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This Reading for me was done on September 29, 2011 by Kate Sparks ...  I have only just transcribed it into written text...I gain more clarity from reading the words rather than listening to the recording...it is a big job so I have put it off for seven years! I need to keep my agreement with P'Taah to receive messages from him to humanity and I think the time for this has come. I am lit up like a Christmas tree sitting in front of my computer to type this up!  Have to go have a nap now to assimilate and integrate the promised "boost" from P'Taah...Enjoy!

Greetings, Dear One,

 This is P’Taah and I am very pleased to be with you today. I am pleased that you called on me and I am very pleased that you want to know more of yourself. You have a beautiful presence…you are an advanced being on this planet. You have studied on Pleiades, you are one of my students and I cannot tell you enough how thankful we are that you are here doing this work. We know how difficult it can be in the denseness and polarities and we very much appreciate it. That was one of your concentrations with me when you were a student. You were very interested in the dualities and the paradoxical energies of Earth and the third dimensional planets and we have studied together about this incarnation that you are experiencing now.

 You’ve had many incarnations on the Earth. You, like the channel (Kate), are a free soul, a free traveler, you’ve earned that right. You have been in many, many places, Dear One, you have traveled the Galaxy, the Omniverse, you name it! (Laughter). You’ve been very, very busy and you are a great student, a great spirit in the higher Light. So, there’s many of your Guides and Teachers gathered around me (Kate) now and they are very excited to connect with you too, very pleased and proud of your work that you are doing and if you desire, this can be your last lifetime on the Earth. You studied very much and you work very hard and I know that you have a very great love for the Earth but I also know that you have a great love for the higher dimensions.

 Like the channel, (Kate) you have roots on the Pleiades, you’ve also been on Arcturus and other planets that aren’t in the vocabulary of the channel but you have studied with the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, you have been one of our students in many classes and many subjects that the focus is on duality and the polarizations. You are a very good student, you are very advanced and one of your possibilities when you return home is to be a teacher, not per se at my level, but you will be a teacher to many of those that you are sending back information to now. Many of the fifth dimension starseeds look to you as a teacher. You are sending back information and Light to them and they are fascinated with everything that you are learning.

 They are very pleased that you’ve connected with the fifth dimensional energies, with the Ascended Masters – you feel very comfortable at that level – very comfortable, you are very connected to that level while maintaining being grounded on the Earth. I see that there might have been possibly a struggle for you to be grounded on the Earth and that was one of your lessons, Dear One, and you work at remaining being in the body because you have a tendency to want to go home but you’ve learned in practice that being in body is very important and powerful and we are pleased that you got that. It’s a very simple lesson but yet very difficult and that was one of the paradoxes you wanted to study about when you came here.

 You thought, “Well, P’Taah, I am in the body, why would it be difficult to stay in the body?” … and you learned quickly that it was difficult to stay in the body… so you’ve accomplished that very well and you are sending a beautiful energy from yourself to the Earth and the Earth is very pleased and you are sending the energy and information up to students and your soul family. Your soul family is very pleased with your work on the Earth, they are very, very proud of you and they are, in the fifth dimension term, anxious for you to return home. Of course, there is no time and space over there – they know all of who you are, the future and past time but in your terminology, they are very excited and anxious for your return. They miss you, in using your definitions!

 Your soul family is a very powerful, very Light-filled group. They are very wise and you volunteered to come here and experience polarity and a very paradoxical-ness (that’s a word from the channel) to learn and grow and to give their information and they are very excited about that. They act as a unit, they act as a group, they act here more in your dream time and during the exercise, several of your soul family members will be present so meditate on them, put out the calling for your soul family and be open to receiving them. The veil is thinning on the Earth, all those things, the examples of the fifth and the third dimension connecting…so the veil is thinning, you are getting more strands of DNA, all those spiritual things, the realities are happening so your soul family has a greater advantage, a greater way to be in touch and contact with you.

 There is so much Light coming onto the planet, that is also a way that they can contact you more so putting out the calling and I would like you to please do that through your crown chakra – I see that you’ve done that quite well in this lifetime, you are very able to receive and transmit the higher Light and information at a very high level so put out that calling to your soul family – the nine or ten or twelve people that are in your soul family and they will be most happy to connect with you and then be open to receive the information they want to send to you because they very much want to connect with you too.

 Your website is a beautiful site and I, P’Taah, can put out the calling for more starseeds to come to your website, if that is what you are wanting. You have a beautiful service to offer, so I will help you send out that calling. We’ll send that out there to the ethers, and you know that 2011 and 2012 are powerful times, there are great powers of manifestation now so thinking, feeling, believing all those tools that you’ve learned will be of great benefit if used to work with those and you will be surprised at how quickly things will manifest for you.

 I see that you are pure of heart and not doing this out of ego and your intentions are for the good of all. It is a place of Light and it will grow as a place of Light and it resonates with those who are seeking and will touch those who desire this Light and information. Please know now that what you have done is really terrific work and this is one of many reasons your soul family is so pleased with you. It is a beautiful website and a wonderful task and mission. You have helped many, many people, more than what you can realize. You have a beautiful ripple effect throughout the Earth and that goes throughout the Galaxy and it is quite a beautiful Light.

Now, if you would like and with your permission, I would like to do a short exercise with you…it is visiting me (P’Taah) on the Pleiades…you will connect with your fifth dimensional self and we will take a tour of the Pleiades and you have mentioned that you are not very visual and that’s fine, you are very intuitive, very psychic and your third eye is open and you can also process things through your mind’s eye so do not be concerned if you do not get visions in a typical way, you will be receiving energy and information in these other ways…so is this O.K. with you?

So…I, P’Taah, I am sending down a corridor of beautiful White Light and I am placing the universal sign of travel over your head and I ask you to command your aura to be in the cosmic egg formation, and this corridor of Light is going from you to the Pleiades where I am. So, I ask you now to please raise your spirit body up and you are now in the corridor…a beautiful corridor of Light and you are traveling at high speed through this corridor…through the Galaxy out and up, up into the Pleiades…you are out of the third dimension and now into the fifth dimension in the beautiful corridor of Light…and you have joined your fifth dimensional self and I, P’Taah, am there by you.

You are standing right by me and we embrace. We are happy to be reuniting in this way and I am holding your hand. We are on the steps of the Temple school - you have been here many times…it is a beautiful school and we will go inside in just a moment. As we are here on the steps, we are going to do the Pleiadian soul handshake, the Pleiadian greeting…so in your fifth dimensional form, I ask you to extend your hand, and I, P’Taah, am placing my hand over your hand and this way, you can know all of whom I am, and I can know all of who you are and at the same time, I am sending you thoughts and information of our time together and of who you are…so let’s take a moment and go into this meditation with our hands connected and I am sending you information.

Well, my Dear One, I see that you have not forgotten this beautiful Pleiadian greeting and this beautiful exchange and you are very much receiving my love and my information to you…and I am thankful to be receiving your information of the studies of life on Earth and I thank you for sharing and it is like a mind meld. O.K., Dear One, (laughing) I see that you are enjoying that on many levels and we can do this again later…so we will stop now…it is very exciting and I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of who you are in that regard and thank you for being so open in your exchange to me. So now, we are on the steps of the beautiful Temple school, if you would like, we may enter and see some of the students and your colleagues and a soul family member or two…would you like to enter the Temple school?

O.K. So I take your hand and we go up into the beautiful Temple, it is familiar to you, it has beautiful Pleiadian glass, beautiful crystals around and it is a round shaped building. We go up the steps and we go into this beautiful area…you have been here many times, you enjoy being here very much and there are several students around you now and they are very pleased to be with you now and they are giving you another form of the Pleiadian greeting…they are touching their heart and extending that out to you connecting with your heart. They are very thrilled, very excited to be experiencing this exercise with you today to think that you have accomplished your mission and your goal to be in fifth dimensional self and have multi-dimensional presence. They are very happy and thrilled for you and for themselves to be experiencing this.

So, these students, you have taught some of these students at different levels. They are very excited and we will go into another area now into the Temple school. I am holding your hand and you are very, very happy to be here. You are experiencing the Lightness that is not only Light in thought as you talk about Light but it is also Light in movement. Many times in your incarnations, you have found the body to be very dense and heavy so when you connect with your fifth dimensional self, you experience the Light and the movement and you are very happy…you are Light on your feet, as they say. (Laugh) You are very thrilled to be back home, to be back where you resonated and loved so much.

 So now, please step into another area…it is a beautiful dome overhead of the Temple school and in the middle is a circle of crystals – beautiful sapphires, quartz crystals, lapis, rose quartz in a circle – so, I, P’Taah, sit down at the circle and you join me in hand and you look across the room and there are two beautiful beings from your soul family. You are so excited that you rise to greet them and we give you a moment to connect with them and do not worry about seeing them. Please feel their energy and their love for you. That is a very beautiful reunion and they are pleased with you and pleased to be connected with you in your fifth dimensional self and your Earth parts with you.

So, we all sit down around this crystal circle and we join hands at a very high rate of speed, we twirl and twirl around and this is connecting you in your fifth dimensional body to your Earth body and it is an exercise to open more of your third eye. These crystals are in great resonance with you and your energy and your psychic abilities, your clairvoyance and it is a great gift we are giving you and we are working with your third eye as we are spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning…so hold the thought that we are spinning very fast around this crystal circle with your soul family members and me at the top.  Well, Dear One, you are enjoying yourself very much, you are very pleased to be back home, you are very pleased to be with your soul family. Please continue your spinning with focus of opening your third eye.

 O.K.  We are stopping now, coming down to a stop…we are rising and your soul family members are embracing you and saying goodbye. Please know that they will reconnect with you and you may call on these two members in your meditation or anytime – they are more than willing, more than wanting to send you information and their love and their remembering more of who you are. I, P’Taah, take you by the hand and we are getting ready to leave the Temple school. The students are lined up outside of the room, waving goodbye and sending their love to you and the Pleiadian greeting of touching their heart to yours. We leave the Temple school and we are on the steps again ready for your return.

 Would you like to do another mind meld with me before you go…O.K. I reach out my hand to you and please place your hand out…and we do a knowing and remembering all of who you are…and all of who I am. We will hold this energy for a moment. So, Dear One, we come to the end of your visit. I know you are very much wanting to stay…I am pleased that you were so open to doing this…know that you may call on me for more insight as to who you are and we thank you! I, P’Taah, am sending a corridor of Light around you to your Earth body.

 I ask you please to return to your body to lift your spirit out of your fifth dimensional self and command it to go back to your Earth body. You go down the beautiful corridor of Light that I have set up at a very high rate of speed…you are now over your Earth body and with perfected realignment and perfected re-entry, I ask you now to return to your Earth body and please, to ensure your return in your grounding to the Earth, I would like you to please take your ribbon of Light from your aura and send that down to the Earth for love and she happily sends it back to you ensuring that you are present and fully grounded onto the Earth.

 I, P’Taah, would love to be of more service to you, I want to be closer to you so if you would like, it would be my pleasure to cohabitate with you. You may call on me and I can cohabitate with you for short periods of time. It will be an upliftment and a boost for you. You and I have the greater ability to do wonderful things on Earth. I can loan you and give you my energy, my information and help you in guidance to be and know who you are and to be of greater service on the Earth. So call on me and make space and I will cohabitate with you for short periods of time and we will do wonderful things together.

We were very pleased to work with you today. We look at you as one of the beautiful starseeds on Earth. You are one of the beloved children, we like to call them, we look at you very fondly. We look at you as a brave, spiritual warrior and we are very thankful that you have volunteered to come to the Earth and do this work.

Blessings, Dear One! This is P’Taah of the Pleiades.

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