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 “Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”  ~ Matthew 5:16b

  Spiritual people plant seeds. They speak about the love of God and then put that love into action to the best of their understanding through their relationships with other people and with the world around them. Each day they act in the hope that their example, deeds and words will encourage others to join in planting these seeds of the Divine so that love may multiply far beyond self. When individuals join together in this way, a sense of harmony, peace, well-being and freedom from external influences takes place. They surrender to the enabling power of Christ consciousness that dwells within them and their quality of life improves tremendously.

They begin to experience the grace of God in miraculous and meaningful ways in all aspects of their lives. Jesus allowed the Christ love within him to expand and grow, lighting up the heavens for all humanity. He became a shining example of the sweetness, purity and humility of someone who embodied God consciousness. He exemplified unerring conformity with Divine Will as one individual who valued and adhered to what was good and true in their lives. He was an exemplary spiritual person in his habit of seeing and appreciating the purity and goodness in others around him and that seed that God plants in every child at conception. It was simply a pure loving appreciation and reverence for all that is beautiful and good.

He dedicated his life to delving beneath the material surface of things, looking to God and Divine intelligence to find the spiritual cause to explain the workings of the universe. He held that space for all souls around the world who strive to deeply know God that they may find a greater meaning to their mundane existence upon the Earth. He exemplified and became a light bearer to the people around him because his goal was to bring glory to God and not himself - to live life by following the dictates of his heart, turning to the Divine for guidance in all his human affairs. His choice of expressing a higher consciousness opened up to the beauty of life around him thereby opening him to a deep spiritual appreciation of what he found in the world.

He embodied excellence in character which naturally exemplifies goodness, honesty, self-control, and other divine qualities. By embodying a character that was naturally moral, living his truth and adhering to Divine law, he understood how to bring the power of the Divine into every situation that presented itself. His spiritual sense was reflected in his spiritual knowing and doing and was the result of a practical understanding of how to experience a life of well being and spiritual fulfillment. These qualities that he daily expressed brought about a greater and higher capacity for active, joyous and conscious acknowledgment of humanity and their power through Divine expression to become loving, caring and compassionate people in the world.

He brought to the world the understanding that the law of the Divine is ever present and operative in human consciousness through seeking nothing for self in order to ensure that every step they took was in line with Divine Will and purpose. He became the exemplification of humanity’s oneness with the Divine, and did not ever lose sight of his own spiritual being. He rose in the strength of spirit to resist all that is unlike purity and goodness. He embraced the Divine ideal with simplicity which brought true satisfaction, security and peace within. His exemplary way of life and extraordinary devotion to God is something all people throughout the world can draw inspiration and encouragement from.

From the writings of ©Marlene Swetlishoff. (This article was written for the December 2018 issue of a local magazine where I have been submitting articles for about seven years.)

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