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                 SHUNGITE CRYSTAL


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This deep black ancient stone has the ability to clear all the chakras of the human body and aligns to all the elements of the Earth including the starlight element. Musical notes can all be utilized with the C and B notes prominent.

 The Message:


 Channelled Image of Shungite Deva ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

Greetings! We are the shungite consciousness. We wish to say that what has been said about us is true and factual. Many people have been experimenting with our stone and they are finding that the claims that have been made are true. We are a substance that actually is not from this planet - a substance that came onto the Earth in a specific location back in eons of time, as an asteroid. Humanity knows that asteroids have hit the Earth in previous times and we, the shungite stone are one of the results.

This is not to say that it was catastrophic, for it was time, according to the Divine, to provide humanity with a stone substance that had healing abilities and properties for these current times. There is much technology in the world that humanity needs protection from and this is where we do the greatest service to humanity. We instantly clear all chakra systems in the human operating system. By wearing our stone, an individual is constantly protected from all the radiation and harmful effects in the environment around them. We keep the energy field cleansed at all times.

We are the stone that this scribe wears when she goes out into the world amongst others, for it has been helpful to her to not take on the energies, thoughts and feelings of others. We do this service with excellent results, enabling an individual to maintain their own equilibrium and balance when we are utilized in this manner. Just as the clear quartz crystal stone holds solidified Light from the Divine, so too, do we hold Divine Source in solidified form, the Divine feminine energy, the energy of the void which is energy from whence all creation comes.


©Marlene Swetlishoff collection. 

This black energy is not negative energy, for both the Light and the dark are necessary for complete balance and this is the role that we serve in these times.  We emit the feminine frequency, the healing, balancing and protective energy. We also help an individual to connect to their higher aspects because of our instantaneous clearing ability and we pave the way to a higher connection. This is very important for those who have worked to connect to the Divine in order to follow their inner guidance of Divine Source through their heart energies. We help to combine the body, mind and spirit connection which is vital to humanity during these times.

We can also be used in practical application. Many people are placing a portion of our stone in front of their electrical meters inside their home, for this harmonizes and protects from harmful energy. Many people are placing our stone attached to a magnet inside their vehicles, for this harmonizes the electrical system in their vehicle as they travel to and fro. Many people place our stone attached to a magnet upon their refrigerator as this helps to regulate temperatures and consumption of electrical power and insures the smooth running of their refrigerator.

 We have so many varied and practical uses for the people of today. They only need to focus their attention on how we can assist them. We, as a crystalline consciousness are here to help. As the old systems crumble, we help to maintain balance and a path to the higher dimensions. We help a person connect deeply with the Earth Star chakra below the feet and then our healing and clearing ability moves up the spine within them as they utilize our stone. We can help a person to connect with their Divine self with clarity - quickly, easily and with grace.

 Any and all individuals who utilize our stone by wearing it or holding it will not go wrong in their activities of healing and clearing, for we are a protective stone under all times and under all conditions for all things upon your planet. Know this, utilize us, use us and be at peace. We go now!

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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