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 There was several minutes of preparation and prayer by Sarah calling in my   Higher Self, Team of Angels and Guides, the Legion of Angels, the Angelic Realms of Angels, Ministry of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Feminine Representatives, Mother Earth, Marlene’s Ancestors, past loved ones, all Beings of the highest vibration of love and Light for the highest good of all, Creator Source, the Divine, Galactic Masters of Light to come through and heal Marlene today, release all that she needs to let go of and give her any information and messages at this time and we thank you!”

O.K. I am placing my hands on the top of your head…so…immediately two Beings step in…part of your team of Light…they are getting right to it, they are immediately on the middle of your spine here. They are going to continue to release this alien structure that is attached to you. So it is a process, they are indicating to me they are going to continue, they are going to remove this and this will take this entire session. It’s a process…they gently pull it away and then it is healing the cells and the skin, and the spine…it’s not as though they can just pull it away, they are showing me that is intricate work actually. And the way they are doing this…it’s almost with the speed of Light here…to work at this kind of speed to release the alien structure and to also make sure that the body is in perfect order as the alien structure is released off of the body.

So right away they are…I can see the intricate work that they are doing…they are taking it and separating it and then they …it’s almost like there are pulsations and energy moving out of their fingers, you could say…I don’t see fingers…it is more like an energy source like I see energy coming from their Being…it actually goes into the cells, into the molecules and healing that part and then able to move on to the next section…like little tiny sections they are working on. So they are going to continue to do that.



My hands are on the crown of the head and I am surrounded here by this really magenta pink coming in here…I am getting Archangel Metatron has come in … a really magenta pink has come in…a large Orb. Now, a really, really huge amount of warmth is entering your chest as he arrives. I am feeling the need to cough, I am feeling the clearing that is taking place through you coming out of me…his Presence is very, very large…an incredible Presence of Light, of healing, of power (not ego power) it is Divine power, it is magnificent. He is hovering here right a few inches from the chest and I don’t know if you can feel this, it is a pulsating heat. (More coughing…)

I am being told by your two Team members that they are in a space in the spine that also has to do with the clearing of your lungs. That is why there is coughing going on through me, is that the cells, the atoms and the molecules that are being healed at this point that are part of the spine are actually radiating out through the healing, also into the lungs. Clearing energy also in the lungs. So right now there is an energy pushing your shoulders back…the elbows are by the waist…and they are pushing elbows back, the elbows move back just to the back of the hip bone.

There is this movement that is coming in here towards the chest and the heart…this is Lord Metatron who is doing this…there is pink magenta moving in towards the chest…there is a deep opening here into the heart…this is having to do with an upgrade, they are telling me…a massive upgrade into the chest, into the heart…there’s motion that is happening…there’s heat moving into the shoulders through this motion that is happening and through this heat there is also a releasing…it feels like you had two clamps on top of your shoulders…and it almost feels like the muscles have seized up in this area.



So this motion that is happening right now is releasing these pent up muscles, this contraction that has taken place there. This heat through my body and then this energy that is being sent to you is quite uncomfortable and there is discomfort as this is taking place and continuing to do this – shrugging the shoulders up and down, up and down…as this is continuing, I have to stop because there is a piercing, throbbing pain on the left side of the frontal lobe of the brain that is also taking place…They are saying this is all in relation…a few more minutes…(Sarah to Guides: I don’t know if I can take a few more minutes...it is quite a discomfort here in the shoulders). Bringing ease here…O.K.

There is a tapping energy that is moving into the shoulders now…the heat radiates down from this tapping…really quite an intense heat…it’s like someone rubbed a muscle vigorously and then you get the heat from that…that is what is specifically happening on the left shoulder…it’s a little bit on the right at the very top of the shoulder…it’s between the neck and the shoulder at the base of the neck. It is really the left here and he is instructing me here to continue to tap at the top of the shoulders.

O.K. This has to do with the weight of the cloak…that was presented to you in the last session…the weight of this cloak is bringing ease also to the shoulders and through this tapping motion that is happening at the shoulders, there is a circular rotation that is happening as I am tapping and this tapping, circular rotation is going on, it’s a circle of energy has opened up at the top of the shoulders. I am seeing two portals now of Light that are being opened.

And now I am using my index finger, my pointer finger on both hands to open up this portal…it is in a circular rotation and motion, so there’s two balls of white Light that are circulating on top of your shoulders right now. They are asking me to move a little bit quicker and faster now in this motion with my two fingers.

So my hands now are pulsating at the top of your shoulders…there is a huge amount of green electric Light that is moving in this portal that is coming out of my palms right now…and this is a pulsating electric, electrifying green energy and I am seeing almost like electricity in this pulsating energy…it is coming out of my palms but it’s not coming from me…this has to do with this portal that is being opened and bringing the energy into you…that is what’s happening. This is part of your upgrade.

So now my fingers are moving back and forth, my hands are moving up and down and again this is bringing energy force into your body…continuing to move into this new upgrade. As this is taking place and my hands are moving back and forth…it’s almost like my fingers are playing the piano…they are moving that quickly. There is a deep cold clearing that is taking place at the same time, coming out of the knees, through the legs, through the soles of the feet - so quite a bit happening all at once here. You have your two Team members continuing to work in the middle of the spine…they got a little bit lower…



Lord Metatron is here in a magenta, deep magenta, bright massive Orb that’s hovering right above the chest and his energy is the Light of more of the healing magenta color that is moving into your chest for the upgrade…and at the same time at the top of the shoulders there’s two portals of…it was beginning with white portals of Light, circular Light and now there’s green electrifying energies that is moving in…at the same time I still can see the two white portals of Light but it’s inside this green electrifying green Light that have moved in and it’s upgrading your body at this time.

Now, I am gently patting the shoulders…this motion they are telling me here is bringing and keeping the energy into the body …so intense heat coming into your shoulders…I feel like there has been muscle adjustment and releasing in the muscle contraction and tightness of the muscles in the shoulders that literally feels like a hot roller has been moved over the shoulders…all the muscles around the shoulders and even down the upper arms into your body. Definitely feeling jelly-like…continuing to sweep here on the shoulders.

They are asking me to move on now so I am cupping your eyes and they are cupping your eyes…O.K. So there is another Being who has come in here…O.K. There is an ancestor who has come through the soles of your feet…your whole body is lit up with golden energy as this surgery is taking place in the removal of this alien structure from the spine…I am getting electrified chills moving down the legs right now…this is an energy that is moving right through you…it is quite intense.


I am asking about this ancestor that has shown up through the soles of your feet…O.K…not this lifetime, past lifetime – yes. Atlantis – yes. Husband – yes. Twin Flame – yes. O.K. He is part of you…he has had other lives with you, he’s here at the soles of your feet…as soon as he entered, emotion came up…deep emotion of just longing to be together, of this beautiful love and respect for each other, has come in, and he is taking it to a whole other level here so my hands are pulsating with the energy that is in this room specifically that focus on your body right now – this healing that is taking place.

It is hard for me to contain the tears because there is such deep emotion of love here…there’s such a partnership that has come through. It is beautiful to witness... O.K. So my hands continue to pulsate, hovering above the eyes. He is here at the base of your feet …sigh…I’m just going to…is he Hilarion? He feels like Master Hilarion was your partner…



My hands are vigorously moving back and forth above your eyes here so it is this Divine Opening now that has come through … it is like the skies have opened and there is this blue/white Light (I am being told not to be afraid)…I am trying not to get too emotional here because the amount of energy is quite intense. So much love and the Divine…I haven’t experienced anything like this! So this is the healing that is taking place…that is needed for you right now. So the skies have basically opened above your body and this portal of blue and white Light…it’s like there’s was clouds and the Sun is shining right through.

The Sun is shining directly on you – this Golden Light. O.K. So it’s eased a bit! (Laugh! It was really intense.) So my hands are continuing to vigorously shake above the eyes…it is needed at this time as the energy is going through your body. O.K. My hands have stopped here and I am taking hold of either side of your face and the tingling energy and my hands are about double the size right now holding your face. It is Hilarion’s hands that have come in and are holding the sides of your face here. They feel like quite large hands. Tingling energy that is coming out of the hands that is holding the side of your face.

There is a lifting of your soul here…it feels like the soul of your Being has come out of your physical vessel…you are complete Light and we are being taken out of here. So we are going on a journey … they are taking us here…I am going to hold on to your right hand … so we are being teleported to another place for healing. Your Divine Essence…I am holding on to your hand…Hilarion is taking us to a Temple of Healing…a Temple of Light. Atlantis had this Temple of Light. It had to do also with crystals and how they had crystals in the room and the Temples and they would focus on the crystal …like these were Great, Great crystals…VERY POWERFUL crystals.


And these crystals … and again, emotion comes up as your Divine Essence is laid down on the ground and on the Earth. You look like, to me, that your body is laying down and it looks like you are dead. The body lays there lifeless so they are in front and they are going to rejuvenate the body here…so you are laying in front of the crystal in a lifeless body…I am an observer, I am at the side…and Hilarion is on his knees in front of this Great crystal in this Temple of Light.

So there is an electric…an electrical lightning energy that has now been activated that is around the three of you…it is around the crystal, it’s around Hilarion and it is starting also to move into this lifeless body you have so it is all electric Light …there are rays of Light …looks like there are arcs of White Light that are also moving through this Temple as this is occurring. A lot of emotion is coming up …a lot of…this is not to do with you…they are telling me it is because the energy is so potent and powerful. I didn’t know that this kind of energy existed at this level and it does.

The energy that is within this crystal would generate cities and the rays that are coming in circular arcs that are coming with this lightning electric energy, it is like when someone's heart has stopped and they place paddles on the heart and you arch the body back and this electric lightning energy is moving through your body as it is getting zapped.


There are so many things happening at once as the energy goes through you…I see your body being zapped by the lightning energy and then you lay down and I am seeing these arcs of Light … they are continually flowing in this Temple, flowing through as this energy flows…almost like the crystal has been activated, turned on and now you are laying there and they are going to do it again.  They are going to zap you so take a long deep breath in… long deep breath out. You have just been electrified here with this energy.

  There is color coming into your body so Hilarion is placing his head down and placing his hands on the floor of the Temple and there are words he is saying here, it is the language of Light that he is speaking, he’s saying…I am not able to interpret his words but there is an affirmation in the language of Light that he is saying. I am just going to say…I don’t know what this means but … (Sarah speaking in language of Light) …… he has stopped now. He is carrying the body…there is color (life) in the body. Your body is still sleeping. It is like everything is filling out in the body now, naturally, on how it is supposed to.

There is life again in the body…(Sarah laughing)…what they are showing me and how I relate to this is that, I don’t know if you have ever seen Twilight… this is out there, but when Bella gives birth to her baby and gets transformed into a vampire…so she is completely depleted…her body is broken. And then as this vampire liquid or whatever they call it flows into the body, her body reforms itself and goes back to being even more magnificent than it was and this is what they are showing me … joined as crystalline Light - this electric energy that’s moved in, gone into the body, electrified you, revamped the body, and also, Hilarion’s language of Light that he has said, and all the arcs of continual rays of Light in this Temple have moved in.  

So now he is holding you with both of the hands, lifting the body all the way up and that is what they are showing me…that there has been a transformation of Light, of healing into the body. So we are going to leave now this Temple, we are going to leave Atlantis here…and we are going to be transported back into this room, into this healing room. O.K. So there are several things that he is saying here that had to occur…the portals that were opened at the shoulders to allow this to take place, Lord Metatron, with the healing that took place in the heart and this continual removal of this alien structure … all of this is connected into your body being rejuvenated. So Hilarion has now placed you back on the massage table.

He is at the soles of your feet. There is deep, deep ice-cold moving down from the knees below the legs. Your body is feeling complete Light so you are Light right now. Oh my goodness, you are completely lit up with Golden Light! There has been a shift here in the removal of the alien structure…it is not completely removed yet but we are getting close. There is a huge amount of ice-cold and tingling energy that is now moving down, all in the upper back. There is definitely movement and mobility that is accessible now in the upper back.

And the whole head, the neck, the upper back, the arms that feel incredibly mobile. O.K. So Hilarion is going to stay here at the soles of your feet. They are asking me to move on right away to the shoulders so I am going to gently sweep the forehead…I am placing an eye pillow on top of your eyes bringing you in a bit deeper in the session…I am moving on to your top right shoulder, taking hold underneath the shoulder and on top. They are asking me to use a rattle at this time…for several minutes… sweeping the shoulder here.


There is another portal that has opened up here at the shoulder…there is a cord that I saw that connected to the Earth and that cord is released right now. They are wanting us to go on another journey here…O.K. so going to another planet here…this is not Earth. This is a planet that looks like Earth, it’s very, very tropical. They are telling me here that this is a planet…it’s like Avatar and it’s really, really tropical here and everything is connected. It’s like Earth but it’s on a whole other level.

I am seeing you are an observer, you have come as an observer and you came with other members of your Team of Light to observe this planet, species and gain knowledge. I am seeing really beautiful cliffs, I am seeing jungle at the base of these cliffs, I am seeing that the plants are alive in such a way that is not seen here on Earth. Their colors are electric, everything is amped up in energy and life. And these species, they look like they are…I am not seeing any animals at this time although there are animals on this planet…what I am being shown is that they are looking like Avatar…I am seeing their blue skin, I am seeing hardly any clothing on the body at all.

I am seeing rituals and this is not sacrifices…no…this is ritual. This is rituals into the Earth, this is rituals for the plants, this is a deep awareness of, and again so much emotion comes up…deep awareness and respect and honor for all life and you are observing this with your Team of Light, for there is another upgrade occurring within you and this upgrade is knowledge and I am crying at this moment because that is how it is releasing through you, through me. It is like you are getting a download of information right now and this will be coming through your channeling and is really beautiful.

So my one hand is moving in a fanning motion and this is occurring while you are being downloaded…like I am seeing your eyes closed and they are flickering right now as you are observing these species that are on this planet. Continue to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth as this is gently downloaded. They are also showing me that in the core of this planet, there are also other people living within the core of this planet. I am seeing that they are living underground … I was just shown a little home in the center of this planet that is in the walls of dirt of the earth and the reason I am being shown this is because every part of this planet … the planet is living but it is not only life on the top of the planet but is also inside of the planet.

O.K. So more knowledge is coming into you and this will open up to you over time for the knowledge that is coming through in the channelings that have activated now and been opened. It is not my purpose to at this moment that is being downloaded into you- my purpose is channeling what is happening to you. Not the channeling that is going to be going through you to help others. O.K. So this is coming to a close here…so they are saying that we are taking a step back here from this scene and we are going to go back into the body here.


We are in and Teams of Light are here with you…so you have 3 other members that are here, it is quite a busy room right now, Team members that are now continuing to work…they are now on the lower back part of the spine here, they have gone below the mid back. I see two taller Team Members on your left side…one right next to me on the right and you have Hilarion on the soles of the feet here and Lord Metatron’s magenta Orb is still hovering here.

The two Team Members, one of them has come up onto your left here…and the one next to me has moved onto your right hip so they are focusing right now on your hips. There is some kind of degeneration, there’s some kind of bone loss. Looks like a crumbling of the bone or something to that effect. No fear…there is none of that involved, but they are just going to be focusing on their Light and their intention of healing into the hips here…

O.K. So I am going to sweep from the shoulder down your arm here…they are asking me to continue all the way down…left leg, down the other leg, and I am now onto your left shoulder. The other Team Member that has now come around and there’s 3 of them helping this release of the alien structure that is on the spine…so we are coming to the end of it here, the releasing - so they are right now right above the tailbone here. I am feeling a bit of discomfort at the right hip as your 2 Team Members are focusing on their healing intention. It is almost like there is bits of bone being pieced together and put back together and there is a Divine white glue that is being applied over the bone, kind of fragmented back together. There is definite discomfort radiating from the right hip and it kind of goes up the waist a bit and it is also radiating around the lower back.

At the same time, you have huge amounts of cold, cold, cold energy moving down through the tops of the legs right now. They are asking me to hold space at the shoulders for a few breaths. I am taking hold of the top of your left shoulder and taking your left hand…they are now releasing the final part of the alien structure right now. (Sarah crying) … it’s been a long time coming for you… O.K. It is off, it’s released…off! So they are placing this alien structure…it looks like a whole spinal structure, bone…definitely an alien structure, a metal … it looks like a spine, a bone spine structure but it is this metal alien structure and then I see this lotus flower that was holding the top of the head but that has opened up.

So this is all being laid down on the earth here. They are focusing right now on the base of your spine, on the spine of your back now that the alien structure is off and integrating this healing in. It is complete with your spine now. The alien structure is off, as I’ve said before and the spine is healing now.

(Note from Marlene…it took 3 weeks for me to start feeling it on Earth reality levelthe excruciating pain in my neck is gone...my eyes flood with tears of gratitude each time I think of it...my spine feels raw and it itches. It is going to take time for my body to heal from the effects of this crucifixion alien structure. When I googled what crucifixion actually does to the body, I see that ‘but for the grace of God go I’ for I had some of that happening to me in the lungs and chest.) Thank you, God! Thank you, Family of Light! Thank you, Hilarion! Thank you, Sarah!) I found the answers and explanations to what is happening to me by googling 'Ascension Glossary'. Note to self: Make a gratitude donation to: www.energeticsynthesis.com

They are wrapping your entire spine in this Tibetan white cloth and they show this to me because it is pure, it is Divine and it is being wrapped in multiple layers all the way down the spine. The healing of the spine will continue to integrate into the body throughout this entire month of May. So take lots of rest. They are saying there is a few things that have happened. First is the recalibration, they are saying. That Light from the Temple of Light in Atlantis and the great crystal…that reset the body and brought in this powerful energy. As this is going through the body, you are going to be feeling more tired so they are saying sleep, really, really sleep.

The fasting will once again start working for you as this new and higher energy comes in…it is a whole other level that is going to take place and channelings that are going to take effect here. Increase in water… a little himalayan salt and a slice of lime…3 glasses a day sipping slowly, this will help with the cleansing process.  
 They have put a cast over the right hip to protect the bones and the repair work that has been done…moving across the body, Hilarion has stepped aside here…taking the bottoms of the feet, lifting the feet off the table…sigh…you are so …everyone in this room here …you are so surrounded with love and guidance and they all bow down to you …a lot of emotion comes up and deep gratitude for you, Marlene…really, really beautiful!

(Sarah taking a deep breath) O.K. So the 3 Team members have stepped away and taken this alien structure…they bow deeply down to you and they have stepped away. They are now removed from this room. The two Team members by the hip have stepped away, bowed down to you and have removed themselves from this room. Lord Metatron has gone all the way up…he is released, he is out of this room. Hilarion is not leaving so he is going to stay by your side here.

Sarah performing closing, sealing and blessing of the session for about 7 minutes. Session ended.

Sarah: “This was unlike any other session I have ever had…I have never had a session like this, Marlene, before, where I have been transported with the client to another space…this was really, really transformational!” 



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   “The majority of initiatory ordeals more or less clearly imply a ritual death followed by resurrection or a new birth. The central moment of every initiation is represented by the ceremony symbolizing the death of the novice and his return to the fellowship of the living. But he returns to life a new man, birth to a higher mode of being, assuming another mode of being. Initiatory death signifies the end at once of childhood, ignorance, and the profane condition.”

 ― Mircea Eliade, Rites and Symbols of Initiation: The Mysteries of Birth and Rebirth
Through this healing experience with Sarah Smith as Seer, Healer and Facilitator, I believe I achieved 4th and 5th Initiation...crucifixion, death, resurrection and rebirth. Just months ago, I looked at the requirements to pass these initiations and I did not think or see how I could accomplish them, but here I am, looking at this through hindsight! I AM IN AWE!  I understand that this will unfold more fully over time but I will not waste this Divine opportunity.
Are there others out there who are also experiencing this/doing this and reclaiming their God sovereign right to live free as a Divine Human here on Earth? If so, the second coming is taking place! It is a miracle in action now! The Age of Miracles is upon us! The words below have been spoken to me many times for me to take note of so I am taking on this armour of God as my truth from this moment forward. 


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