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The above image of St. Germain was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 

St. Germain – February 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! From the higher perspective, what we see in the world now is termed ‘the great reveal’ as those who are infiltrated and corrupted are being revealed by their own actions, words and deeds. Many there are who are observing the workings of the deception and adding these ones to their list to be known for all time in the annals of cosmic history as the corrupt ones. It will not be an easy time for them as they experience the consequences of the personal choices they made in order to ‘have it all’ - heeding not the harm these choices created for other humans. There is always a price to pay if one does not follow the timely guidance of the Infinite spark of the Divine that is within one that is always speaking as one’s inner voice. Being in alignment and connected with one’s Source would have produced a more peaceful, harmonious and graceful way through the coming times.

As they look within, there is the path that one left behind them that one can never go back to, there is the way forward into the unknown, and deviating left to right or right to left seems an outmoded way of being and only reinforces the need to stay centered within one’s own true and authentic self. This is also the direction of the vertical upward path, the path that calls for increasing one’s frequency level and raising oneself and others in your sphere of influence to a less dense reality. This is now in the making and it behooves the Lightworkers of the world to raise their frequency level up several notches and at the same time, stay away from any distractions that would sway them onto and into, another ‘rabbit hole’ that takes them back into a looping pattern of enslavement of the mind on a downward path. Be aware and discerning of the stories you are being told by the mainstream media and so called ‘authorities’ during these times.

It is true – one cannot rely on anyone except the still, small voice within them during these testing circumstances. It is important to connect with Source at the beginning of each day and check in regularly throughout the day. This practice will always lead an individual in the right direction for their own being’s guidance and protection. These times have created an opportunity for everyone to take time out and check in with their own feelings and thoughts, ones that are not the result of someone else’s opinions and preferences. This has been a difficult process for those who did not take the time before to face all that lives within their inner being. It is, most times, not a comfortable experience but definitely worth the effort of self reflection while facing it with courage and being willing to own it all!

We wish to add that one should not expect all of the insights to be gleaned at one go, rather, the insights come slowly along this process. Having the courage to be honest with oneself can, indeed, catapult one in a quantum speed way to a way of being that one would not ever have considered before. You might find yourself gasping for breath with the enormity of it all! Then again, you just might declare like our Scribe did…in the middle of a stream of complaints she was giving voice to, she suddenly said: “What a ride! I wouldn’t have missed this for anything, even though it is difficult to be in my body in the here and now! I am celebrating and honoring the fact that I am an awake, aware and conscious human being living here now, as it is all happening! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The inner growth that is taking place within many individuals is amazing for we, the Ascended Ones, to see! We are so very proud of you! It has not been easy for any of you, yet here you are, more determined than ever to see it through! Sometimes, the tears of gratitude and love well up from within us as we realize how fortunate we all are in the high caliber and integrity of students we have worked with throughout the ages. Now we are all equals – companions along the way working in unison to make the ascension of humanity and the Earth and her kingdoms become the greatest victory ever achieved! Make it so, Dear Ones, let us make it a done deal!

I AM St. Germain.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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