SERAPIS BEY - DECEMBER 2018

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My Greetings to all Lightworkers,

 I come on the wings of love to speak to you in regards to the ascension energies that are becoming more intensified within each of you at this time. These energies have been creating much turmoil that has sometimes been reflected in the outer circumstances of your world. Know that this is the deep cleansing that is required within each of you, in order that you be prepared to fully embody your Christed Self and to fully integrate it within your five body system. This was and is an ongoing process for each of you.

 We ask that you not hold yourselves or others in judgment during this process, as this time is such that it requires everyone to release and then to unify into one in a way that desires the highest good for all. Although it may not be apparent to you at this time, in hindsight, you will understand the purpose of all that you are now experiencing and it will become clear to you. Many such dramas will continue to take place within each human being upon this Earth in the coming days. You are the harbingers of this process and so you have been experiencing this process before the rest of the world. All that is occurring now has a higher purpose and that higher purpose is being served.

 On the ascension path, it is required for each Initiate to undergo many trials and testing in order to prepare each of you for greater integrity in your service to the Light and the task which you have chosen to fulfill in these moments of bringing forth the higher vision for the Divine Plan for the Earth and all her inhabitants. You are fulfilling this Plan in your moments of now and the highest good of all is being served. Remember this when you are in the midst of the dramas that come forth from you and from those around you and indeed, the world that you live upon. We understand that it can be somewhat confusing to you.

 Some of your thoughts, words and actions, seemingly come from another being rather than your outer self and indeed, it is so, for it is an aspect, fragment or soul extension of your unified Self that is being addressed and worked upon, to heal, release and then unify within your totally Integrated Self. This is most important and this process is proceeding now. Many of you are experiencing the surfacing of images, words and thoughts that belong to someone else…know this is yet another layer of cleansing that is occurring. Somewhere along your path in your interactions with these people you held on to these in sympathy and empathy for what they were going through. This is an opportunity for the release of these, for they are not yours.

 We of the Higher realms are ever at your side, working to facilitate these processes with as much grace, ease and understanding that it is possible for you to assimilate and comprehend. All of the threads of each of your lives are coming together now. Know this and rejoice, for that means you are ever so much closer to the end result. You are loved beyond measure and never walk alone.

I AM Serapis Bey

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