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Note: From Marlene. I am delighted to share the following Intuitive Reading that I commissioned through Jocelyn Joy Thomas. Clearly Hilarion & Metatron wanted me to share it on my website for those who come here! Check out her new book by clicking here.

A Three-Question Reading For Marlene Swetlishoff 

By Jocelyn Joy Thomas March 16, 2023 

"Calling in the Guides I am calling in the archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Raphael, and Chamuel. As they come in they create a circle of love and protection for this reading to occur within." 

Questions & Answers 

Hello! Before I start with the questions, I just wanted to say I read through the notes for some of our past readings, and wow have we covered a lot of interesting ground! Thank you for always bringing me such fascinating topics. It is a welcome change and a lot of it has helped my mind open in ways it never would have otherwise. I love connecting with the guides you like to work with too like St Germain and Hilarion, I so rarely get to work with Hilarion. Let’s begin! 

Q. Does Hilarion work with the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation of Light?


Answer- Connecting to Hilarion now… “Greetings and yes I do work with the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation of Light. This is some ways a modern-day Temple of Light. This is a collection of beings that have agreed to help bring light into the world, and beyond. Not only in these times but to carry on for generations. Much of the work that is being done today is foundational. Although it might feel as if it has been happening for some time when you consider the full effect of its impact (over the next several generations). We are only still forming the foundational stages of this movement. Many beings have contributed to the Federation of Light or will. Those in the body and those of a light body. Those in the body now and who will be in light bodies and work with this in the future. (You, perhaps.) 

The world is ready for a new way of being as you know. It is ready in a way it has not been since ancient times. But first, there must be a clearing and shifting of the ways that have been. I won’t really call them old, as in reality, the ancient ways were often more enlightened, but we can say the way they have been. The polarized thinking, adherence to darkness, to power, and to a more patriarchal structure in general. The light shines on these things and shows them as they truly are, hollow. 

I wish for all beings to come to this realization. So that there can be more light in the world, and the release of dense and harmful energies. Many beings who are not ready for this shift have been exiting, during the pandemic, you saw great numbers exit due to this. Their departure allows for the beings who wish to hold the light to come in. Or those who were not ready to come back with new training. You have been holding the light all of your life, and you are among the lightworkers who chose to come in during these times to do just that. It is with people like yourselves that we guides work with daily to help in this process. It is not an effort on our side alone, or on yours, it is only done together.

Q. What was the purpose and function of the Temple of Truth when it was established? 

Answer- “To bring light, or truth to everyone. To bring it down from the heavens in a form that could be interpreted and useful in life. The goal of physical reality has always been to merge it with the other side of the veil. In more ancient cultures this was established, in Lemuria, Atlantis, to some extent Egypt, and other cultures. Yet, there was a toppling of truth, as reliance on darker agents came to be more normalized. The world went into, as you know, a period of disconnection. Only now is it coming out of it. 

The function of the Temple of Truth is to bring the world, or consciousness back to its innate state of wisdom. To find balance between the worlds. To honor that balance and to learn how to live and thrive within it. There does not have to be one world and another, there can be a connection even while in a body. In the physical form when one only believes in that one reality there is great limitation. What you want, need, and how you go about life can feel very difficult as such. 

There are many beings who lived during the times of the Temple of Truth who are back now at work on it. By this I mean beings incarnated and beings on the other side of the veil. With the focus on bringing back truth, to bring back light to the collective consciousness. For now, as it stands you do not fully remember truth until you have returned to the other side of the veil. This is not how it is meant to be, there is meant to be cohesion between both worlds. Not a stark contrast. Not one and then the other. In the times of the Temple of Truth, there were many souls who helped create that space on earth, in heaven, making it so that there was a bridge. It took many souls then and it will take many souls, it is not an easy thing, but it is not a thing that is impossible. 

At least, not now that you are in the shift. So the purpose and function of the Temple of Truth is the same now as it was when it was established, to share light, to send it, and immerse in it. To uplift and allow for all that come to it to be bathed in its sweetness. Finding the joy and peace that is available in the light no matter where you may find yourself, no matter what circumstances you may be living through. The light is the truth and the temple is the space the light is held. People are the vessels, we are all in union.

 Q. Do I have a role to play in bringing back the Temple of Truth?

 Answer- “Yes, you very much do. There are two ways you can do this. One you have already done and that is to be a lightworker, to step into the role and share it with the world. The second is to speak specifically about truth, to teach what it means, and to explain it in ways that you feel motivated and led to do. Different methods, examples, and exercises will be shared through you from your guides. (Such as myself). I have said truth is light, but let’s focus just on truth in and of itself to better understand. 

When we had the temple, it held the space for the truth, it was a gathering place, a portal you might say, for truth. Truth is unequivocal, it does not need any explanations, it is the embodiment of all there is. To put it very simply, truth is. To expand, truth is all there is. With truth, you have movement, light, freedom, there is room for creativity and joy. There is peace and harmony, acceptance and love. People are motivated to be better versions of themselves. To let go of hardships, release suffering, make choices that are uplifting, and live in alignment with their higher consciousness. 

When truth is denied or suppressed there is little room to move or grow. There is great limitation. The current system enjoys holding back truth, ignoring it. This allows for a few to hold more power over many others. This is intoxicating and irresistible to those who hold the power. Yet it is a short-lived experience. One which comes at great cost to all. The lessons learned from this system are many, forgiveness, appreciation for harmony and peace, tolerance, fairness, equality, and so much healing. 

Your role as a lightworker or one might say a lightkeeper, or lightholder is to remind others that these lessons are now finishing up. They have been focused on for centuries and it is time to complete them. Individually and collectively. This is no easy task, which is why you are needed, and all of your sisters and brothers who have come along with you. Including those of us on this side of the veil. Your roles are through writing, channeling, and teaching. Your heart is good and dedicated to this task. We (your guides) will hand down more information to you to continue this work. We also want you to apply it to your life personally. 

Take time for rest, beloved one, be free, be at peace. You have done much work; you have shared much already. You will continue to, but we ask that you teach so others can do so as well. The Temple of Truth stood for a very long time, and yet it has been gone from humankind for a very long time now. It is time for its re-emergence. People are ready at long last. Yours is one of the voices, through word and speech, who ushers in the truth. Bringing the souls upon earth to a place of peace and comfort once more. The light guides you sister, the light holds you, as it does you all."

Hilarion pulls back his energy. I have to add I keep feeling Metatron popping up, so let’s just ask him what he might want to say. He is one of the guides I called to create a circle of love and protection at the start but they don’t normally pop up like this. He seems quite persistent… 

“Greetings, I do in fact have something I would like to add. It has to do with the shift. Hilarion and the Temple of Truth, as well as other guides/teachers, ascended masters and angels are all helping with bringing this shift into the collective. How the shift feels or how it can be described to the collective is awakening. Coming to a place of wisdom, over time, through a series of lessons, insights, internal energetic shifts, and changes, choices are made as one follows the nudges that one is given from higher consciousness. 

As many of you are going through this, you may feel out of sorts. You will have a lot of lessons to learn and to sort through. Truth helps stabilize this. Light helps one find a way out of the dark. The world may seem as if it is in chaos, and for some it very much is, but so too is it a place of peace and wonder. Of harmony and light. The light heals, and the truth brings the light. The shift stirs things so that what needs to heal can now be seen by the light of day, and healed as such. The truth revealed. The truth must be known, no matter how ugly, or how long it has been hidden. 

The shift is like a churning of the system of the world, and it is not a comfortable time to live in. Life never was comfortable, but these times, in particular, can be difficult. Take comfort in the light, in truth, finding it where you are. Right now, in this moment. Take pause, use your senses, see, or hear, touch or taste, be alive. Find in this moment something to be grateful for. Let that ray of gratitude fill your heart. Ride that feeling, expand in it. Even though I say “be alive” in this moment, I am not referring to your physical body as much as I am referring to your life force. Even when you return home and no longer have a body, your life force is very much alive, in fact, we might even say you are more alive then. For you no longer have the limitation of the body. 

As Hilarion brought up, the truth can bridge the physical world with the non-physical, the two are really not so far apart. The shift is meant to help you see that, and to learn how to integrate the two. You in the body and you in the spirit. That is your truth, that is your lesson, and that is your goal. We love and support you in all ways, every day, each step of the way."

"Thank you for that visit Metatron!" 

Summary of Guidance 

I think what stands out to me the most is how important truth is, an entire Temple of Truth was created to help us hold it and have it. I feel blessed that we are living in times where it is possible for it to come back. It makes me sad that for so long it was gone, but it is no surprise. 

Hilarion, when I channel him, has a highly intelligent type of energy, it comes in fast and clear. He genuinely wants to uplift, educate, and raise the vibration of everyone. What a joyful being to connect with! Such as yourself!! 

Brightest Blessings, Joy

Published March 16, 2023 on www.therainbowscribe.com. Copyright by ©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the Messenger, Author, Ascended Master and commissioner of this content. This content is for your personal use only! Permission is not given for redistribution of this content in any way, shape, or form!