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                          SOLAR ANGEL MESSAGE


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I come on the wings of love!  I come to speak with you about communing with your solar Angels. Each of you has your own solar Angel and it is now of great importance to reach up through the dimensions to connect with your solar Angel. We work in unison, we are of the higher dimensions of yourselves. We work as a unit with other solar Angels and as such, we can do great work in helping the ascension of planet Earth and all her inhabitants. It is through this awareness of your solar Angel and your communication with us that this ability will come from within you. 

I bring a gift to you now - a method that will help you to connect and join to your solar Angel. In your imagination, see yourselves as growing and expanding, becoming larger and larger, expanding as large as the Earth and even beyond, expanding and expanding in your Diamond Light bodies, expanding further and further out into the universe, into the galaxies. As you do this, look around you and you will see that you are in the midst of beautiful universes and galaxies, where there is teaming life around you, where you can tune in to the inhabitants of any planet that you connect to, where you can feel the pulse beat and the frequency level of that planet. 

In your solar Angel form, you are able to do this…now turn around and look back at the solar system that you left a few moments ago and see and feel every planet in that solar system. Connect with each one, feel their energies, sense the message of each one. Each has its own energy signature. Now, focus upon the Earth planet, feel and sense what the planet Earth and her energy signature is pulsing out into the universe.

Sit for a few moments and listen deeply. Write down the thoughts, the message that comes to you. If you do this every day, Beloved Ones, you will begin to work multi-dimensionally, through time and space, and this will also help you to be attuned to the Earth and discern her broadcasts throughout the universe. This will keep you intuitively informed of what is occurring within her and around her.

Truly, each of you in these changing times is now stretching beyond the limitations of yourselves, each of you is striving and stretching to reach all your potentials, and they are limitless! All that it requires is that you open to receive your unlimited potential, the knowledge of such, and it shall be added unto you upon your request. This is the great gift that I bring to you this day. I am honored to have this opportunity to speak to you to offer my gift. I leave you now with great Light, in love and blessing.

I AM Anyar, Solar Angel

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