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 Selenite Towers image©Marlene Swetlishoff

Published February 28,, 2023 on www.therainbowscribe.com. Copyright Written by ©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the Messenger, Author, Ascended Master and originator of this content. This content is for your personal use only! Permission is not given for redistribution of this content in any way, shape, or form!

 This shining luminous clear white crystal aligns all the chakras of the human body including the higher chakras above the crown chakra. It is aligned to the water and starlight (spiritual) elements. Musical notes C, E, and B sharp.

 The Message:


Channelled Image of the Illuminated Selenite Deva by ©JanineRoseKeall.com. All rights reserved. 

Greetings from the white selenite crystal consciousness! We come forward to inform humanity that we are becoming known as the most indispensable crystal that anyone could own and use in their daily life. We, the selenite crystal stone automatically and quickly cleanse any negative energy and dissolve any energy blockages within the etheric body which interpenetrates the physical body. We bring Light from the higher realms and easily interface with the material realms. We are the 'go to' crystal for so many activities because we never need cleansing due to the high vibration we hold.

We come in many shapes and sizes. We come in 'towers', palm stones, wands, pendants and even small selenite bowls that are carved to hold jewelry items or one's sacred items. We can clear and keep all such items cleansed and purified of lower vibrations.  We offer instant cleansing. We also magnify and hold all the positive energies of the items that one desires to keep protected and purified such as gold, silver and natural gemstones.

Holding our crystalline stone in one's hands quickly sends purifying energy to all the energy meridians of the human body system and helps to create the openings necessary to the higher more spiritual chakras. When opened, these areas bring in the energies of the Divine Self and a strong connection is made when this occurs. Placing selenite crystals around one's sleeping area around the head helps to keep one's auric field from being invaded by lower vibrations and energies when one's body is asleep. This practice in itself makes us invaluable during these times!

Our crystalline being has a glow to it, a beautiful luminosity - and this helps to impart the same qualities to any human person who holds or wears our stone.  In whatever shape we come in, we bring healing, cleansing and purification to each individual and their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral and etheric bodies to create transformation at all levels of their being. Our powerful vibratory frequency helps to open the crown and soul star chakras and beyond. This brings clarity of mind to the individual as any disharmonious energy is cleansed from the system.

We are often overlooked by those who work with crystals, perhaps because we are easily obtained and therefore do not hold the value to them as other more costly crystalline stones. But we bring qualities that create only positive results to the individuals who work with our stone. We impart the quality of grace from the realms of grace to everyone who works with us and bring blessing and healing to all levels of one's being. When an individual is experiencing anxiety or worry, all they have to do is hold one of our stones or wand and sit quietly until equilibrium and balance is restored.

Any energy that one does not wish to hold within their personal auric field can be cleansed and balanced by working with us. We work quickly and directly creating healing and restoration of one's more positive outlook. We help open one's inner self to the higher spiritual aspects of their being and bring the cleansing energies wherever it is required. We can quickly connect an individual with the higher realms. We magnify and empower the intentions one creates for living a better quality of life by elevating the frequency level of one's being. We act as a bridge to bring the higher spiritual perspective to the material plane. We are highly beneficial and empowering to everyone who utilizes our being.

Many people use our wands and put them into the corners of each room in their home as we help to keep away unwanted entities that might otherwise enter. We impart an energy field that dispels all discordant energies. We are a 'must have' crystal and each individual will notice a great improvement in their auric field and all levels of their being by working with us. As the vibration of this ascending planet keeps rising and moving into more illumined and refined dimensions, more people will begin to utilize us in  their ongoing spiritual growth.

We are very grateful to have this opportunity to come forward with our truth regarding how we might serve humanity.  

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

Published February 28,, 2023 on www.therainbowscribe.com. Copyright Written by ©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the Messenger, Author, Ascended Master and originator of this content. This content is for your personal use only! Permission is not given for redistribution of this content in any way, shape, or form!






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