Rose Quartz

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This beautiful soft pink stone is aligned with the heart and high heart (thymus) chakra's and the water element. Musical notes F and C.

The Message:

We are delighted to make this connection! We, the Rose Quartz crystal consciousness come forward to bring to you a message of love from the divine ray of love, for pink is the color of the ray of Divine love. Therefore, we are the solidified form of that ray, that color of soft, nurturing, healing and soothing energy of the divine feminine influence. We help to open up blocked chakras and meridians channels within the human system that may have been closed in protection of a persons heart during unpleasant or painful times in their interactions with others.

We facilitate the dissolution of these blockages and enable the bearers of our stone to align to the higher purpose of their own Divine Self, paving the way for insight and understanding to come through. Our vibration is soft and gentle and encourages feelings of love, compassion, nurturance, caring and sharing. It is our function to bring people into alignment with the Source of All That Is as they seek to understand the greater imports of any situation that they are experiencing in the physical world.

We bring the wearer of our stone the feelings of joy, feelings of bliss and peace, feelings of calmness and acceptance of life in all its facets. We add a new dimension to the life of the wearer or bearer of our stone. Those who need our assistance are drawn to us and once a connection is made, we endeavour to assist them in whatever situation that requires our influence. We open portals to the inner chambers of the heart, the sacred space where one can connect to the Divine, the Source of All That Is. Once that connection is made, love in all its wonder and magic comes through in unimpeded flow in a stream, a river of glowing light.

This world humanity lives on is filled with wonder, magic and harmonious influences - joyous ones, and through our influence, this is what is attracted to the wearer and bearer of our stone. Our influence helps to calm and alleviate aggressive tendencies in those who have these qualities within their system. In fact, we would say that if our crystalline consciousness and energy was sent into the crystalline grids of the Earth, in a very short space of time, the world would be a more loving place.

We help an individual to connect with the angelic realms and we help them to bring out their divine feminine qualities and assist in dissolving any resentment or feelings of anger that a person may be experiencing.

 In these changing times, our stone can be very helpful in integrating all of the higher chakras that are being stimulated by the higher cosmic energies which are flowing into the atmosphere of the Earth during these times. By the wearing of our stone, we can help to raise the levels of self esteem and create a stronger sense of self worth within individuals where this has been lacking due to early childhood conditioning or situations. We help individuals to remember that at the heart of everything, love is the answer. Love is the greatest force on Earth and indeed, in the universe. During these times of great change and transformation, we help with the acceptance of any changes that occur within an individual’s life.

May we work together to harmonize and bring healing and balance where it is needed.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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