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The above image of St. Germain was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved. 


St. Germain – January 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! It is the best of times and the worst of times. As the intensity of the cosmic Light comes in waves spiralling downward into Earth’s atmosphere, those individuals who are ready to expand their horizons open their crown chakra to receive the codes contained within this streaming. If they are fully prepared, the codes enter their spinal cord and begin to unlock the information so that the information contained within these codes of Light can be assimilated and fully integrated. Once that has happened, the corresponding part of the DNA/RNA strands begin to switch on. The length of time for this to take place will vary from individual to individual. This evolutionary process must occur when it is ready so that it becomes a graceful experience to each recipient.

These are the times to observe the stark contrasts to be seen in each event or situation that occurs and to discern that in life, one is always given free will choice, and that each decision affects them in a different way and that this is the whole purpose for life in a physical body, to experience all facets of it from all the different perspectives. Each experience strengthens the moral character of the individual and adds to their personal power, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of love. It is through personal experience that one embodies the higher aspects of one’s Divine Essence and begins to utilize the added insights in every facet of their daily existence. Living in this way enriches an individual and guides them seamlessly on their personal path and destiny.

It is also a time in the Earth’s history for immense changes to take place within all structures that have been in operation for thousands of years and to see these falling apart as each of them is revealed in its shadow aspects. The new Earth reality does not support lower vibrational thoughts, activities, practices and power structures and so all of that is being restructured in order for it to reflect a higher consciousness and frequency level. The bottom line is that anyone and anything, any activity that does harm to others automatically excludes itself from becoming integrated with the new Earth reality…it simply cannot be in harmony with higher dimensional energies. Only that which honors, supports, and empowers each individual as sovereign and free can survive in the more refined energies.

There is, at this time in Earth history, a great separation that is occurring. You, the Lightworkers and Way Showers are fully aware of what is happening and are doing your best to maintain Divine Order on and within the planet as it occurs. It is a rocky ride for every citizen and many brave souls have been doing their very best to awaken the Earth’s inhabitants to the higher perspective danger that exists. There are also many others who are playing by the old rules and trying to enforce them in order to remain at the helm of the way the planet Earth should go which is actually not something that was consciously chosen by humanity or for which they have given their consent. And while these ones are doing this, they risk being discovered by ALL of the Earth’s inhabitants as being totally hypocritical and being totally dishonest in what they do.

All of this is highlighting that which is out of alignment with the Divine Plan for the Earth and her inhabitants – for their destiny is to rise above these lower vibrations. Their destiny is to awaken, reclaim their planet, their power, freedom, sovereignty and self sustainability for all of humanity and the planet Earth by verbally claiming it each day. Their planet Earth is their home in the God kingdom and it is their destiny to stand in majesty as the root race which is now developing as the leading race in human evolution, a new human type that is distinguishable from all other preceding types. The characteristic of this new race is to be the development of higher consciousness, characterized not by reasoning but by intuition which is a faculty belonging to the inner life, related more to instinct which realizes the unity in diversity and therefore comes to realize the divine Self within each human.

I AM St. Germain.

©Marlene Swetlishoff.

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