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     Removal of First Part of Alien Structure, Opening      of Third Eye, Upgrade to Golden Wings, Receiving                Vertical Staff of Life and Mother Apology  


Important Message to Read


After the first session, I emailed Sarah...this is her reply on April 21st:

"Hello Marlene,

I asked about the alien implant and this is what came through:

"This alien structure started 2 years ago when the inflammation worsened. There is a shifting in this structure that will dissipate over the coming weeks."

I asked why did this happen?

"Marlene is a holder of the Light, a Beacon, a Wise One. This structure was placed as an experiment. There is no good or bad attached to this. This structure is now being dismantled."

I asked can any more explanation be given?

"Not at this time."

I don't know what to make of this, I've never seen this before...there is no fear or any negativity attached to it. The positive is, I believe this dismantling that is taking place will help you immensely with releasing the pain and discomfort in the body."


Distance Healing Session 2

There was several minutes of preparation and prayer by Sarah calling in my Guides and Angels…then…"I am connecting with your Higher Self and Higher Team of Light…I am placing one of my hands on the crown of your head and instantly, I have one of your Team members coming in and placing their energetic hands just at the base of the skull and the other Team member has now come in and placing their energy on the neck.

I actually feel out of breath here…they are going to be working on releasing this alien structure so they are telling me the last session last week was the opening of the lotus flower structure, and they are now releasing it off the body…they are taking it and pulling away this lotus flower that was attached to the base of the head.

The skull is now being pulled away and pulling this structure away…this is what they are working on now. So I actually feel the head moving back…there is curvature in the spine as they are doing this so there is movement in the body and I can feel their energy on the back at the base of your skull and neck. I am also feeling a little bit of heat as well as feeling move into this area of your body. They are asking to stay here for a few breaths…there is also a bit of releasing and clearing taking place.

It radiates out through the base of the skull, down the neck and into the shoulders. There’s this whole wave here that’s happening in that specific area and as this continues, my knees move forward, my head moves back and the curvature of my spine moving back…this continues…I move into a straight body and move back…they are asking me to continue with this motion as this is being released off your back of your head/skull.

As this is happening, there’s Light here in the third eye that is opening up…it looking like a Sun Mandala, like it’s definitely opening up as this is being released. O.K. Now it is ice cold…ice, ice cold…right at the top of the spine here. It definitely feels like it is deeply attached into the body…like it just been merged into the body and so this is going to take a big part of this session as releasing this off of the body.

As there is an opening up in the third eye here, I am seeing orbs! (Chuckling) These beautiful orbs, lots of them opening… and all coming through as this is being released…so O.K. the top part is released, I can feel it off…as soon as it is released all these orbs came in. A shifting, I am feeling a shift - different sensations on the right side of the brain as this is adjusting as this structure has been removed.


O.K. They are asking me to move on as your two Team members are focusing on the top part that is now open and off, they are actually taking it away now around the occipital ridge part…it’s like they are pulling it away but there’s more than just pulling it away because it is so integrated into the body, so it’s like they have to – it’s almost like they have to do a surgery as well. They are taking bits off and then re-healing the skin and the body as it’s taken away…so it’s a series of motions of work that they have to do to take the structure off. It’s not just them ripping it off…no…it’s like slowly a little piece, O.K. now let’s heal that little piece that’s off...it is very intricate work.


The above image of Mother Mary was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.  

They are asking me to move on to the top of your eyes so my hands are cupping your eyes…oh gosh! So beautiful…O.K. so it is Mother Mary who has come in here! Beautiful, loving energies, sooo loving and healing! So she is placing her hands right now on either side of your face. She is cupping your face. She is sending a huge amount of healing….so the healing right now is radiating from the shoulder blades down from your Angel wings down into the body…really specifically because I know she is cupping your face, but the energy that she is moving in right where Angel wings are. I am feeling that at the shoulder blades- there’s discomfort in the lower back…it’s incredible being in her Presence…it’s pure love. So much nurturing that she is giving you!

Oh my goodness! And now that is healing, she is saying. Moving in such deep love – moving from the shoulder blades, the base of the Angel wings is moving now into – so beautiful – into and from that space right through into the body, into the chest. So it is this huge band now of energy, of healing and love that is now moved forward in towards the chest, into the heart, into the heart chakra…she is telling me, because I am feeling it into my arms getting very warm especially the forearms so it is radiating - so the healing and love is radiating into the specific part of you.

So there’s an opening now at the crown of the head – the whole crown of the head is opened … it’s like you have no top of the head – completely wide open and you are connecting to all that is. You are connecting to all that is that has beyond a 5th Dimensional vibration and beyond. Feeling now as this has been opened, the top of the head, feeling as if there is no body, it is pure energy and Marlene, you are absolutely magnificent! Your Light is incredible! So expansive, so bright! You are deeply empathic and completely here to serve and help others.


O.K. Heat continues to move out through my hands into your eyes…I am being asked to move on to the sides of your face…Mother Mary has moved on to your chest and your two Beings of Light are really focusing right now around the back of the neck area…O.K. so they are telling me their goal today is to get down to the base of the spine with the structure – they are going to see how far they can get with removing this off of you. I am feeling deep heat in the chest specifically right in the center of the chest and then it radiates to the left and to the right, almost like there’s a band of healing energy that is moving specifically in to your chest.

O.K. They are asking me to move to the back of the skull here. O.K. They don’t want me to touch the back of the skull…it’s too raw, too sensitive. They are asking me to move on towards the ears so I am cupping both ears here…O.K. So now they are moving my hands back and forth in a swaying motion. There is a clearing taking place so quite a bit of cold is moving down throughout your knees, throughout the lower legs as this clearing takes place. And again, there is a lot of discomfort in the low back so shifting, clearing is taking place.

Now my hands are moving quite a bit quicker here – they are moving almost in a fast tapping/cupping motion over the ears so fast that my hips are now moving side to side. The reason they are asking for this is there is a clearing that is taking place…O.K. so there’s hundreds of strands of energy pouring out through the ears right now…beautiful clearing is taking place ..it is like rivers has been opened up on either ear…and there is hundreds and hundreds of strands releasing – this is very positive – this is clearing for the soul, this is clearing attachments…I am continuing to see a river of energy on both of the ears here.

Moving my hands back and forth in a sweeping motion, as this continues to clear…they are showing me now, a crystal pristine river where you can see the rocks underneath…the colors are so beautiful! Seeing that now, they are telling me this is clearing and just ice-cold. Ice, ice, ice-cold energy moving through the ears. It feels like there is a numbing now…like the low back area and there is ice-cold moving in all around the low back…like a band of ice…asking that we stay here for a few more breaths as this continues to clear and you release. O.K. Crystal clear, pristine river now and there are just incredible blues and greens and Earthly browns that are connected to this river.


They are asking me to move on to the right shoulder so one hand is going to be underneath and one hand will be above. O.K. So we are in a pillar of Light here…we step into a complete pillar of Light…it is very sacred and your entire Being is being touched and transformed in this Pillar of Light. There is a Council that has come through in this Pillar of Light…a Council of Elders, a Council of multi-dimensional Light Beings that have come forward. O.K. so you and I are actually holding hands here…so the Pillar of Light, the Light energy that is moving through your Being … I am holding your hand for support here.

There are millions of Light strands of energy that are pouring through your entire physical vessel, your Being, your Divine Essence. (In awe) Oh, my gosh, it is a ceremony!  It’s a ceremony! Oh, I am very emotional……so I release your hand and step to the side…and this Council – it’s like you are being crowned. And it’s very, very emotional…your Higher Self has come through here as this beautiful violet orb that’s indigo as well…a gigantic orb here…so we are present to this ceremony that is taking place…and it’s so emotional because it’s so filled with Light and there are no human words for the deep love and respect and honor and gratitude for what you are doing, for who you are…and this Council is multi-dimensional Light Beings from many different multi-universes have come here to pay their respect and honor and to crown you…and this crown is not a physical crown…this is like the next step, the next level that you are moving into…


So, you have now wings that have emerged, you always had wings but these are massive golden, golden, deep gold wings that now expand like a football field length. They are just massive wings that have emerged now from your back…you have a cloak around you as well, this is a cloak of protection and this is all part of the ceremony here…so your wings have been upgraded to this golden - such a deep, deep gold, like a liquid gold color.

So your wings have expanded and grown…that is what they are saying here and that this cloak of protection but of wisdom, of knowing, is wrapped around you now. Now you move into connecting with multi-universes, multi-dimensional Beings in different galaxies. So they are all bowing down to you now and in a way it is…I am seeing a crown on your head…there’s no ego attached to this…this is not saying that they are bowing down to you like you are royalty – this is bowing down in gratitude, respect and honor thanking you for your work.

They are saying you are moving into the next level. They have all bowed down and step back here. And you and I are both bowing down towards each other…beautiful! Now I am seeing this incredible cloak on you…I am seeing that there is fur on it but it’s not animal fur…I am seeing the massive Angel wings behind you but also seeing you holding…it is a tall…like a…staff and it has almost like a crown/sphere symbol at the top of it and you are holding that…so that is what the message is that has come through for you. So that is complete.

They are asking me to sweep down your arm here…so I am sweeping down across the arm and the top of the hand…they are asking me to hold on to your hand here…O.K. so Mother energy has come through…lots of tears coming through here…lots of emotions…Mother energy is apologizing here…I am feeling that she had a kind of grudge, I don’t know if you in this lifetime…if she had that? It is not saying that she directed it towards you (Note from Marlene…yes, basically, she did not like me).

She is going through releasing that now … there is an apology that has come forward for you……it’s hard, it’s hard for her to open up here…like she is really kind of closed in here…and you know what? She is working on it. And so this is a big step for her here – her apology to you…and…you place both your hands on your heart and you bow down to your Mom accepting this apology and there is a smile on her face. Hmmm…it’s so beautiful…by doing this, Marlene, you have helped her to continue on her journey and moving through what she needs to move through.


O.K. So I am moving down releasing the hand down on the table…sweeping, gently sweeping the hand, moving down the right leg across the top of the foot…moving across the left leg across the foot and placing one hand underneath and above your left shoulder…O.K. There is something to do with the cloak that has been placed on you now…it’s offering…oh my gosh…I have chills going down my back…the chills go all the way down from the top of the shoulders down to the feet all the way through the body…

This cloak and it continues (I am just shaking here) that was presented to you and offered in ceremony as the next level and is on you now is going to…once the alien structure is off of you, is going to continue to heal the body that was exposed to the alien structure – specifically the spine and the back, they are showing me here…so they are asking me to use the drum here so I am asking you to take several deep breaths as I drum…for several minutes.

Clearing the shoulder…there is waterfall energy that is moving through the shoulder and arm right now, clearing and releasing what needs to be let go of. Very strong powerful waterfall…feeling like it is Lemuria…feeling like you loved at that time…I am seeing tropical plants, I am seeing the waterfall…it’s looking like Hawaii but brighter…brighter colors, vivid colors…I am seeing violets and purples and pinks and flowers…the colors are alive…it’s beautiful! So I am continuing to clear with this waterfall energy that is moving through the left shoulder, arm and gently sweeping from the shoulder down the arm…across the hand, through the hand…I feel ice-cold now moving through the legs as you clear.

O.K. so this attachment now that is at the back of the body…they now released it so the whole back of the head is released and all the back of the neck is released so now they are moving to just below the neck…I am feeling quite a bit of discomfort just at the base of the neck and this discomfort radiates out to the top of the shoulders on the upper back here. They are asking me here to move on to your chest…Mother Mary has shifted on to either side of your face. She is saying that she is going to continue to stay throughout this session offering nurturing and deep love. Mmmm…really beautiful!

Placing my hands right in the center of the chest almost on top of one another…they are asking for space here between the hands…as I move my hands, there’s a deep rose and violet that is moving into the chest now. Ice, ice cold moving down through the legs…like a burning cold. Feeling extremely tired, it’s like beyond bone tired and this is from the alien structure that is being released. I feel it in the bones, I feel it in your bones. This is fascinating…I can feel it all in your bones, I can feel it like in the marrow, I can feel it in the cells, it is this extreme tiredness. It is from being integrated with this alien structure. There is renewal that is coming in.


I am feeling like the body is…like the top of the head is still completely open here…they will close at the end of the session but even in just the head, I am feeling extremely light…like I have this incredible movement in the head, more than before but not quite full mobility yet. It is still being released throughout just below the neck. Definitely the head is feeling extremely light. Very, very, very light. O.K. moving on - clearing the chest, moving now towards the belly. So they are saying here, that juicing is going to be coming back in…fasting…will be back into alignment shortly once this alien structure is completely released.

O.K. They are telling me by the third session that we have, the alien structure will be completely released from your body and that a week after that time, juice fasting will be able to take effect and that will help the healing but also being able to manage being in the body as your body shifts into Light, into a Lighter Being. Moving on to the hip…I am holding the hips here. There is full mobility in the neck now. I can fully rotate the head around. (Some gentle neck stretching methods were given.)

Feeling now a tingling from the occipital ridge, down the back of the neck, to where they released this alien structure. And ice-cold …all in that area is cold, quite an intense cold. Doing more sweeping movements here …holding both feet now…O.K. the alien structure has been released to not quite the mid back…more in the mid upper back… it has been released to that point. The crown of the head will remain open, it is completely protected…because you are going to be connecting to really higher dimensions here. You are already connecting to higher dimensions - but we are talking even higher than that…that you will be connecting to.

O.K. Mother Mary has stepped away from cupping your face here…she is sweeping your brow and then down to the side of your face. She kisses your forehead and is taking her leave. We send her our gratitude and love and she has stepped away now. There are a lot of Angels that are coming around the crown of your head…Your two Team members are placing this white Tibetan cloth from where the alien structure has been released all the way to the base of the skull. So there are multi-layers of this white pure Tibetan cloth that’s going to protect this area while it heals and it’s almost like it is in transition here so showing me that the healing will actually take place once the alien structure is fully off.

Closing and sealing procedure for next 7 minutes. “It was an honor, Marlene, to be part of this session. It was spectacular!” 


  Thank YOU, Sarah, for being my witness and trusted one during the Ceremony. It was not lost on me that you are a High Being who is considered a worthy companion to the Initiate as they approach the Hierophants. Bless you in all that you do to help others and may your gifts ever expand into greater levels of facilitation. ~ Marlene


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