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 A stone with a mottled appearance of green and white crystalline substance when polished and which looks blue in its natural state. This stone aligns with the root and heart chakra which in turn opens up the higher chakras. It is aligned to the earth, fire and air elements. Musical notes C, E and F.

 The Message:

Preseli Bluestone Deva image by ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

We, the Preseli Bluestone crystal consciousness greet you! We are the stone that was quarried for use in previous ages (Stonehenge). The modern world has discovered that our stone has the capacity to help the individual to ground and personally increase their energy field substantially. When an individual utilizes our stone, we can assist them in expanding and deepening their intuitive perception and awareness of the unseen world around them.

We have become an indispensable stone for those individuals who do land healing. As they work with us, we bring them information through intuitive guidance as to specific healing that is required in certain areas of the planet in order to repair any energetic links that have been disturbed in their energy flows in relation to the main ley lines of the planet. By listening to their intuitive guidance and leaving our stone at these sites, we can go to work to heal and stabilize these areas in the world.

 For this reason, we are very much a universal stone and can be utilized to heal and re-establish humanity’s connection to the land and to the sacred energy points throughout the world. We also have a quieting effect on the human body and mind and help to integrate the flow of energy and communication that they send and receive. We open one’s awareness to the hidden dimensions of reality and help the individual tap into practical use of this information.

 As humankind enters this new age of Aquarius, we, the preseli bluestone consciousness can be of greater service as we were in times past. We are an excellent stone to anchor in higher energies as we act as conduits for these energies. We were utilized in ways of creating portals because we were able to do so and maintain and ground that energy into the Earth and this created stability, this created the focus for those who practiced spiritual rites as they observed the phases of the moon, the cosmic happenings and alignments within the heavens.

 The ancients utilized us through careful placement of giant stones which created high dimensional portals through which they could experience the higher dimensions and then return safely. This was accomplished through a group effort. It was not something that only one person could make happen. This activity needed to be a combined grouping of individuals focusing with full attention and intention on the desired goal. This allowed those who were ready to travel to other dimensional realms in order to receive initiations.

These initiations were given to those who were ready to move to a higher level of consciousness. One had to practice being in high consciousness on a daily basis, one had to practice rituals, meditation, prayers, affirmations, intentions, and decrees in a consistent, ongoing manner and this would enable them to, at several times during each year, to have the opportunity to make this happen for their soul journey and evolution. There were many such stones that were placed upon the planet and there were many who were initiated in this way.  As they received the benefit of group focus, they were able to move to the higher levels and receive those initiations and they would then become the shamans of their groups, their tribes, their clans.

This was accomplished during those times. During these times, we again respond best to the many calling, to the many who have the intention to move their consciousness into higher levels in order to explore those areas that have not been available to them on the Earth plane, and as the Earth moves further into the fifth dimension, our use will become more desired and more clear. At this moment in time, we await - filled with potential, with possibilities that we can be utilized in ways such as healing, mind expansion and in enabling those who work with us to travel and explore their past lives, to remember and experience them in order to bring back knowledge, healing, understanding and the gifts that they had during those times.

 We remain ready to assist all of humanity, it only requires that they be willing to work with us and to call upon us and we shall do so! We shall assist in the ways that have been mentioned and in ways that have not yet been brought forth because humanity as a whole is not yet ready. We now leave with gratitude for this opportunity! And so it is!

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