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Beloved Ones,

We come on the wings of love to tell you that much is required from those who have held the Light of God that never fails in these times. Know that you are already performing these tasks and that we come to give you strength and upliftment and to let you know that you are not alone in your efforts, and that you have the full support of all of the Beings of Light in the entire cosmos.

There will be many things that continue to transpire as you go about your daily life in the days ahead. The great cleansing and clearing will continue to occur within each of you and you will find that this will be coming to an end and that your way will become clear. You will have the knowledge and ability to be of service to the Light. You are the ones who are being readied for the great role that each of you are playing. A great deal of your preparation has been taking place on the higher planes beyond sleep and so we ask you to have faith and confidence in your ability to move quickly when the time comes upon you.

Your role first and foremost, remains ever the same - that of holding and anchoring the cosmic energies to flow through you into the crystalline core of Mother Earth. This service in itself is of the greatest benefit, and for the highest good of all. Most of you have become quite proficient at this and we are very proud and honored by your commitment to this each day - for even as you continue to be tested by the great cleansing in your own personal life, you still give your thoughts and intentions to serve this purpose. The entire universe applauds your efforts and the inroads you have made to bring Heaven on Earth. You have accomplished much more than you might think.

In the coming days, we are asking you to also devote some part of your daily life to invoking and decreeing that the Cosmic Light be anchored into the Earth. An excellent decree is posted on this Scribe’s website. This decree is very powerful and as you say it, KNOW that you, as a Co-creator with Father/Mother God have the full authority to bring it into manifestation. Repeating this decree at least seven times in succession will firmly establish your great intention for that day. As more of you take up this Call, great good can manifest. Please understand, Beloved Ones, that you are not required to do anything different than before, only that you do it with more frequency, force and great intention, for you are the hands, voice and feet of the Holy Ones who are working to bring about the greatest changes in the safest and quickest time to facilitate the ascension of the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Know also, that no one who has an innate love for the Creator held within their hearts will be left behind. This is a fallacy to believe that only a select few will make it into their ascension and all others will have to repeat their experiences upon another planet during some future incarnation. That is not in the Divine Plan. As we of the Spiritual Hierarchy have stated to you many times, everyone upon the Earth will rise into the higher dimensions. You are all already doing so! It is true that there are many who have chosen to not directly experience what will be occurring in these times, for their task was to set the foundations for what is now to happen, and having done that, they are choosing to leave the planet. All is a choice from this moment on.

As we look at each of you (and we do this often, Beloved Ones) we marvel at your incredible tenacity, faith and endurance. We see that you are beginning to release all that no longer serves you and are truly intending to forgive yourselves and all others in whatever way is required to prepare all of humanity for the next step. Daily ask for and visualize the Golden White Light of the Christ to anchor into your sacred heart space and perceive yourself as a Golden Christ child, a Master of Life who has come to the Earth at this time to love the Earth and all of Her Kingdoms, and all of humanity back into alignment, wholeness and perfection. You are and will continue to do this! Each day of your lives, no matter how tried and tested you are, summon forth the inherent strength and tenacity within you and call forth the Light unto the Earth.

We also wish for you to realize that if you are reading this message, then you are one who has chosen this service at this most special time in Earth’s history and indeed, the history of the entire galaxy and galaxies without end. That is how important your work is and continues to be, Beloved Ones. We need you now more than ever before! Hold fast to your Light and your highest vision for the Earth and all of her inhabitants. Let go of anything that would keep you from this task, for it no longer has any relevance or importance. The greatest and most important thing you can do each day is to remember the Light that you are and radiate it outwards to encompass everyone and everything in its path. Be not afraid to radiate this Golden White Light from you to everyone you encounter, for you know not how very much this empowers and assists others upon their journey into the Light.

We, Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, hold you in our hearts and empower you with our own flame of love, Light, and freedom now. Accept this gift from us and walk your Path in full confidence that you are doing the work of the Creator in all that you do each day. You are a Force whose time has come!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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