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This lovely soft to deep pink stone aligns to the heart and higher heart and crown chakra and the elements of water and air. Musical notes F and Ah.

 The Message:

We come forward in joy and happiness for it is during these times that we, the pink tourmaline crystalline consciousness, come forward to bring to you the various ways that we can be of assistance as humanity as a collective, works on opening up their heart chakras to clear eons worth of heart wounds from other lifetimes and this lifetime. We heal, support and empower each person who works with us by wearing our stone or faceted gem upon their person.

Our energies and influence helps to bring balance in all chakras within the human body system. We, the pink tourmaline crystalline consciousness can be relied upon to give assistance whenever it is needed most. When a person is in need of our assistance, we always comply to their request and intention. We support, we empower, we respect. Our energy is a soft energy, one that brings a gentle influence upon the entire human body system – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. By working with us each day with the intention of opening one’s heart, this becomes possible.

One’s heart can expand beyond former blockages and limitations as one release’s all that no longer serves in these current times. Daily life goes so much better for those individuals who wear our stone upon their person. Everything just seems easier, more filled with grace and so we are very helpful in this manner. Our influence helps the individual to focus on the blessings of life that they have received from the universe - and there is so much that has been received if one but makes a list.

We assist an individual to explore all the facets of their heart, we assist in the release of all that is preventing them from moving forward in their life with renewed zest and revitalization. We help the individual to forgive all that needs forgiving; we help them to bring balance and understanding within so that they can move forward on their spiritual journey through this life.

 When one’s heart chakra is healed and balanced, it creates a cumulative effect upon all other energy centers of one’s chakra system helping to open up all areas that have been constricted and constrained and this creates release within the heart chakra and especially, the solar plexus chakra, the seat of one’s personal power. This opens up more creativity and more avenues for the expression of one’s Divine nature.

During past epochs of time, the ancient ones created a healing table from our substance and used this in their healing and recalibrating work with each individual that needed adjustment to their energy system. They would come to our healing temple, the Temple of Love, to recalibrate their energy systems to be restored to balance, harmony and peaceful equilibrium.

As the individual lay upon our table, the High Priests and Priestesses would sing tones that would activate our energies within our crystalline bed and this would enfold and surround the human body auric field and would bring adjustments where they were necessary to recalibrate and restore the individual to wholeness and perfection.

In these current times, our influence can be of enormous benefit to each person who is going through the ups and downs of energy downloads, assimilation and integration and will work quickly to help them stay in equilibrium and balance. When peaceful equilibrium and balance is restored within each individual there is a state of joy that emanates from these individuals which keeps them in a state of happiness and positive thoughts and feelings, This in turn, affects the energy fields of others around them in their sphere of influence.

As the heart chakra opens, there is a smoother flow in all the axiatonal lines of the human body system and one’s energy field expands and grows and this is highly beneficial and highly desired. On the spiritual level of an individual, we help to open a person up to a higher connection with their higher aspects, their Divine essence, their Divine self and this is very important, especially during these times when the world and all of her inhabitants are going through such deep changes and transformations.

 For each person who maintains balance and goes through this process towards ascension, as they achieve and accomplish this balance, it has a cumulative effect on the collective consciousness bringing healing, balancing and the requisite harmonizing of their human body systems and so it is highly beneficial for all. For those individuals who need assistance with the recalibration of their heart and the release of former wounds, pains, hurts and sufferings, we can be of enormous benefit to all.

 The beauty of our faceted stone is highly prized and those who wear our faceted stone feel the power of our influence. Even to look upon our faceted stone is soothing, healing and visually rewarding as we embody the pink ray of Divine Love.  We are the outer crystallized expression of it, this energy which is in solidified form as our crystalline consciousness.

 We are so very grateful and joyful to have this opportunity to come forward and speak to humanity through this channel. May all be blessed with love. So be it!

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