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                     ST. GERMAIN - APRIL 2021


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Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! I come to impart Light and wisdom from the higher perspective on the ascension that is occurring for everyone personally, and also for the planet. A breakthrough has been made in the field of collective consciousness which will see mass awakenings happening in human hearts, minds and souls in the coming times. As is usual, most awakenings occur amidst turmoil and crisis in personal and planetary events and so these will be felt and experienced by the planet and her inhabitants to open their consciousness to greater awareness and illumination of the spiritual journey that the entire collective is currently experiencing.

During these times it is good to call upon the violet fire each day or even several times a day to cleanse and purify one’s auric field in order to keep one’s energy clear and clean. Practicing this and other spiritual hygiene habits such as chakra cleansing each day to keep body, mind and soul in a strong field of protection is of great personal and planetary benefit and takes only minutes a day to perform. If you have time for only one action each day towards this end, let it be this one! The rewards will be great for those that practice and use the violet fire. They will stay detached from the dramas that are playing out around them.

We of the fifth dimensional (and higher) worlds are also graduating to a higher field of potential and so it has always been in the ongoing round of the turns to the wheel of life. Now is the time to remember as soul, what your mission in this cycle of progression is all about. Somewhere along the way, one has to align to the higher aspects of their soul evolution growth and potential and focus upon it to the exclusion of all else. This requires strength of mind and determination and the ability to keep focused on the end result of the outcome one wants to experience. One has to let go of human traits, habits and characteristics that hinder one’s progress and cultivate those thoughts and attitudes that enhance one’s spiritual objective.

The spiritual objective, besides personal and planetary ascension, is to so live your life in a state of purity, goodness and grace, that you create a life that is heaven on Earth, not only for self but for all inhabitants of the Earth and the planet itself. It requires more than paying lip service to ideas that did not work and fleeting efforts made towards visions and goals that are not maintained and sustained consistently until the end result or desired outcome is obtained. It means one must stay the course and hold the line even when you would rather be doing something else. Those who experience the greatest success in their endeavors are those who daily persist.

Now is the time to apply your vision and persistence to creating a new reality, one that will sustain the higher dimensional energies and also permeate all aspects of life from the largest manifest form and even unto the smallest insect. There are many kingdoms that are currently not seen with human eyes or not recognized as an integral part of the whole that need to be invited to join in one’s daily practices in a co-creative effort to unify in fellowship to help restore Earth to her former pristine splendor. These beings have been part of the planet’s ecosystem for eons of time and have knowledge to share with sincere and dedicated humans. Do not be afraid to ask them to join in your daily efforts or to listen to their wise counsel when you hear it.

I AM St. Germain

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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