It is the chakra that helps ground the individual to their divine essence in the physical plane.

We also assist with expanding one’s ability to connect to the stellar gateway (9th) chakra, which can help our human counterpart touch cosmic consciousness and comprehend the majesty and wonder of their being as a spark of the Divine. It helps the individual to feel in tune with the cosmos and their reason and purpose for being. It is this chakra which is the most spiritual aspect of one’s being that is still connected to a personal identity and the point where the individual establishes their personal relationship with the Godhead. We help bring in the energies of love, peace and joy which can bring about personal healing.

What a joy it is to speak with you in this way!

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