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May 4, 2019 

Through Edwin Courtenay


The above image of St.Germain was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 


Edwin: “You have not asked a question…so I am going to hand this over to St.Germain and see what he has got to say…”

St. Germain: “As we move now fully into summer, the powerful and often unseen and unnoticed forces of nature rise to the surface – not only of the energy of the Earth and the planes in which we find ourselves, but also into our consciousness, reaching out to us through our dreams, reaching out to us in our meditations, connecting with us in those moments that we might often ignore or forget or consider to be daydream, fantasy or imagination, when in truth, they are glimpses into a forgotten world that has great significance and power and meaning.

Pan is a God of nature, the Greek God who is horned and wily, the challenger, an Initiator, a trickster, he is the God of the green ray, the life force energy of Earth. He is the God of the Pan song – the siren song of the ancient Earth, of the ancient powers that are now long since lost and forgotten – the magics of the mortal world that were old when mankind was young. Pan comes to you, reaches out to you, seeks you out, looks for your help and guidance and he is not alone – there is another source, another power similar and aligned to him but more local to that power to the world in which you live, the verdant King, Jack in the Green, the Green Man.

 The Green Man is the servant of the Earth Mother, old Father Nature, God of flowers and herbs and trees and the wild animals that live inside them. He is the God who reaches out to us when the world is struggling with ecological disasters that can only be prevented or amended with the help of mankind. The Green Man comes to you because there is something that he needs your help with; that he requires you to do for him concerning the place in which you live. He makes himself known, be conscious of this fact and truth and find exactly what it is that he might steer your attention to.

Pan and the Green Man and I, St. Germain, are aligned in our own way to the power of challenge. We stand as Initiators, we come to those who are ready to move forwards, to move on, to embrace their power, to embrace their Light, to embrace their strength, the strength that they have earned. We come to them to see if they are ready to embrace the full potential of their magic and we test them to see if this is so – challenges and initiations with tasks and trials that will connect them to reveal their readiness and true nature. Bear this then, in mind, greet each one of us as we reveal ourselves to you and know that by serving the greater good, you also serve yourself.

June is a month that provides you with some opportunities for networking, for connection, for communication. It provides you with opportunities, not only to make links but to forge and create networks that will not only serve you but potentially serve many others also. It encourages you to decide whether or not you are ready to embrace a greater opportunity to lead and guide through example those who might come to you following the Light that you shine, interested in that which you might offer, to learn from you and grow from you and be transformed in the wake of your power.

June is a month that may bring potentially, opportunity for companionship, for partnership, for friendship, for power and strength found through alignment and allegiance if you are willing, if you are open hearted enough, if you desire to share your wisdom and your power, your heart, your kindness and your love with another. There is strength in being alone, but sometimes, there is greater strength found when we combine our Light and energy with another when we discover that our nature is not only complemented by them but magnified by them also – that our Light becomes something else, something greater when we combine its power with those that we meet along the way.


 Be mindful, then, that these encounters will bring you into alignment with those who you have known before in past lives; people who you have known well, people who you have loved and who have loved you, people whose Light and strength has assisted you in mastering your ability of magic and alchemy and transformation of the external macrocosmic and internal microcosmic world. Be open to a reconnection and a rekindling with those people whose Light amplifies yours because you are Twin Flames, people who have only ever known powerful and past lives together and whose vibration is in perfect harmony with each other, whose vibration resonates to such a degree mainly by being in the company of each other whose strength and Light increases.

  Now a little warning, there is someone, they are not with you yet, but they are fixed upon the past that will bring them to you, they carry with them emotional baggage which may be infectious, which may easily entangle you and make it difficult for you to not only free yourself from their energy but also remain free of the toxicity of the impact of their negative energy and power.

You will be aware of them but you will feel sympathy for them and this sympathy will make it difficult for you to free yourself from the entanglement that may come, but there is danger here, not only in distraction but also in pollution and in an unhealthy connection which will see them becoming dependant on you and such, and potentially cross the boundary that is safe and professional and advised.

 If then you can recognize this individual, if then you can endeavour to protect yourself from what might seem inevitable and in many ways, right. If you can sustain a dispassionate link that will help you to help them without becoming contaminated by their force, then move forwards to embrace their power and their Light but do so with caution, safely and well.

 As we move through June and into July, you will find that the force and power of the currents of energy that coalesce around you will encourage you to embrace a wave that will potentially enable you to move forwards with strength and embrace great opportunity and potential. You must be bombastic in pursuing this energy. It will enable more and more people to recognize what you have to offer, your Light and power, your strength and grace. It will enable more and more people to turn to you in need for healing and for guidance and for teaching.

You must choose how you will progress, what you will focus your energy on, what you will prioritize, what you are willing to give. It would be easy to embrace any and all opportunities that come but this is not how you are meant to move forwards. You must now choose the way. You must now decide. What will be your focus, what will be your purpose, what will be your power, what will be your way. You are not alone. We, spirit, will watch over and guide you, the angels will protect you and endeavour to help you see clearly the way. The Divine Presences and Powers, be open to them, look for their signs, embrace their direction. Let them show you the way and in many ways, most importantly of all, trust in what you see and know to be true.

At times, you may doubt the guidance that is clearly presented because you may struggle to believe that you are important enough to be guided and watched over by such Powers but it is true. These Powers do watch over you, they are invested in your progress, in your destiny, in your purpose, in the nurturance and fostering of your Light and love. Trust it then, embrace this then and move with it forwards and on. This year for you has many positive opportunities, opportunities for great personal advancement, opportunities to recognize your true potential, your true spiritual purpose and destiny, opportunities for you to grow, shine, be seen and heard and known.

But there will also be challenges, difficulties – personal and those around you, people that you know and people that come to you seeking help. People are removed from you but close enough, for their dramas, for their difficulties to impact in some way, shape or form, upon your life. You must therefore, learn how to foster strength inside you, your heart, soul and being, strength that you can use to endure these tragedies, stay fixed and sure in your beliefs and in your commitment to the sharing of your truth, your understanding and your way.

 In conclusion then, I am with you now, one of those Presences who guides and leads you on. Reach out to me and I will help you. My mysteries are waiting to be shared with you – wisdom concerning the Violet Flame, yes, but also the true power of alchemy of which I am also Master. Look then for that guidance and that inspiration that might help you here, books that I will bring to you, lectures that I might steer to you, knowledge and understanding that might come to you through documentaries, the radio, dreams that will restore to you memories and understandings half forgotten that you need to reclaim and remember now.

Magic is also part of my mystery – be open to it as it is also brought further forwards into your life in which ever way you find it, immerse yourself in it but also practice it as a living art that you might be able to apply to practical situations that might call out to you now for their help and need. Dearest and beloved one, know then in all certainty that as you continue forwards no matter the challenges that you might face, I will remain by your side guiding you, protecting you, shielding you as best I can. Call out to me in love and in Light. I will respond. For now then, go forwards carrying the blessing of my Flame ever and always in Light and love. Let this be so! So mote it be! Amen.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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