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 A soft Earth brown and dark brown color mixture, black crystalline within. Associated with the three lower chakras, (root, sacral and solar plexus chakra) and the Earth and fire element. Aligns with musical notes C, D and E.



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We, the Septarian Crystal Consciousness originate from the planet Lyra. In prehistoric times, we were brought to the planet Earth in order to help humanity remember their true origin as children of the Stars. Those who work with us know that we bring peaceful, harmonious and calming energies to assist in opening them to higher dimensional thoughts and ideas. We bring transformation on the deepest of levels and open new ways of perceiving that facilitate the expansion of an individual’s psychic abilities.

We can be of tremendous assistance to the one who holds us in their hands as we help to align and balance their energy field and add our protective energy to their field. We embody a powerful combination of crystalline essence which helps an individual to stay in optimum health and well being. We assist in the areas of communication so that an individual is readily understood by others. We are also helpful in establishing a deeper connection with the Earth and thus assist in grounding the individual so that they stay in balance and harmony in alignment with the Earth.

We possess the inherent ability to add greater intensity and magnification to one’s thoughts, thereby adding the element of magic to their manifestation practices and techniques. We increase the powerful effects of shamanic drumming circles or meditative chanting. We enhance and assist with oratory skills and abilities and impart the foreknowledge that is necessary for an individual to be prepared for any events or changes that are about to occur.

 We help one to endure and go the distance as they practice honing their life skills with patience, tolerance and persistence. We can deflect undue attention away from the holder of our crystalline stone, somewhat as if a cloak of invisibility surrounds them and this will ensure their safety and keep them free from undue interference in their personal life and activities when this is a desired outcome of the holder.

Because of our combined crystalline essence, we can work well in conjunction with other crystals that aid in communication and public speaking, psychic abilities, and healing abilities, especially the skeletal structure to improve flexibility. We give our holder a sense of assurance and impart strength and an enlightened enhancement of the recognition of their own truth.

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