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 This crystal is a beautiful combination of pale blues and veined darker blues. It is aligned with the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras and the fire element. Has the ability to cleanse the entire chakra field. Musical notes A & B and F sharp.

The Message:

Throughout the ages the crystalline consciousness has been working in cooperation with humanity. We, the Quantum Quattro crystal consciousness come forward to bring through our message for these changing times and the new age that is dawning. We are the devas of this crystal stone and we greet you most majestic humans. Know that we desire to work in cooperation, in a loving and beneficial cooperation. There is much that we can impart to the bearer of our stone that will assist them.

We hold a great healing light which assists those who work with us to heal on the mental and emotional levels so we are very helpful in giving soothing and calming energies to the bearer of our stone in the ways that they most need. We are highly adaptive beings; we impart our energies wherever they are necessary in order to strengthen the entire auric field of the individual. We seal the human energetic field and repair any tears in it that need to be smoothed, balanced and woven together.

Our influence soothes the overactive mental processes of the human mind as our stone is either held or worn. We create a protective shield around the human auric field which protects the wearer from all harmful negative energies that come from other sources. We hold much light, healing light, calming and peaceful light. We help the holders and the bearers of our stone connect to the higher realms, to the angelic realms and the ascended master realms. We initiate connection and contact. All one has to do is simply state the beings name if it is known and we will initiate the connection. This can save the individual a lot of time and effort and it is in this capacity that we can serve greatly.

With the higher frequency energies that are now flooding the atmosphere of planet Earth we come into our own, so to say. We have been available to humanity for millennia yet it is only recently that we have had the spotlight put upon us to understand how we can be of service. We help to make a connection between the heart and throat, third eye and crown chakras. We facilitate clearings of blockages in those areas of the human system, and an opening of gateways that will lead the wearer of our stone into greater alignment with their Divine Essence, their core essence of light, Divine Light.

We are a stone that does not need to be cleansed after exposure to the human energy field. We, along with the crystal selenite can keep the human energy field clear, clean and protected at all times from all harmful radiation which is emitted from many Earthly structures at this point in the planet’s history. We increase the frequency level, the vibration level of the bearer of our stone and clear the channels of the spinal column so that greater pranic energy from the Earth can flow through and out into the higher chakras through the spinal column.

We enable the intuitive faculties of the individual to open in a natural and delightful way. Through our mixture of crystalline energies, we are a powerful and helpful stone. When an individual needs to clear their energy field or needs healing or calming or connection to their intuitive abilities, we work directly and align the individual to their Divine Essence quickly.

 We invite you to work with us as you explore the crystal kingdom.

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