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                   DIVINE INTERVENTION...0MG!!!                      SARAH AND MY FAMILY OF LIGHT TO THE RESCUE!




 Important Message to Read


   The First Healing Session. April 20, 2020

There was several minutes of preparation and prayer by Sarah calling in my Guides and Angels…then…"so you have two Beings who have come immediately and placed their energetic hands on your shoulder and there is a beautiful warmth, almost like where your angel wings would come out of…this is where they are placing their hands right now and I am seeing white angel wings come  out of your physical vessel as well.

So a few things are happening, the warmth as they are placing their healing right now onto your body…there is a lot of vibration going on in your body right now…and I am feeling the heat going on right now, the heat is moving down into your core…they are really focusing now on bringing their intention to the core of your body. I am feeling a lot of heat in the core of your being. Providing balance and support to you.

All is as it should be…you are doing your work, you are very much needed and so this is what is coming through, this beautiful, nurturing into the mind right now and as this is happening… O.K. so Jesus has come through right here…um…a lot of emotion comes up…because it is so beautiful…his energy…


He is placing his hands on your head…like gently from the palm and then slowly the fingers. And he is lifting his hands up and placing them at another place on your head…like on either side…almost on an angle position, the palm and then the hand and the fingers and then he is doing this again, almost like this beautiful hand dance that he is doing on top of your head right now…and…emotion comes up because it is just so beautiful and as this is happening this golden Light that is moving into the crown of your head and it feels like there is a heating pad  on top of your forehead…it is so beautiful!

So he is coming through and he’s going to continue to do this…it is bringing ease to the mind…there are two Angelic Beings – part of your team – are on the shoulders and I can feel the heat still penetrating through into the upper back and as the three of them are working on your energetic body and your physical vessel there is ice cold moving down through just above the upper legs, knees and lower legs. You are also clearing as this is happening. Very beautiful!


They are going to continue doing this, they are asking me to continue on. So I am going to place my hands on the top of your eyes so my hands are cupping your eyes right now. So now there is violet all around you…so now there is a violet orb that is showing up…O.K. so this is your higher self…your higher self can change form but  right now in this session, your higher self is coming up as an orb – a violet orb – quite a large orb hovering above the head and as your higher self has come through, there is discomfort now in the low back, quite uncomfortable…


Jesus has now placed his hand on top of your chest, so at the higher part of your chest just below the collar bone…he has placed his energetic hands and directing Divine Love - he’s saying - into the chest. I am feeling quite a bit of warmth moving into the chest…continuing to feel ice-cold moving out through the lower legs and soles of the feet and your higher self is very large in presence here. I feel the warmth on the back…there is a few twinges in the back that are going on the right shoulder blade area…

What your team is telling me here with these twinges that I am feeling in the low back is that they are moving energy around  that is stuck and they are increasing the size of the attachment so it can be fluid and moving…it seems it is so dense in the lower back that they are not able to add a movement…bringing size to these attachments, increasing it, so your lower back feels about triple the size right now…they are increasing the size so the attachment can be released…so it seems … oh my goodness, there is heat coming into your forehead and there is golden Light that surrounds the entire crown of your head…there is quite a bit of discomfort here in the lower back as it is triple the size…really quite fascinating what is happening and how they are helping you is incredible.

They are asking me to move on…so a lot of heat is coming through my hands into your eyes…they are asking me to move on to the sides of your face…holding the sides of your face…oh, so emotional…so Jesus Christ is so beautiful…he has this brown hair, longer brown hair, I see the beard…his skin is so clear, his skin is white and clear and has a glow to it. He is wearing a white tunic…it is more like a long white robe…I see sandals at the feet…such an incredible presence of deep love and such deep love for you.

The warmth that is moving through your chest right now is incredibly healing and nurturing…deep emotion is coming up, I am trying to hold it together here…it is so immense the love for you that is moving through your entire being here, absolutely beautiful, pristine. And as this is happening, I am feeling twinges in your breast area, below the breast in the breast bone part…I am feeling twinges of discomfort…he is telling me it is all positive and good, it is shifting what needs to be removed and released off of the body.

I am going to place my hands beneath your head, both of my hands are cupping the back of your head and they are asking me to do a clearing here. I am feeling the clearing already from the kneecaps down, ice cold. They are asking me to use my hand held elk drum…drumming and singing for about two minutes…now I am clearing the back of your head.

O.K. so intense pain moving off the back of the neck area…I feel like there’s a vise that has been holding your head up…it is all in connection with the spine and low back … I feel like there’s this metal vise that is holding your neck, your head up…all the way down the spine to the low back. …so releasing here…they are asking me to continue to use my hand movement here, asking me to continue to use a rattle……two minutes…


O.K. I am seeing a…it’s like a metal vise and I am seeing that it is holding up your head … it goes all the way down and then it connects to the tail bone, the spine. So this is now turning to crystalline blue and it’s almost like …I am seeing…there’s so much heat coming down your spine…moving down the spine and that these are metal pieces that are cupping the back of the head…that it’s something that now has unlocked this metal vise, the structure, and almost opening up like a lotus flower.

And so these petals are opening of metal crystalline blue and opening up…they are lowering down and there is many different sensations that are coming through with that opening…feeling very light-headed, communication with the body that we can let go of holding you here…and I don’t know if this will make sense but it feels like some kind of alien device that was placed on you…oh, as I am seeing it, it looks like a spinal structure and it looks like it had …I felt ‘alien’ with it and I don’t why…it doesn’t feel dark…

I’m just saying it was like an ‘alien-like’ structure that they were showing me and that the unlocking that’s just happened now…the back of the head, these beautiful lotus flowers have opened. And now it is just like the head is just finding it’s way again up - being on its own without having to have this structure that was there and as this happens I feel like a huge amount of movement now in your head and your neck, specially the head…I can move the head almost like there’s a new sensation of – oh my gosh, this is what it feels like…so definitely moving the head around right now – the body re-adjusting and the head and the mind that yes, it’s safe to move the head right now as this happened.

A deep ice cold moving from the knees down…down through the lower legs … this clears all through the body. O.K. so there’s more to this here but they are asking me to move on. That was the first piece that needed to be unlocked. This structure that was holding up the head…they are asking me to continue on. So I am going to move on to cupping your ears now. 

 We’ve entered into a space here…so we’ve entered into… O.K. there’s a few colors going on…it looks like…there’s a mixture of color here and I am just trying to use human words to tell you what space we’ve entered into here…so now I am seeing this incredible crystalline deep blue energy form that is coming up here…so this is a higher dimensional Being that’s come through…their form is in a crystalline blue structure, no human body attached here…so they are very high Light…

O.K. so they are opening something through the third eye now…there’s a lot of heat coming into your third eye … they are opening up your third eye and the crown here… so it’s almost like … they are showing me a V that is opening and it is a continual V that is opening up. It starts right at your eyebrows and it is opening up the third eye and the crown of the head…and it continually keep showing me this upside down triangle but it is opening, opening, opening…so this crystalline Being that has come through – I have never seen anything like this, that has come through that is opening this up. As this is happening there is a huge amount of heat in this V that is right now in the third eye and the crown of the head.

There is intense heat…incredible…it feels like the Sun and glowing right now onto the third eye and the crown of the head. I am asking why this is happening and they are saying “healing”. There is no other discussion right now, they are focusing on the work at hand and healing. It continues to move in through the third eye to the crown of the head. O.K. – it feels like you are going to a whole other level here. Oh, my goodness, it feels like you are going to be connecting beyond the realm that you have been connecting with … this is beyond! This is multi-dimensional…we are talking… holy smoke…so this is…you are needed and this is…O.K. this is fascinating to me…

So part of your role, they are showing me, is for you to help the Lightworkers that are helping humanity. Your goal is to help that group and part of you helping that group is going to these next dimensions, these next frequencies so it is higher than who you’ve been talking to. It’s phenomenal what has been going on, but we are talking about a whole other dimension frequency, dimension, they are saying, up and it is quite a few up. So in order for that to happen, and I am asking here for you, is to bring ease to the body…we are talking a huge percentage…it needs for you to be able to do this with feeling 80% improvement in the body, at least.

So now your higher self has come through, this is the violet orb that has come through. So they are asking me to move on, so this has happened, the opening here through the third eye and crown, I am still feeling your two teams of Light at your Angel wings at the back of the body by the shoulder blades there and I still feel Jesus here right below the collar bones…placing both his energetic hands on the chest. I still feel the heat moving in and now I am feeling just ice cold at the lower back. Ice, ice cold. They are asking me to move on so I am going to gently sweep the forehead here and I am placing an eye pillow on top of your eyes to bring you a little bit deeper. I am placing one hand underneath the shoulder and one hand on top and this is the right side.

O.K. so there is a huge amount of energy that has entered the room here that is right by your left shoulder and more around the space of the crown of the head and the left shoulder so there is a very large white and golden Presence that has entered the space here. Oh my goodness, the Light that is radiating off of this Being!... and again, this is interesting because it is not showing a form of a human body. This is energy that I am seeing.

I am trying to formulate it into human words…it’s golden intense Light that is extremely bright and they are showing me images…so I am being shown first an image of clouds so there’s all these clouds, this is all golden clouds, this is a golden universe, they are showing me, not an Earth universe…a golden universe, all golden clouds, they are showing me a golden Sun off in the distance, and there is a halo of gold that is also towards the Sun, so it is an archway that is to the Sun and now they are showing me stairs that go towards the Sun and this is your path, they are showing me.

It is golden clouds that you are walking on, then I see the stairs off in the distance, I see the golden Sun far away and then this beautiful golden archway, there is all these different layers of gold in this golden world that they are showing me here for you. And deep emotion comes up now into the chest…there is such an expansion now into the chest. The shoulders are rolling back and there is these massive wings that have now taken over the shoulders…I am just seeing wings roll down beside you – the wings are massive and large – they are so big that they are onto the clouds next to you.

 And now deep heat comes into the upper legs. So there is a group of you here, they are showing me that it is beyond an Archangel. Definitely warrior, not with swords but a warrior in Presence and in knowledge and they are showing me this path right now – this incredible scene. As this is happening now, there is this heat in the mid low back where there is a huge amount of heat that is going on into your body so much so that they are bringing my body forward. They are wanting the right hip to be exposed. They are moving my head forward because they are wanting your legs and mid to low back exposed here and the golden Light is moving into your mid to low back.

So actually my upper body is moved from a standing position… this golden Light that has come into the room is now doing like an energetic surgery on your low to mid back…so they are using some kind of tool here…they are opening up right around the spinal cord area…they are exposing…I am seeing the skin pulled back, I am seeing everything enlarged, it’s uncomfortable but not anything that anyone can’t handle, just uncomfortable with everything that is going on here.

Your two Team members are holding the shoulders, holding the upper arms, and this Being has come in, to help you here…so they are placing a liquid and a Light …they are telling me, it is like a heavenly Golden crystalline, sparkling Light that is moving in and as this Light is moving in, I am feeling an intense cold in my low to mid back throughout the entire area and it is pulsating energy that is moving in right now to the mid to low back and as this is happening, there is ice-cold that is moving down really specifically in the left forearm and left arm…ice, ice, ice cold is moving down.

Healing the body…there is going to be integration into the body into the next week, (it actually took 3 weeks) that you are going to feel sensations and movements …you may feel like a swelling, to rest when you can, to sleep when you can, it feels like putting on some tiger balm or something like that to an area of the body and you feel the hot and cold at the same time…that’s what is going on throughout your mid to low back and now they bring me up to standing again and slowly sweeping the low to mid back, sealing up to mid lower back feeling like a goose bump energy move into that whole entire area here…they are plaiting Golden plaits all around this area here for it to seal in and it will be integrated in a week into the mid and lower back. 

O.K. Grounding…so imagine an energetic cord like a thick belt around your waist. A beautiful belt wrapped around your waist and around the hips, and you have energy cords from this energetic belt and these energetic cords are going to move through the legs, through the soles of the feet through the multi-layers of Earth…and we are going to enter into Mother Earth’s core, into her sacred womb…and this is a golden liquid pool of healing energy and your energetic cords are going to dip into this golden healing liquid and you are going to stay here and your energetic cords here start to soak up and be saturated with this healing liquid light.

So this is Mother Earth’s Divine Essence…and this golden healing liquid is moving up your energetic cords slowly through the multi-layers of Earth and is now entering up through the soles of the feet and up into the legs all the way up into this energetic belt and the energetic cords continue to move up the spine, all the way up into the crown of the head to every part of the brain and mind…and these energetic cords now wrap around the entire body so you are now surrounded and cocooned in this golden healing liquid. It has moved into your Divine Essence, into every part of who you are, into all of your organs, blood, bones, every part of the physical vessel. You are glowing Golden Light! Taking a few more breaths, feeling this Golden Light surround you, be inside of you…feeling this deep warmth moving into the chest.

Gently sweeping now around the shoulders and across the hands…Jesus still has his hands just below the collarbone, moving my hands onto the belly…O.K. They are asking that you drink a cup of peppermint tea a day or when you feel the need to. You may have some nausea that comes up through this session throughout your week so they are suggesting that the peppermint tea would help. Getting a huge band of heat come through the upper back here. Gently sweeping around the hips here…

Feeling good, there was that energetic surgery that took place from that Golden crystalline Being…that whole area is feeling very swollen and triple the size but this is good…this is positive and very good for it will go back to regular size…right now I am feeling intense heat, I am feeling expansion in that area. I continue to move down into the upper legs, feeling good, knees, moving to the low legs and moving to the feet so I am taking one hand underneath the heel and one hand is on top of the toes here and the top of the foot and holding it for a few breaths.

So the whole space here is now …a huge amount of Angels have entered into this space, shoulder to shoulder Angels, a huge amount of emotion comes up, it’s very beautiful! They are all holding space for you and thanking you for your service in deep gratitude here, very emotional…and you and I are sending gratitude back to all of them. Huge amount of love, such love and you are radiating Golden Light – Marlene, radiating it! Very beautiful! Feeling an expansion in the crown of the head but that is still opening up. And I am literally feeling like there is space opening up right between the eyebrows – feels like opening, opening and there is this line to the crown of the head also opening this entire whole area…deep heat moving into the very core of who you are, so right below the ribs here, a huge amount of heat is moving in – also into the upper legs…and that radiates up into the right side of the ribs here, the right side of the body.

I am now holding both your feet lifted off the table…there is a face that has come through…Babuska…(my Grandmother and my Guide!) It’s this older woman’s face that has come through with a little shawl wrapped around her head…very much older…crinkled smiling eyes…lots of love here that is coming through – this wonderful Grandmother energy has come through with these wonderful crinkled smiling eyes! The pure love for you and she just wanted you to know that she is here with you. Really beautiful!

We continue sweeping, sweeping, sweeping…moving to the top of the head and giving you 10 final sweeps here…using a Koshi chime now over your body to clear the energy…I am using clearing spray and a feather to clear…I am using a Tibetan singing bowl to clear your chakras. May this healing energy you have received fill you with love and Light, surround you with love and Light, guide you in love and Light, and protect you full of love and Light. You are aligned with your best possible Higher Self, your best possible reality, your best possible movement forward on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cellular, ancestral, etheric in all of your chakras. May this energy that you received today help you to release all that you need to let go of, heal you on all levels that you need to be healed and so it is!

So much has happened throughout the session, Marlene! I don’t know even know where to begin! LOL! It was pretty incredible. Really beautiful from what I remember, your two Team members coming in around your back, really beautiful! Jesus coming in…that was incredible of love, high energy, nurturing that’s come through for you. Interesting,  the crystalline blue Light Being that opened up your third eye and crown of the head…

I am still feeling the V like sensation throughout that whole area…I mean, you will be channeling more – there’s going to be another dimension or frequency that’s going to be coming in, so very interesting! And then this Golden Light energy that came through! I am seeing the golden clouds, golden Sun, stairs and Arch…there is a shift happening for you! We will do this again next week…the goal is to get you in your current body to function and have at least 80% less pain so you are able to enjoy your life more in the body you are in, your physical vessel.


 I emailed Sarah after listening to the session and asked why the implant…I was feeling shocked and violated in my sense of being a sovereign and free being…this is so important to me. I have never been able to wear false things…ie. eyelashes, hairpieces, etc. to improve my appearance…I tried that when I was younger and it felt wrong and not natural to do that so I stayed away from things like that…

In my entire life, I never had an immunization…I stayed away from anything that would create a dependency on it…at around age 9, I insisted on the dentist pulling out a molar without freezing my gums…he was mighty afraid and kept warning me but I was determined and looked him straight into the eye…he pulled it out without a squeak from me although tears welled up for an instant... but I digress… and to discover I had been implanted with something so totally alien to me was so disturbing! Sarah answered the next day…


Hello Marlene,

I asked about the alien implant and this is what came through:

"This alien structure started 2 years ago when the inflammation worsened. There is a shifting in this structure that will dissipate over the coming weeks."

I asked why did this happen?

"Marlene is a holder of the Light, a Beacon, a Wise One. This structure was placed as an experiment. There is no good or bad attached to this. This structure is now being dismantled."

I asked can any more explanation be given?

"Not at this time."

I don't know what to make of this, I've never seen this before...there is no fear or any negativity attached to it. The positive is, I believe this dismantling that is taking place will help you immensely with releasing the pain and discomfort in the body. ~ Sarah

Thanking you, Sarah, for rescuing me in this Divine Intervention! It would not have been possible without YOU!



Note from Marlene: I’ve had many bouts of indignation and anger and tears come up in the ensuing weeks…at one point, I said to whomever these beings were who did this to me…(I was suspecting my own Guides did this to me to add yet another obstacle to my path to slow me down just to see what I would do…they really have no idea about what extreme pain can do to a person…they are not IN bodies)… “I am lodging a complaint about your cruel and harsh action to the highest Council in Prime Creators world…you will have to answer for what you did…I do not care if you are 200 feet tall and can squash me like a little bug…playing with human life in this manner is wrong and unfair and totally not appreciated...humanity deserves a chance to experience their physical life without external interference coming out of the blue! I am a proxy for humanity and so I am saying…enough is enough, NO MORE!”

I was thinking about this again yesterday and the words clearly came to me: “We will not squash you, Dear One, you are just too delightful. We like your feistiness!” LOL!



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