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This soft warm lightly brown or ‘smoky’ quartz crystal is aligned to the root chakra and the Earth and Starlight element. Musical notes C and F.

 The Message:

 We greet you as the Smoky Quartz Crystal consciousness! We are very energizing to the individual who wears or holds our stone. We help clear negativity from one’s auric field. We energize and empower each individual who works with us by amplifying their energy. We assist an individual who needs to dispel low energy as we help lift them to a higher, more joyful state of being. By holding or wearing our stone, an individual is able to ground their higher energies into the crystalline core of the Earth and this brings them a sense of stability and safety. We help to move energies throughout the meridians of a person’s energy field as we clear any blockages in them. 

Any negative energies that an individual has within their auric field is moved out of their body in a way that is healing to them. As we help to clear any harmful energy from a person’s auric field we replace this energy with positive energy and this is invaluable to the recipient. We help the recipient to let go of all that is no longer necessary on their spiritual journey. We enable them to let go of the past that does not serve them in their current experience. Wearing our stone helps people to feel aligned to the rhythms of the Earth while they are going about their mundane activities. We help them to feel a grounded and practical empowerment as they connect to the Earth in their daily lives.

As their auric fields are cleared, they feel supported, loved and empowered to manifest their dreams and realize their goals. We can help a person during times of stillness and quietness during the process of meditation. We help to anchor one’s energy into the manifest world which in turn helps them honor who they are. This knowledge brings an innate understanding that they are a powerful being, one who is connected with the Earth who links all her inhabitants together with the Source of All That Is. 

We assist in bringing in the spiritual information that one perceives while this is occurring and grounding it into the material realms so that the wisdom is retained. We connect into the root chakra which is highly helpful for those who require focus while they concentrate on certain thoughts or projects. We help them to take their inspired ideas and turn them into practical manifestation in their life. We are an indispensable stone in the laying of crystal grids for healing purposes. We are able to amplify the energy of any other crystalline stones that the individual may use in combination with ours. 

The root chakra is the interface between one’s spiritual and physical bodies and the material world. It is known as the center of one’s vital life force and is the area where kundalini stays coiled and dormant until it ‘wakes up’ to distribute its power and energy through all the other chakras and this activity is helped by the clearing work we do. We support an individual’s creative power in their human and physical activities as they help to spiritualize the material world they live in beyond its current conditions. 

When all chakras are activated, cleansed and balanced, it gives a person a dynamic and magnetic presence in the world. They have a powerful will to live and a seemingly endless reservoir of energy at their disposal. They have a solid foundation to build their life upon and their greatest assets are the qualities of persistence, vitality and self confidence. They love the life they have been given and honor their four lower bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) as the sacred temple of their Divine spirit. They are witness to the truth that "All is One" through experiences connected to interaction with others. They have learned that every choice they make and every belief they hold exerts influence on the whole of life.

It is an honor to have this opportunity to come forward in this way and we leave now with blessings to all!


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