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                       THE QUICK PULSE©

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 What is The Quick Pulse©?

 The Quick Pulse © was developed by prominent and sought after healer, Jo Dunning. www.JoDunning.com

Jo Dunning described how she began working with this technique back in 1993 or 1994....While leading a “personal intensive” with a client, a clairvoyant Ms. Dunning noticed that as her client spoke, she saw geometric patterns over her client’s body.

Different shapes would light up as the woman described different events that had happened in her life. Ms. Dunning came to realize that when we have a thought, it is directly connected to a place in our energy field where it is being stored. As Ms. Dunning worked with those shapes in her client’s energy field, the client noticed a change in her feelings, as though the negative impact of the experiences held in those particular shapes had released from her life.

The Quick Pulse© technique is a new way to help change things you would like to have different in your life.  During a Quick Pulse © session you will spend 2-3 minutes focusing on anything in your life that is getting in your way or that you would like to change.  These are items or situations that limit you, or you just don’t like experiencing.  They can be physical, emotional, old experiences you went through, things taking place right now, beliefs about yourself or your life, or anything else that you would like to have different.


How does it work?

While you focus on what you don’t like or want in your life the energy follows your focus and clears whatever is the cause of the unwanted experience or symptom.  By focusing on something you don’t like the energy will automatically clear it, leaving more room for the things you DO want.


 How many items can I work on?

During a Quick Pulse© session you will have time to address 5 or 6 items.

This will take approximately 1/2 hour.


What about privacy?

The Quick Pulse© technique is respectful.  It works whether I know what you’re focusing on or not.  Therefore you do not need to tell me what your item of concern is.  I do ask however, that you keep some sort of record of what you have addressed so you can track any changes you’ve noticed.

The energy continues to work beyond the time we have together and these changes may continue for days, weeks, and even months.  As your concern about the item fades away it is easy to forget you were even bothered by it in the first place.  This is why keeping a record of what we’ve worked on is important.


How often should I do the Quick Pulse?

You can use this process as often as you would like.  Once an item has been addressed, the energy continues to work on that item and anything related to it.  I have found that if an item that was previously addressed is still bothering you it is usually another aspect or angle of that item.  Therefore we can approach the same item in a different way or work on an additional aspect of the same item.  For instance, an item may have more than one emotional component that can be addressed with an additional Quick Pulse© session.

What to expect

 During the Quick Pulse©  we sit quietly together for 2-3 minutes per item.  During this time most people notice they feel very relaxed.  At some point during the process, some people notice something lift or they feel lighter, or it might have become harder to think about the item anymore.  Some people gain insight into a situation.  And many people just sit quietly and don’t notice anything different.  Anything you notice during the process is just fine.

These sessions are offered through Skype. I will need your land line telephone number when I receive payment. 

Investment: 1/2 hour session - $65.00 U.S.  Please email me at therainbowscribe@gmail.com for Paypal link with "Quick Pulse session" in the subject line. I will send you the payment link in reply. Thanks!




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