Prehnite Crystal 

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 This soft green stone aligns with the solar plexus and heart chakras and the air element. Musical notes F and E.


The Message

Greetings! We, the prehnite (pray-nite) crystalline consciousness come forward. We bring soothing, healing energies to every person who works with us. We support, balance and align all the chakras. Any chakras that are in disharmony, we have the ability to bring them all into balance. As we move further into the golden age, humanity will find that the majority of the crystalline beings and crystalline consciousness and energies will be able to support them in this most important function, for it is of prime importance that humanity’s chakras be cleared and stay open so that the higher consciousness and energies can enter their system in order that there be a universal connection to the truth of one’s being.

We facilitate the feelings of love within every human heart and are aligned with the heart chakra. We vibrate with the octaves of the higher realms and help to facilitate communication with higher beings. We can assist in opening the gift of precognition within those who work with us and in the enhancement of ones spiritual growth. We surround the bearer of our stone with a protective energy that seals their auric field and keeps it clear of negative energies from the outer world. We open up the channels of higher intuition which helps the bearer of our stone connect with and stay in touch with their inner truth. We help to bring out the spiritual gifts that they have brought to the world.

We bring a sense of renewal within an individual’s being helping them to feel refreshed and able to move forward in their lives with zest and enthusiasm. We connect the bearer of our stone to the magical elements of life and the endless possibilities than exist for their experience. We can facilitate a connection and communication with the elemental beings that exist in other dimensions. We can amplify psychic abilities such as lucid dreaming and past life recall and the gift of prophecy. By rubbing our stone as one is falling asleep one can enter into the lucid dreaming state. We enhance the feeling of serenity and inner peace within one’s energy field.

 We help a person to align with the highest vision of themselves and stay true to their own path. We help to bring a strong sense of trust in the universe and the belief that one can manifest whatever is needed in their life. We bring the bearer of our stone clarity of mind and heart and magnify the ability to emotionally release, forgive and have compassion for self and others as they interact with those in their sphere of activity in the world. As the world moves further into the energies of the new age, we can greatly enhance the natural ability for ‘inner knowing’ and this will be an ability that is utilized with far greater frequency in humanity’s daily life.

 We can help a person to recognize their true potential that lies within their divine self and to live from a heart based perspective. We can facilitate inner strength and the acceptance of circumstances in one’s life without allowing the surrender of one’s dearest dreams. We help an individual manifest the highest good in their life by steadfastly walking the path to which they are called without getting distracted. We can be helpful in encouraging a person to let go of possessions that are no longer needed so that the way is opened for new and greater potentials to become manifest for them. We can also help to bring the bearers of our stone into harmony with the nature world and the elemental forces and this is another ability that is now coming to the fore.

 We leave with joy knowing that our message will be shared with the world.

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