SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL 

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 This deep rich blue crystal is aligned with the throat, third eye and crown chakras and the air and starlight elements. Musical notes: G, A & B

 The Message:


Channelled Image of Sapphire Deva©JanineKeall

 We, the blue sapphire crystal consciousness bring greetings and salutations! We have been revered throughout the ages as a ‘must have’ stone. You will find us as beautifully polished, cut and faceted gemstones and the ownership of these is highly prized amongst humanity. We also wish to state that our stone in its rough uncut state still holds the power and energy of our being so please do not be discouraged if you cannot afford the price of one of our faceted gems, the only difference between them is that the polished gem works more quickly in its effect.

 We facilitate connection with the higher realms and help an individual to connect to the wisdom of the angelic and ascended master realms and to bring this wisdom through to the Earthly plane. We help to open the third eye in the brow chakra with its ability to see beyond the physical realities and connect a person to higher wisdom, knowledge and truth. This can open up a person’s intuitive abilities through the means of telepathic and clairvoyant communication which is known as channelling. We bring spiritual awakening and understanding which in turn unfolds the qualities of joy, faith, hope and security within those who work with us.

  Through this resonation with our stone, the bearer of our stone takes on and manifests divine intelligence and independence of thought. They can bring prophetic visions to the surface of their consciousness to be shared with others. They begin to appreciate the peace that lies within them and the beauty that exists around them. The individual becomes more balanced in their perspective and demonstrates the qualities of diligence and perseverance as they focus on their goals. Through our positive effects, we can open up avenues to financial gain, often through unexpected windfalls.

The wearing of our stone imparts mental clarity and improves focus and concentration, clears confusion and helps the individual to make right choices and decisions in their daily life. Our stone brings the feeling of equanimity and calmness to soothe the senses and helps to balance the life force energy which can assist in personal and spiritual growth. As an individual taps into their inner wisdom and spiritual power, we help them to bring back remembrance of the information they connected to into waking consciousness. We also facilitate the speaking of one’s truth and communicating this truth through positive self expression.

 We have a positive affect on the mind and the body of those who utilize our stone and our energy. We help to unlock and tap into a person’s creative expression and to new possibilities as they present themselves. We help a person who utilizes our stone to always do the right thing in any situation while staying cool, calm and collected. Through the process of meditation with our stone, one learns to identify their issues and the lessons they need to bring to their conscious awareness so that they may be resolved and released. We heal, nourish, and bring order to the mind as our energy permeates and clears out mental clutter.

Through the gained clarity and higher perspective, we expand one’s mental potential and enhance their ability to differentiate between waking conscious mind and the higher spiritual aspect. This will help an individual gain mastery of their mind and emotions discerning the understanding that the choice of one’s thoughts can profoundly affect one’s physical body, health and well being. The state of one’s mind is always reflected in their emotional and physical bodies.

 One’s thoughts, attitudes, and concepts shape one’s physical body and everything within it. We assist with the clearing of all thoughts that offer no upliftment or nourishment for the soul. The more nourishment the mind receives, the more it grows and expands in self awareness. This can cause fundamental changes not only in one’s consciousness and attitudes, but also in their overall body health. We look forward to being of greater service to humanity in the days ahead.

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