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A beautiful translucent deep pink or red color. It aligns to the root and heart chakras and the earth and fire elements. Musical notes C and E.

 The Message:

We, the ruby crystal consciousness come forward to bring to you, the people of the Earth our message. Our crystalline being and consciousness has served humanity throughout the ages and now we come forward bringing to humanity a fully upgraded and aware consciousness. We serve in many ways to help humanity. We serve in the capacity of energizing and uplifting the vitality and the spirit of each individual. We enliven passion, we enliven the energies of the root chakra as we are held or worn.

This energy that we hold is the most basic energy that is necessary in order to have a fully healthy and fully functioning physical human body. There is much that we can do just by having our stone upon one’s physical body. We open up avenues to connect to the higher realms of consciousness, the higher realms of Light and awareness. We connect the individual who works with us with their guardian Angel and their Spirit Guide that was assigned to them before ever they incarnated in this lifetime.

Through our connection, a true and clear channel is established in order to facilitate communication and the bringing of knowledge to be received and transmitted. Life upon the physical plane is challenging at the best of times – having our crystalline stone upon one’s body helps to facilitate the flow of Earth energies into the meridians of the human body which feeds all nerve centers, all energetic pathways to enliven and keep healthy and strong all the meridians, all the nodes, all the points that create and keep a healthy, vital, fully alive physical body.

We open up the way for one to connect to the spiritual realms, for one to connect with all that one holds in all their aspects in the higher realms so we facilitate the reconnection with the higher aspects of one’s being to bring forward abilities and understandings and knowledge that was experienced and gained in other lifetimes upon this planet and upon other planets throughout the universe. The color of our stone enlivens, emboldens, inspires the wearer to emulate and exhibit strong leadership qualities, nobility of soul qualities, authority, confidence, and high self esteem.

The beauty in the color and clarity of our stone is much revered throughout the universe, for we are a universal stone, one that exists on other star systems and planetary systems. We have the ability to hold programs that can be embedded within our stone that is programmed for specific purposes that are helpful to the wearer such as strong communication abilities, voice transmissions, a stronger, healthy immune system, confidence, respect for oneself and others, learning new things such as the understanding and speaking of languages that are not part of one’s experience. We facilitate the easier understanding of this.

 We have been known throughout the ages as a stone of love, devotion and passion and this is part of the qualities that we emit to the bearer of our stone. By wearing our stone close to one’s heart, one opens the sacred heart chamber where the true radiance of one’s divinity resides. We enable the opening and expansion of this sacred heart chamber. We enable the opening and blossoming of one’s soul as it grows and learns and expands its potential and becomes a part of one’s toolbox as a helpful, healing, inspiring, and uplifting influence for the bearer of our stone.

 We engage the wearer with the higher aspects of themselves and keep them closely anchored to these aspects. We do this with love, with joy, for in this service that we give, we help the wearer of our stone become all that they truly are, living to their fullest and highest potential. We are humbly grateful for this opportunity to be of greater service by giving more information as to how we, the ruby crystal consciousness can be of greater service to humanity in the new golden era that is now in its infant stages.

We bless this opportunity to speak with gratitude .

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